Pongal Festival Essay in English

Pongal Festival Essay in English, The people of India celebrate different kinds of festivals and fairs. Among other festivals, Pongal is one of the most popular and known festivals to be celebrated in India. This festival is celebrated with lots of happiness and wealth. Basically, this festival is known as the festival of farmers. It is being celebrated in the southern part of India. Generally, people celebrate this festival for 4 days. This 4-day festival is dedicated to the farming sector of India. Farmers seem to be very happy and excited on this day.

On the day of Pongal, the offerings are offered to the Lord Sun God which is called Pongal. This is why this festival is named Pongal. The celebration is being enjoyed due to the harvesting of crops in Tamil Nadu. This is why it is named a harvest festival. This festival comes in the middle of January. This festival signifies the good harvesting of crops. These 4 days of Pongal play a vital role in the life of farmers.

pongal festival essay in english
pongal festival essay in english

Pongal Festival Essay in English

Essay on Pongal in English

Learn the significance of Pongal

It is one of the major festivals of the people living in Tamil Nadu. All people including women, men, and kids enjoy Pongal to the fullest. They all celebrate the festival and come to their fields to plant crops. Rice is the main thing that is offered to God. At the same time, rice is also cooked in the kitchen, placed in the passage of the home, or an open place.

This is how the people of Tamil Nadu show their devotion to God. When the paddy takes place in a particular area, it looks like the waves of the green sea. This scenery looks very beautiful and calming. When people celebrate Pongal, their minds are equipped with excitement and happiness.

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About the history of Pongal

It is one of the ancient festivals of Tamil Nadu. This festival is completely dedicated to prosperity and greenery. People used to worship Lord Surya Dev Ji and offer different food offerings to God. The types of offerings that are offered to God are known as Pongal. This is how it was named Pongal. This festival belonged to 200-300 BC. We can find the facts of this festival in Sanskrit Puranas. There are many mythological stories related to this festival.

One story is related to Lord Shiva, who said to people that they should use oil while bathing every day and eat food once a month. However, Basava delivered the message, which is opposite to the command of Lord Shiva. This message by Basava was that people should bathe with oil one time a week and eat food every day.

This made Lord Shiva angry with Basava and cursed him. He was expelled from Kailash and sent to earth permanently. He has to help the farmers to produce more food. This is how it shows that this day is associated with cattle.

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How Pongal is celebrated: My Pongal Celebration Essay

Pongal is considered to be one of the renowned year-round festivals of the Hindu religion. The importance of this festival lies in the fact that God is thanked for the season of harvesting for the farmers. The word ‘Pongal’ is taken from the Tamil word, which means boiling. Pongal is held between January and February.

There are different varieties of grains being produced in this season. These grains are sugarcane, turmeric, rice, and many others. Aside from that, crops, which are needed for cooking in Tamil Nadu are also harvested in this season. As per the Tamil Calendar, the time when this season comes is the most critical year for this festival.

Basically, Pongal comes on 14 to 15 January. Through this festival, humankind gets satisfied properly with the seasonal cycle. The best part is that this tradition is celebrated to organize agriculture for those people who are linked to agriculture.

What are the four days of Pongal?

As it is celebrated for 4 days, every day has different importance. Let’s read:

  • The first day: It is known as Bhogi Pongal. People apply kumkum and make swastikas on the pottery. They clean their homes. They worship Lord Indra, who is known as the ruler of the clouds and the only one who is responsible for the showers. Farmers happily worship Lord Indra and thank him. On the first day, the waste of the house is being burnt with wood and cow’s dung. Girls sing songs to God and dance around the fire.
  • The second day: It is known as Surya Pongal. The largest member prepares Pongal for the Sun God’s enjoyment. Pooja is performed on this day when Pongal is offered to Lord Sun by combining many other divine objects. Rice and water are used to make Pongal. The rice is also cooked in this way, which is also called Pongal. People prefer wearing traditional signs and nutrients on Surya Pongal. Kollam rice is being prepared, which is a promising sign. People pray to Sun God to maintain grace, happiness, and wealth. A couple shares the pots of worship, this is an unusual ritual to be performed.
  • The third day: It is called Mattu Pongal. There is special worship to be performed along with the worship of the cow. The cow is decorated with bells and flowers and then people worship the cow. As cow is very vital for the farmers as it supports the farmer in happiness and sorrow. This is the main reason why animals are worshipped in Hinduism.
  • The fourth day: It is known as Kaanum Pongal. All members of the family live and eat together. On this day of Pongal, people prefer washing turmeric leaves, serving foods with rice, sweets, betel nuts, and sugarcane. People also take the blessings of older people in the family and relatives. They also give gifts to the younger people. The best part is that women perform Aarti for their brothers using oil and limestone while wishing for their bright future.

Lastly, Pongal is a joyful festival in South India. People like to enjoy this festival with their family members and relatives in groups and wish for a promising and warm year.

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