Robbi Jade Lew Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Ethnicity, Worth

Robbi Jade Lew Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Ethnicity, Worth, Robbi Jade Lew was born in Las Vegas, California on 14th December. The year is not available so we can estimate her current age is between 30-35. She is a very popular poker player which means she is a professional at playing poker.  She was holding a senior job title a Bayer which a pharmaceutical company is. Since then Robbi Jade Lew has changed six careers and ended up being a popular professional poker player. 

She is an American and lots of things are unknown about this expert poker player. Currently, she is residing in Los Angeles.

robbi jade lew wikipedia
robbi jade lew wikipedia

Robbi Jade Lew Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Ethnicity, Worth

NameRobbi Jade Lew
Birth Date14 December
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, California
Home TownCalifornia, United States
Sun Sign 
HeightNot  Known
WeightNot Known
HobbiesPlaying Poker
EducationPrivate University in Los Angeles, California
Marital StatusUnmarried
Boy Friend/ Girl FriendNone
FamilyOne Identical Twin Sister
ProfessionProfessional Poker player, Senior Position  at The Pharmaceutical Company and You Tuber
Net Worth$1 Million
Social Media ProfilesRobbi Jade Lew Instagram:@robbijadelew, You tube: Twitter:  

Robbi Jade Lew Biography

Robbi Jade Lew loves playing poker but she also owns a graduate degree. Robbi Jade Lew completed her high school and college in California only.  First, she attended a university in California, and then later she took admitted to another university in the United States. Robbi Jade Lew is also having an identical twin sister. Her parents’ names are not available.

We also don’t know what they do. Robbi Jade Lew is known for her poker-playing skills. Robbie is also known for having a sister who looks exactly like her. Robbi Jade Lew also has other siblings who grew up in Las Vegas with her. Robbi Jade Lew’s hobby is playing poker which is quite understandable.

Robbi Jade Lew Career

Robbi Jade Lew has worked in various fields at a very good ranking. She is a professional woman who is good at many things. She played poker 24 hours with Professional poker player Garrett Adelstein at Hustler Casino in California. This was a live stream play and Robbie was having a very weak game which surprised the professional player.

This silenced Adelstein who won $130,000 hand. He was surprised to see that Robbi Jade Lew held up jack after he showed his cards. He continued playing the game and won a $269,000 cash prize. Robbi Jade Lew grew interested in playing poker when Coronavirus hit the world. Robbi Jade Lew is having experience playing poker for about ten years now.

Robbi Jade Lew likes to go for high stakes. There is a huge risk involved in poker and only the courageous are able to put their money at risk in this game. Robbi Jade Lew is the best in the poker world and she is globally known for her poker skills.

She likes to play poker games that have no limits and she is best in this type of high-risk poker casino games. Robbi Jade Lew is having lots of experience in a variety of fields.

Robbi Jade Lew’s Relationship

Robbi Jade Lew is currently unmarried and is not having any kids. She is between 30-35 and single. She had a heated argument with professional poker player Garrett Adelstein. He accused Robbi Jade Lew of cheating in the game. 

She was accused of using a device to let her know about the best hand in poker. Robbi Jade Lew also came to social media and wrote a tweet that Garrett has blocked her. There were many accusations made against each other.

Robbi Jade Lew Cheating

Robbi Jade Lew won against Adelstein and the game was being live-streamed. There was a seventy percent chance of Adelstein and Lew having no chance of winning the poker game. Lew was having a jack high including 4 kickers. 

In this came her opponent accused of fraud. During the live stream, Adelstein looked at her but she laughed and said you were trying to kill me. He praised Lew for having a heroic appeal but   Lew had a frozen look. There was a pretty entertaining and controversial debate between both of them on a live stream. This incident also made Robbi Jade Lew popular.

Robbi Jade Lew Net Worth

Robbi Jade Lew not only likes to play poker but also regularly posts on her social media account. She is active on Twitter, and Instagram and is a popular YouTuber.  She regularly posts videos on youtube. 

She works on different projects to earn money. She is having brand endorsements, commercials, modeling, and her poker passion to earn from. It s estimated that Robbi Jade Lew’s net worth is $1 million dollars. Currently, she owns her own home in the United States and lives a lavish lifestyle. She is having a huge fan following on her youtube channel.

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