Save Girl Child Essay in English 100 Words

Save Girl Child Essay in English 100 Words, India is no more the country that it once was.  If you will pick up Indian scriptures you will find that girls were next to goddesses. When a girl used to take birth in a family it was said that Laxmi has taken birth. Females had huge respect in the ancient period but today it is totally the opposite. Just imagine how this world is going to be if every parent is going to kill their girl child in their womb.

Females are the creators of life without them human life is not possible. If there will be no women there will be no life. In the 21st century, girls are showing their strength in every field. If they are given the opportunity they will always be successful.

save girl child essay in english
save girl child essay in english

Save Girl Child Essay in English

A Short Essay on Save Girl Child

Women have faced many things in the past. In India, they were called goddesses but it is the same country that ill-treated women. Even in the old times, women had to suffer so much. There was once a Sati Pratha in our country where wives liked it or not but they had to die with their deceased husband and were burned alive. 

Then they had to shave their heads if their husband died. Girls were married to aged men and this was not considered wrong in our society. They were not allowed to walk alone. They were not allowed to go out and work. They had no right to get an education and much other discrimination they had to face.

Then slowly Indian society started accepting women equally and we got our first women president, first women wrestler, and the first woman to go on a space mission and everything started being the first time for women.

Today we are living in 2022 but still, there are many families and even villages where girls are facing ill-treatment. Still, people have the same old backward thinking that a girl child is a burden and should be killed in the mother’s womb. There are many illegal clinics in India where people still go for sex determination. If they find out it’s a girl they get them aborted instantly just because they wish for a boy. 

India is still facing this issue in a majority of the areas and this is why the government has to initiate save girl child campaigns so that girls get a chance to live a life. People get excited if they find out that the mother bears a boy child; however, get sad and agitated in the case of a girl child. These are the people with backward thinking. 

In Indian society, both educated, as well as illiterate people, have the same thinking.  This is nothing to do with modern or backward society. It is just ill mind people because even females are equally responsible. In the majority of the cases, it is mother- in -law who forces their daughter -in law to abort if there is a girl child to be born. India might have got advanced in so many ways but aborting a girl child is still a major issue in India.

In India, there is an imbalance in sex ratio and this issue is increasing day by day. Government is aware of this issue and this is why today we see many schemes related to girls like saving girl children, educating girl children, etc. 

Many awareness programs are being conducted so that people can be educated and girl children can be saved.  In Indian society, girls have shown amazing courage. They are everywhere. Girls are the CEOs of big companies. They are running schools, hospitals, big artists, and sports and dominating in every area.

Women were considered Laxmi once but it seems everything was fake. Women for centuries are facing discrimination and ill-treatment from men and women as well. This is disappointing as well as heartbreaking. Women are capable of everything in fact more powerful than men.  Today in modern society women with opportunity and freedom are showing how successful they are.

I have seen the movie Gunjan Saxena- the Kargil Girl and I was totally shocked to see even in modern times males are so obsessed with their male ego that they cannot accept work under women. That movie was totally an eye-opener for Indian society. This is not just one example as there are uncountable, unfortunately, women are still being judged and lack opportunities in many parts of India. 

India is among the country where women are facing crimes like feticide, rape, harassing, killing, molesting, domestic abuse, teasing, and many others. This is the country that worships goddesses in the temples but when they return home they beat their wives up. This is India who talks so loud about the safety of India but teases school girls in the middle of the road.

The unfortunate thing about India is that even women are responsible for the condition of other women. Women supporting women is a rare case to see in Indian society. Women either fret about their family and don’t say something or they are walking on the same roads their elders have taught them. 

In the present generation, it has become extremely important that we save girl children. There is a lack of 60 females in ratio to men. If girls will keep on dying in the womb there will be a time when this earth will leave with men only and slowly human species is going to get extinct.

A girl is no more a burden. Families must welcome a girl child with happiness and pleasure. They should educate them and society must give them an opportunity to flourish. Also, women must be respected and crimes against them should be seriously considered.

Sadly rapists and criminals escape their crimes because of our poor judicial system. It is hard to say when times will be changed for women in India. We might be seeing the growth of women in one house, but in the neighborhood, a girl child might not even get a chance to see the world outside her mother’s womb.

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