My State Gujarat Essay in English

My State Gujarat Essay in English, There are different states in India, where people of different religions and cultures live. Today, in this essay, I am going to talk about Gujarat, which is my state. I live in Ahmedabad city of Gujarat state. So, start reading: Gujarat is one of the most beautiful and developing states in the country. It is a state, which is located in the western part of India. My state shares its northwestern boundary with a neighboring country, Pakistan. Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan are some of the neighboring states of Gujarat.

The capital city of my state is Gandhinagar. Talking about the big city of my state, it is none other than Ahmedabad, where I live. The best part about my city is that it is the major commercial hub of my state. Gujarat has a wide range of industries, which work in different sectors.

This is the main reason why my state is known to be the best-industrialized state in the country. Apart from that, my state is also known for its education. The reason is that there are lots of prestigious educational centers present in my state, which are popular in the entire country.

my state gujarat essay in english
my state gujarat essay in english

My State Gujarat Essay in English

My Gujarat Essay in English

Gujarat, my state, is considered to be the state of Mahatma Gandhi, as he was born in Gujarat. My state was established on 1 May 1960. Previously, it was a part of Bombay. This is how my state came into existence, it got divided from the state of Bombay. My state began to consider an independent state by a person named Ravi Shankar Maharaj.

My state is known as a symbol of the values of Mahatma Gandhi. Ahmedabad was the first capital of my state, but now, the capital is Gandhinagar, which was named after Mahatma Gandhi.

Speaking of people living in my state, they all are friendly and cooperative by nature. People of all castes and religions live in my state without any kind of discrimination. The people of Gujarat state are popularly known as Gujarati. Here, we all celebrate festivals of all kinds and religions. The main language of Gujarat is Gujarati. As there are different regions in my state, this is why there is a huge variety of regional languages available.

The best part about the people of my state is that they are too festive. They like to celebrate each and every festival with lots of excitement and happiness. They start preparing the things for a festival before many days.

The festival of Navratri in Gujarat is famous not only in India, but even the entire world knows about it. International travelers come to my state and explore the festivities of my region. Apart from Navratri, other festivals including Uttarayan, Jagannath Rath Yatra, Mahoram, and Diwali are celebrated with enthusiasm.

When it comes to the geographical area of Gujarat, there are flat pains. It does not mean that my state does not have a mountain range. Of course, it has mountains. Moreover, there is also a desert area in my state. This is why Mahi, Narmada, and Sabarmati are several rivers, which flow in my state. Gujarat encompasses a coastline of about 1600km. people in Gujarat experience all kinds of climates.

My state, Gujarat, is also famous for Gir or Junagadh, which is the only lion sanctuary in Asia. There is a place known as Pavagadh, where Goddess Kalika sits on a hill and in Arasura, Goddess Ambaji gives blessings to people. As there are different tourist attractions in Gujarat, it attracts lots of travelers from different countries, as well as other states.

They can explore the beauty of the Kutch Desert and visit Nalsarovar. Lothal and Dholavira have an invaluable history legacy. The Statue of Unity and the Sardar Sarovar Dam are other tourist attractions in my state.

Essay on Gujarat in English

My state has gifted two leading leaders of the country, who have done a lot for the independence of the country. They were Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Mahatma Gandhi. Our country got its independence under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. At that time, the government also worked hard to save the country from getting divided into parts. This is why our country is known as an indivisible country.

When it comes to the education sector of Gujarat, my state has better and more modern educational centers, where students from other states come to get higher education. The educational sector of my state also pays attention to the enhancement of basic education. The state government of Gujarat has also introduced the district primary education program to focus on primary education.

The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda is the one and only English medium university in my state. This university got ranked 10th place by India Today in the list of the best universities in the country. It is a matter of pride for my state.

Aside from that, there are some other universities such as Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Gujarat University, Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, Saurashtra University, and Kutch University, Bhavnagar University, etc. are several leading universities in my state.

Gujarat is one of the highest producers of groundnut and cotton in the country. In my state, there are cash crops such as tobacco, cumin seeds, mangoes, sugarcane, and bananas. When it comes to milk production, my state has come to the top of the country. My state is also popular in the diamond industry. As there are plenty of industries in my state, this is why people of my state are also very industrious.

My state has a different range of famous foods. Some foods are Aam Ras, Gujarati Dal, Undhiyu, Gujarat Thali, Basundi, Fada ni Lapsi, Thepla, Nagli Rotla, Khandvi, Khichu, Khaman, Lilo Chevdo, and many others. These foods are famous in the entire country. People from other states like to try these foods willingly because of their better aroma.

In the end, I want to say that my state, Gujarat, has a wide range of opportunities in every sector whether it is health, employment, industry, technology, education, tourism, and many others. I love my state very much.

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