Phineas Banning Biography, Wikipedia

Phineas Banning Biography, Wikipedia, Phineas Banning was born on august 19 1830 and he died on March 8, 1885. He was born in California. Phineas Banning was an entrepreneur, financier, and businessman. Phineas Banning is well known as the Father of the Port of Los Angeles and founder of Wilmington. He was an ambitious man and thus became one of the biggest founders of the busiest port in today’s world. 

He used to operate a freight business and stagecoach operator between San Pedro and Wilmington. Then he later shifted to the line California and banning which was his after his own name. When there was a civil war happening between big countries he suggested building a fort at Wilmington for the Union Army.

This was called by the name of drum barracks. In the First Brigade, Phineas Banning was appointed as a Brigadier General of the Militia. This is how he got the title of general which he owned for the rest of his life. Banning was born in Wilmington, Delwar. His parents were Elizabeth Loweber and Alfrod Banning.

When he was just thirteen years old the Banning family relocated to Philadelphia. His father thought of working at the law firm which was owned by his brother. When banning turned to his teens he started working at the Philadelphia dockyards.

When he reached the age of twenty he was signed up to work for one of the most beautiful destinations which were southern California.

phineas banning biography
phineas banning biography

Phineas Banning Biography, Wikipedia

NamePhineas Banning
Birth Date19 August 1830
Birth PlaceWilmington, Delaware
NicknamePhineas Banning
Home TownWilmington, Delaware
Sun SignVirgo
Height Not Known
Weight Not Known
HobbiesNot Known
EducationNot Known
QualificationNot Known
Marital StatusMarried
Boy Friend/ Girl FriendNone
FamilyFather:- John Alfrod Banning Mother:- Elizabeth Lowber
SpouseRebecca Sanford (First Wife ) Marry Hollister
ChildrenJoseph Brent Banning William Banning Hancock Banning Mary Hollister Banning Lucy Tichenor Banning
ProfessionBusinessman, Entrepreneur, Financier
Net WorthNot Known 
Social Media ProfilesNA

Phineas Banning Wikipedia

Phineas Banning was hard-working, dedicated, and headstrong.  He was the 7th of the 11th children of their parents.  In the year 1851 when he arrived in California, he had passed through a long journey on both land and sea.  He crossed Panama and took another ship to reach California. 

When he was 21 he became more ambitious and motivated working in the fishing industry at San Pedro. He started with the position of a store clerk and then was promoted to a stagecoach driver. He started with the hamlet line with Los Angeles which was a small town having two thousand people ad was just twenty miles to the north. 

He was then elected on a one-year term by the Los Angeles common council. After gaining experience he started his own shipping and tagging company. By the year 1860, his own wagons were traveling gold fields of the kern river, salt lake city, Yuma, Mormon, and other regions of southern California.

Phineas Banning had big visions and he does not wish to settle for small.  He expanded the harbor and docks.  In the 1850s he and his partner who were investors from southern California bought 640 acres of land adjacent t the san Pedro port to expand the port.

Phineas Banning family life

Phineas Banning was a married man and he had two wives. Phineas Banning was first married to a woman named Rebecca Sanford. Rebecca was the young sister of Banning the first employer in California. The couple had eight children but only three survived. He had three sons from his first wife Rebecca.

The names of his son were Joseph Brent banning, William banning and Hancock banning. Phineas Banning had a great family life. Banning was a busy man and used to stay away from his three sons. Banning was growing in the San Pedro docks which were expanding through his hard work.  In the year 1868 Rebecca died during giving birth to Banning eight children. 

In the year 1870 banning married again to Mary Hollister who was a daughter born into a wealthy family. The couple had three children and only two girls survived to adulthood. The names of his daughter were Lucy Tichenor Banning and Mary.

Final years of Phineas Banning

In the year 1880 banning and his family moved to Wilmington where he used to manage a small interest in his business. Prior to his death, he was in a poor health state. He had been suffering from kidney and liver problems. His disease got worst and in an accident, he was knocked by an express wagon.

He died at the age of 54. His body is interred in the cemetery of angelus Rosedale Los Angeles. In the early 20th century he got federal approval for the lost Angeles port which is one of the busiest harbors.

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