Sal Magluta Biography, Age, Kids, Family, Wife, Net Worth

Sal Magluta Biography, Age, Kids, Family, Wife, Net Worth, Salvador Magluta also known as Sal Magluta is known for many things. He was born in the year 1955 in Cuba.  He is known as a speedboat racer, businessman, and also drug dealer. Sal Magluta is popular in America because of his drug dealer acts.  He deals in cocaine and is known for this in America. 

He is not alone in the drug business and his best friend works with him. His best friend’s name is Willy Falcon.  Both of them were arrested in 1991 with $2.1 billion dollar smuggling.  Sal Magluta was given 195 years in jail which means he is going to spend his entire life in jail. 

Sal Magluta is a co-founder of a construction company. Sal Magluta is well-known in the world of speedboat racing. He has won many boat racing and is also a member of the American Power Boat Association.

sal magluta biography
sal magluta biography

Sal Magluta Biography, Age, Kids, Family, Wife, Net Worth

Real NameSalvador Magluta
Birth Date5th November 1954
Birth PlaceCuba
NicknameSal Magluta
Home TownCuba
Sun SignNot Known
Height 5  feet 6 Inches
Weight62-66 kilograms
Hobbies Speed boat racing
EducationHigh school Dropout
QualificationMiami Senior School
Marital StatusMarried
Boy Friend/ Girl FriendNone
FamilyFather- Manuel Magluta Mother- Gloria
Salvador Magluta WifeIsabel
Sal Magluta KidsNot Known
ProfessionSpeedboat Racer, Entrepreneur, and Drug Dealer
Net WorthUSD 400-500 Million
Social Media ProfilesSal Magluta Instagram:@official_salmagluta

Sal Magluta Wikipedia

The birth details of this well-known drug dealer are not known. He was born in 1955 which means he is 67 years old. He was born in Cuba but he was raised in the United States in the city of Miami, Florida. He studied at a local school which was Miami senior high school. 

Sal Magluta dropped school along with his best friend wily. They both dropped school because they wanted to make money. Sal Magluta’s father’s name is Manuel and his mother’s name is Gloria.  His parents had a small bakery shop in the region.  His parents were dedicated and loyal to their work.

They were satisfied with what they earned. Sal Magluta was greedy and wished to make more money no matter what the path was.

Sal Magluta Relationship

When Sal Magluta was in his home town he was in a relationship with a woman named Marilyn Bonachea.  Marilyn used to work k in his bakery shop.  She used to hate Sal because he was having arrogant nature but eventually she fall in love with him. Moving further in life Sal Magluta married a woman named Isabel. 

She was also present in the court hearing.  There is no information available about Sal Magluta getting married to Isabel or do they have children together or not. This is a secret to the world.

Sal Magluta Speedboat Racer

Sal Magluta was not just good at making money but he was resourceful and talented. He used to earn quite a deal of money from his construction business. Apart from this, he was a talented speedboat racer. He participated in major races and also won 3 national speedboat racing championships. 

Sal Magluta was a popular drug dealer but he also enjoyed worthy fame for his speedboat racing talent.

Sal Magluta Drug Dealer Business

 When Sal dropped out of school along with his friend Willy they entered a drug dealing and smuggling business.  First, he started dealing with marijuana drugs.  In the middle of the 1970s both Sal and Willy also started dealing cocaine. Sal used to have a dangerous personality and Willy used to have a sweet voice and his nature was also good. 

Willy used to crack the deal and Sal used to make all the plans and this is how these two used to work in the drug dealing business. They used to deal all over the United States because they owned many planes as well as boats.

To keep their dark money they both had many overseas accounts and even dummy accounts.  With these accounts, they used to keep their presence secret and also shielded them from the government, media and public accounts.

Sal Magluta Arrest

Sal was first arrested in 1979 in a small drug case. He was sent to jail for fourteen months and five years of observation.  At this time Sal’s lawyer stretched the hearing for about a year and Sal established his drug business on the east coast.  He also ran from arrest in 1985 in Los Angeles. 

When Sal was making a huge deal of $2.1 billion with 75 tons of cocaine he got arrested by federal agents he is currently in jail.

Sal Magluta Net Worth

Sal Magluta owns multiple businesses. He is in real estate and many other businesses.  He lives a lavish lifestyle.  His net worth is $400-$500 million.  He deals in drugs and he earns millions in just one deal.

How Old is Sal Magluta?

He is 67 years old as of 2022.

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