Sant Dnyaneshwar Essay in English

Sant Dnyaneshwar Essay in English, There were many saints and rishis on the land of India in previous centuries. In this essay, we are going to talk about Sant Dnyaneshwar, who was a Marathi Saint. He was a Marathi Saint, Philosopher, Poet, and a Yogi of the Nat sect in the 13th century. He was a commentator and worked on Dnyaneshwari. He gave commentary on the Amrutanubhav and Bhagavad Gita.

There was another compilation of compositions of Sant Dnyaneshwar that is considered to be indicators in Marathi literature. Let’s know more about him:

sant dnyaneshwar essay in english
sant dnyaneshwar essay in english

Sant Dnyaneshwar Essay in English

Short Essay on Sant Dnyaneshwar in English


He was the second of 4 children. He was born to Vitthal Govind Kulkarni (father) and Rukmini (mother) in 1275. His parents were a religious couple in Apegaon, a village located on the banks of River Godavari, which is very close to Paithan in Aurangabad District of Maharashtra.

At that time, there was a reign of the Yadava King Ramadevarava. The biographical details of his life are preserved in the writings of his disciples, Sachichidanand and Satyamalanath.

His father managed to spend his time in the study of Shastras and Vedas. Meanwhile, 4 children were born to the couple named Nivrutti in the year 1273, Dnyaneshwar in 1275, Sopan in 1277, and the 4th daughter named Muktabai in 1279.

About his parents’ life

Both parents of Sant Dnyaneshwar were extremely religious and devoted to God. This is why all 4 children were growing up in Alandi under the care of both his parents. As per the traditions of the time, when Nivrittinath (one of the children) became due for the thread ceremony, the father of Sant Dnyaneshwar requested Brahmins to perform the same.

However, they denied doing the ceremony as they were all against this ceremony because they said violently that this ceremony was against the orders of the Shastras, to begin a family life after taking Sanyasa.

His father pleaded with the Brahmins in many ways and requested them to give some suggestions for atoning the sin he committed. However, Brahmins were not ready and did not give permission to his parents.

As a result, they referred to all types of religious books and told his father if he wanted to be free from this great sin, then Vithalpant and Rukminibai should sacrifice their lives at the session of Yamuna and Ganga. The parents of Sant Dnyaneshwar accepted the undisputed decision of the Brahmins as his father was really a God-fearing person.

Consequently, his parents jumped in the holy waters of these rivers at Prayag. At that time, all of the children were younger. Now, Nivrutti was like a parent to all other children, as Nivruttinath was their elder brother. All of the children were very smart and religious.

His literary writings

Sant Dnyaneshwar learned and became proficient at philosophy. He learned numerous techniques of Kundalini Yoga, which was taken as the specialty of Nath Cult. All of the children moved to Nevase, a village located in the Ahmednagar district.

This was the place where Sant Dnyaneshwar started his literary work. His elder brother instructed him to write a commentary on the Bhagavad Gita. He used to provide a speech on Dnyaneshwari to choose audiences, which also included some notable personalities such as his contemporary Saint Namdev and some others from the Nath tradition.

It was assumed that Sacchidananad Baba wrote Dnyaneshwari throughout such speeches by Sant Dnyaneshwar, which is also called Bhavartha Deepika. Dnyaneshwari was the medium of the divine knowledge that was trapped in Sanskrit and translated into the Prakrit language of a common man.

It was made available to everyone because of translation. In 1287, he began on his commentary known as Bhavartha Deepika when he was just 12 years old. He completed it 2 and a half years later in 1290. During this time, he had evolved a great friendship with Namdeo.

Varkari Movement

Sant Dnyaneshwar had also understood that the yoga path on which the Nath sect is a stress buster, but it could not be easily followed by anyone. The route of devotion played a great role for all seekers regardless of caste, gender, or creed. Possibly, he was affected in this by Namdeo, a tailor by profession and was a Shudra person traditionally.

Once the Bhavarth Deepika got completed in a short span of time, Dnyandeo united with the Varkari movement that was possibly influenced by Namdeo. He virtually became the leader. He then accompanied Namdeo along with other followers of the devotee route such as Savata Mali.

He along with all of them started a pilgrimage of all the holy places of all directions in India. In his Abhangas called Tirthawali, Namdeo provided a graphic description of their visit to all holy places, from which this information is collected that Sant Dnyaneshwar had explored many holy places of his day.


Once he returned to Alandi in 1296, he expressed his willingness to leave his body through Samadhi. Finally, in 1296, on the 13th day of the 2nd half of Kartik, Sant Dnyaneshwar took live Samadhi at his current living place (village).

Sant Dnyaneshwar entered into Samadhi known as Sanjeevan Samadhi, which is a yogic path to redemption at the age of 21 at Alandi (village) on the banks of River Indrayani. After his decision, his siblings also took the decision to end their existence in the universe. And they did the same within just one year.


After the Samadhi of Sant Dnyaneshwar, a temple was built in his memory where he took Samadhi. Sant Dnyaneshwar’s Samadhi Temple is one of the popular religious spots located in Alandi. It has become a pilgrimage center for individuals who belong to Varkari Sect in the Hindu religion.

Every year, a big festival is being organized during Kartika Ekadashi. This festival is being held in the temple of Sant Dnyaneshwar with excitement and happiness. This temple attracts many travelers from different parts of the world to come and explore the religious history of Sant Dnyaneshwar. One can reach this temple by road, rail, or airport. Sant Dnyaneshwar was a religious saint, who also motivated others to lead the path of devotion.

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