Nasha Mukti Par Essay in English

Nasha Mukti Par Essay in English Humans are after so many things which are actually nothing just temptation. For humans, health should be their greatest wealth. Just imagine you are having all the money in the world, but you have no health to enjoy that money. Would that money be of any use to you? Absolutely no, addiction to drugs is one major issue Indian youth are facing right now.

Students of all ages are getting distracted by the life-threatening drugs and rotting the youth of India. The youth and people of India are getting distracted by this major issue and this is why Nasha Mukt Bharat is one of the biggest campaigns India is conducting right now to make the country drug-free.

nasha mukti par essay in english
nasha mukti par essay in english

Nasha Mukti Par Essay in English

Drug Abuse Essay in English

It is very easy for the youth to get distracted from their path. First, you just try smoking a cigarette, then it becomes your style, and then it becomes an addiction that is now very difficult to fight. The first line of defense to safeguard from these addictions is in our minds. 

Every young people must say no to drugs the moment their friends force them to. It is no way to flaunt style or follow your friends. There are other good things which you have to do in this stage of life. Some young people just destroy their entire life because they are now addicted to drugs. They are just playing with their health and precious money. 

Essay on Effects of Drug Abuse on Youth

Drugs are the biggest enemy of our health as well as wealth. Today it is very common for the youth to smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol at parties. If you don’t you are uncool in your group. These are little things, but if concentrated properly can save you from destroying your life in the future.

Youth is the future of any country, but the youth high on drugs can never be of any help to the country.  Our future is in great distress because today the majority of the Indian states have this major issue to handle. 

The youth is taking more and more interest in drugs rather than concentrating on their studies. It is very common for school children to smoke and drink.  I have also seen school-going children taking drugs in the jungle and places that are abandoned.

This is a serious issue where families are getting destroyed. Parents are immensely worried about their kids. Every day the count is increasing of children who are getting attracted by drugs. No matter it is a kid that belongs to a high-class family or a kid from a slum everyone is getting lost in the charm of deadly drugs. 

We all wish for Nasha Mukt Bharat and we must take all the measures to stop this distraction. Every parent and teacher must take care of their kids. It is time that we all stand together and fight this enemy.

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Say No to Drugs Essay in English

Drugs not only destroy you physically but also affect you mentally. Drugs can never do anything good to you. First, you will fly high in the sky and slowly you will lose even the fun that once dragged you in this habit. Every kid knows every adult knows how bad drugs are; still, they willingly try these bad habits and get punished later.

It is a sin because it can take your beautiful lie from you. It can take many years from your precious life if you get in the claws of the drugs. It is very hard to come out, many fail and lose their life. Many youths just start this bad habit just to flaunt which is not wise at all. 

It is hard to make teenagers understand, but still, there are ways. Parents should guide their children, must know how they are feeling, what they want, and should be easy on them in their critical ages.

Parents, friends, and teachers can save many young people from getting into the habit of drugs. Many teenagers try drugs for fun and some are affected in their life. Parents and teachers can totally save these kids by observing their behaviors.

If they find someone taking drugs they must not punish them instead of helping them. Nasha Mukti is important to everyone who is using some sort of drug. We can make this possible if every citizen and parent willingly come together to fight this enemy.

Drugs are a way to hell and no one can ever enjoy a happy life if he or she is addicted to drugs. Many accidents on roads are caused because people are driving under the influence of alcohol. Teenagers and young people can commit huge crimes because of the habit of drugs which they have to fulfill.

We have to be very careful with our kids when they are in critical teenage. This is the time when they are most affected. Parents should teach them about good virtues from the beginning. They should teach them how people harm them with drugs.

They should do everything in their power to control their kids. Today Indian government has taken many steps and conducted programs like Nasha Mukt Bharat to make sure every child is free from this habit so that we can secure our future.

Essay on Drug Addiction

The young mind needs people to guide them in the right direction.  Every kid should be made aware of the bad consequences of taking drugs and this is what the Nasha Mukt campaign is all about making everyone aware of the bad impact of drugs.

The government has opened many drug-free centers where people are helped in quitting their bad habits. On television, we can see many advertisements that help people quit smoking and other forms of tobacco.

To battle with drugs, we need to make everyone aware of how bad drugs can be and how badly they can affect one’s life. It is time that we all shake hands and stop everyone who is selling drugs. Standing in the way of drugs is the biggest step we all can take to stop them from harming our generations.

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