My Preparation For The Board Examination Essay in English

My Preparation For The Board Examination Essay in English, Education is the key to success. When we study in schools and colleges, we gain knowledge and examinations are the results of that knowledge. Studies are focused on getting knowledge and preparing for exams. Every student has his or her own way of preparing for the examination. When they are going to plan on how to study for exams, they can take the guidance of teachers and of course, the internet. Today, in this essay, I am going to share my experience regarding my preparation for the board examination. So, start reading:

I completely understand the idea of giving exams, which are designed to check the potential and knowledge of students. Examinations seem like filters, which evaluate the students belonging to different sections. Many students are afraid of examinations. Most students go through tension and depression before going through an examination.

my preparation for the board examination essay in english
my preparation for the board examination essay in english

My Preparation For The Board Examination Essay in English

Essay on My Preparation for Examination

I personally feel believe that when we have fear of examinations, it distracts us from learning well and concentrating on the topics for the examinations. The period of examination turns out to be very hard, especially when we do not know how and where to begin. Such things often happen to me. But the best part is that I have my friends, teachers, and especially my parents who guide me throughout the entire examination, before and during.

When I was in 10th class, I was a mischievous person, but still good at studies. The time came when my board examination was on the head. Before one and half a month, my preparation was zero. When I came to know about the board exam, I was shocked. So, at that time, I had to prepare well so that I could do well in examinations. I can say that I needed to revise all the topics I learned before and study more important topics with complete dedication and concentration.

To get started, I prepared a timetable for study. While preparing the timetable, I had all these things in my mind. I divided my time easily and accurately for different subjects. I was aware that I had to devote more time to those subjects, in which I was not good. In my timetable, I kept half an hour for playing, as it was also necessary to let me feel fresh and active.

The reason was that it was not good for me to study all the time as I could not be able to handle the pressure because of my studies. This was the reason why I kept some time for playing and doing other forms of recreation. This helped me in my studies very well because I felt energetic and focused.

I realized the fact that hard work will never go in vain. This is how I prepared for my board examination. I had 2 study sessions, one in the morning, and the second in the evening. The morning session was of 1 hour as I had to go to school after that.

During the evening time, I devoted 2 to 3 hours to study after coming back from school. My hard work and dedication paid off and I did great in my examinations, I got 83 percent grades in my board exams, which was the 4th highest in all of the sections of my class.

Essay on How to Prepare for Examination

Tips I used for my examinations

There are many things that a student must keep in mind when they are going to start their preparation for examinations. Even, I also used many strategies or tips and tricks that supported me throughout my entire studies. So, check out the tips that I used in my examinations during the course of study, which helped me to gain success. These tips must be followed by students:

  • A student must do the reading, take careful notes, attend lectures regularly, take part in discussion sessions, and arrange small study groups with class fellows so that they can explore and review materials. I and my friends did the same thing and helped each other to study well.
  • It is important to check the pattern of a board examination before preparing for it and attempting it. The chances are, that patterns may change. This is why students need to keep an eye on the examination pattern like whether the questions will require long or short answers, whether you may select which questions to answer, the number of questions and what kinds of writing and thinking will be evaluated.
  • It was my habit to check the question papers of previous years so that I could understand the pattern easily and confirmed with my teachers whether there were some changes in it or more.
  • Avoid simply memorizing the topics aimlessly. Make sure you have complete clarification of the important issues and topics of a particular subject. This is how you can get a complete understanding of the topics. I took some real-life examples to understand the topics.
  • The best way to prepare yourself for a board examination is by compiling questions you might assume the instructor might give and then going for planning with your class fellows.
  • The most important thing you can do is to read the exam carefully before answering any question. Divide the time for reading questions realistically. You can do it when you are preparing at home. The right time management plays a vital role in your success in the examination.

Final verdict: Essay Exam Preparation

While preparing for the board examination, I had to cut out different activities that consumed time from my schedule like window shopping, socializing with friends, watching videos, and listening to some relaxing music. And I did the same as I could do these things after the examination.

I only contributed my entire time to my studies and my devotion and hard work let me score well. I was very happy after receiving the result. Even, my parents were surprised to know about my result, they did not believe that I could do well. It was all because of my planned and timely-managed preparation for the board examination, which let me achieve success.

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