Rain Water Harvesting Essay in English

Rain Water Harvesting Essay In English, Water is an important part of everyone’s life, whether it is a plant, animal, human being, or any other living creature. It plays a great role in carrying out different cellular activities among living beings. Can you imagine a single day without water? Of course, not! We all need water to survive, as we use water for different types of daily activities like bathing, cleaning, washing, drinking, cooking, and other industrial and domestic uses. It is a valuable, vital, and abiotic element of the ecosystem.

But these days, our natural resources are getting exhausted day by day. We all are heading towards the shortage of water. It may be happening because of the scarcity of water conservation. Another reason is that pollution has been increasing at an alarming rate.

Rain Water Harvesting Essay in English
Rain Water Harvesting Essay in English

Rain Water Harvesting Essay in English

Essay On Rainwater Harvesting in 1000 Words

This is why we must save water and avoid wasting a single drop of water. Water conservation is the best method to save water so that our future generation can get water. Let’s discuss more about rain water harvesting:

What is Rain Water Harvesting?

It is a simple technique to conserve water with the use of rain water. through this technique, water is being collected, stored, conveyed, and purified rain water, which runs off from parks, open grounds, roads, rooftops, etc. After water conservation, this water can be used in the future. 

Rain water harvesting is one of the advanced and simple methods practiced and followed. This technique can support the conservation of water. Today, there is a lack of good quality water, which has become a significant cause of concern.

It is important to know that rain water is pure and of good quality that can be utilized for washing, irrigation, cooking, bathing, cleaning, etc.

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Importance of Rainwater Harvesting Essay

Benefits of Rain Water Harvesting

There are lots of benefits of rainwater harvesting, which are mentioned below:

  • It needs less investment in terms of money
  • It supports a greater reduction in the water bill
  • It is used to enhance the quantity and quality of groundwater
  • With this method, there is no need to import water from different sources
  • This method eliminates the need for a filtration system, which is used for landscape irrigation
  • It is the best technique to promote both energy and water conservation
  • The best thing is that rain water harvesting can be easily installed and operated
  • Rain water harvesting helps to decrease soil erosion, flooding, storm water runoff, as well as pollution of surface water with pesticides, fertilizers, metals, and other types of sediments.
  • Rain water harvesting is an excellent source of water when it comes to landscape irrigation. With this method, we do not need any kind of chemicals and dissolved salts, as well as free from all minerals.

This system can be used by larger systems in schools, hospitals, and other places.

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Limitations of Rain Water Harvesting

As rain water harvesting has many benefits to offer, but at the same time, there are limitations too. These disadvantages include unattainability of the proper storage system, unpredictable rainfall, etc. Know some of them:

  • This process requires regular maintenance
  • When it is limited and no rainfall, it can restrict the supply of rainwater
  • When it comes to installation, it requires some technical skills
  • If the process of rainwater harvesting is not installed in the right manner, it may be going to attract mosquitos and other waterborne diseases
  • Storage limits are the major drawback of the rain water harvesting system

How to set up the rainwater harvesting system?

Such systems can range in difficulty, from systems that can be installed with minimal skills, to automated technological systems that may need advanced setup and installation. To install the basic rain water harvesting system, it is important to have plumbing skills.

In this system, all the outlets from the terrace of any building are connected via a pipe to a tank that is built underground to store water. There are lots of common components, which are installed in such systems, like drains or gutters, pre-filters, storage containers, etc.

Other components are dependent on whether the rain water harvesting is pressurized, pumps are required. Treatment devices like UV lights, post-filtration equipment, and chlorination devices are also needed.

Rain water harvesting systems are ideally sized to meet the demand for water throughout the dry season, as they must be large enough to support the water consumption on a daily basis. Specifically, the rainfall capturing area like the roof of a building must be big enough to handle an adequate flow of water.

The size of a water storage tank should be big enough so that it can store the captured water. When it comes to low-tech systems, a lot of low-tech methods are utilized to capture rainwater such as surface water capture, rooftop systems, and pumping the rainwater, which has already soaked into the ground.

How to harvest the rain water?

A rainwater harvesting system comprises the following components:

  • A conveyance system is utilized to transport the harvested water from the catchment to the recharge zone
  • A catchment is a component that is utilized to collect and store the captured rainwater
  • A filter is used to filter the collected rain water and eliminate pollutants
  • Flush is used to clean the first spell of the rain
  • Tanks and recharge structures are used to store the filtered water. this filtered water is ready to use

There are several factors that play a crucial role in the amount of water harvested. Look at these factors:

  • The quantum of overflow
  • Impact on the environment
  • Features of the catchments
  • The capacity of the storage tanks
  • Availability of the technology
  • Types of the roof, its materials, and slope
  • The quantity, frequency, and quality of the rainfall
  • The ease and speed with which the rain water enters through the subsoil so that it can recharge the groundwater

Many organizations, individuals, and companies have started the implementation of rain water harvesting at their places. The government and also individuals should make some efforts to promote such water conservation methods like rain water harvesting, etc. to conserve/save water for future use.

This is rain water harvesting essay in English, from this entire article, we cover information regarding the essay about rain water harvesting in English, best essay on water harvesting. If found anything missing let us know by commenting below. For more info kindly visit us at wikiliv.com

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