Pigeon Essay in English

Pigeon Essay in English As there is a huge variety of birds found in different parts of the world, all have different features, characteristics, eating habits, and habitats. This is why it is important to understand all of these things if anyone of us wants to have a bird as a pet at home. In this post, you are going to know about a pigeon, which is a bird. So, start reading:

Pigeons are some of the most beautiful and attractive birds. These birds are very calm when it comes to nature. The scientific name of pigeons is Columba Livia Domestica. When they are small, we call them doves and when they become huge, they are known as pigeons.

These birds are symbols of beauty and calmness. In different parts of the globe, they are used to represent harmony and peace. All over the world, many people are fond of birds. They like to have birds in the form of pets at home and pigeons are one of them, which can be kept as domestic birds.

They serve the purpose of domestication by bird enthusiasts and different homes. At the same time, there are lots of other dimensions to their advantages. We can remember them for a sharp sense of accuracy and memory.

pigeon essay in english
pigeon essay in english

Pigeon Essay in English

Essay on Pigeon Bird in English

This is why pigeons were used to deliver messages in different parts of the world. It was the trend of old times. But nowadays, there are other technological devices that are used to deliver messages anywhere.

They have a different set of characteristics. Some characteristics of these birds are identified in terms of different colors and other features of their bodies. They have small to medium-sized bodies. When it comes to color variations, they can be brown, white, or red.

They have beautiful feathers, which represent their beauty. Their feathers serve the purpose of regulating their body temperature. They have wings, which assist them during the flight. Apart from that, wings can be used for other purposes as well.

They have sharp beaks and pointed claws. These features serve many purposes. Pointed claws can be used as a defense mechanism. The upper part of the beak in pigeons helps them to carry out breathing functions.

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My Favourite Bird Pigeon Essay in English

These different physical features of pigeons are noticed significantly in all species and varieties. But talking about color variations, the physical features can be attributed to the type of species to which a particular pigeon belongs.

There are white domestic pigeons in the world, which are known as the dove of peace. Pigeons have been found as domesticated birds for centuries. They have a weight of 2 to 4 kgs. They have very short hair on their bodies. A ring of black color is made around the neck of a dove.

The word ‘pigeon’ is taken from the Latin word ‘pipio,’ which means ‘young chirping bird.’ Talking about the word ‘dove,’ it has come from Norse and first appeared in the fourteenth century as ‘douve’ or ‘dove.’ These birds are found all over the world except Antarctica, the high Arctic, and the Sahara Desert.

Know the lifestyle of pigeons

A pigeon is commonly seen in all countries of the world. They prefer living among human beings from years ago. In India, only grey and white pigeons are found. White pigeons can be found in homes. While on the other hand, brown and white grey pigeons are seen in the forests. A pigeon can also survive in deserts and icy areas.

They always prefer living in herds. They build their nests in vacant places and tall buildings. They have a very sharp memory. After traveling so far, pigeons can return to the same place again. This is how they were known as messengers in the past times.

In the morning, they go out in search of food. They are vegetarian, they like to eat millet grains, grains, fruits, etc. the life of a pigeon is about six years. They have an amazing hearing and seeing ability. They can hear the sounds of storms and earthquakes in an easy and quick way.

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Some Characteristics of Pigeons

A pigeon moves the wings ten times per second during the flight.
A pigeon has a fast or sharp memory. Due to this feature, people called pigeons ‘postmen’ in old times.
The heart of a pigeon beats 600 times per minute.
A pigeon can identify himself by seeing his face in the mirror. There are 6 species of pigeons. Among all species, 1 species of pigeon have this ability, which is the only non-mammal.
In the Second World War, pigeons had saved the lives of thousands of people.
It can fly at a speed of 60-70 kms per hour. There are some pigeons, who have the ability to fly at a speed of 92 kms per hour.
The female pigeon can lay 2 eggs at a time and chickens come out of the eggs in the middle of 19-20 days.
They can fly up to 6000 feet altitude.
A pigeon lives in a flock of 20-30 pigeons.
It is a very highly sensitive bird.
These birds can travel 600 miles in a single day to come back to their hideaway.
They can breed at the age of 6 months.
They are very intelligent. This feature has made them capable of understanding and recognizing 26 letters of the alphabet. They are also good at identifying the appearance of human beings.
They drink by sucking water. They use their beaks like straws.

5 Sentences About Pigeon in English

Pigeons are one of the most attractive creations of God. Due to their gentle nature and behavior, they are adored by everyone. They rarely disturb other birds or people. They like living in calm surroundings. In earlier days, pigeon flying competitions took place between the pigeon owners.

The change in the environment and an increase in pigeon hunting lead them to the edge of extinction. The most important thing is that since they have no place to live in, it can be also the reason for the reduction in the ratio of pigeons. We should take care of these attractive creations of God and provide them with a nice environment.

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