My Pet Animal Essay in English

My Pet Animal Essay in English, The most precious thing God has given us is the animals. I am a very big animal lover and it is very normal that those who love animals have a pet with them.  Pets are the most amazing and adorable creatures. There come many responsibilities if you own a pet. I am a pet owner and I know how important it is to take care of them. I have a St. Bernard Dog and he is 5 years old now.

This is not the first time I own a pet. My grandmother used to love pets and she had cats, dogs, fish, and even white pigeons. I have even my grandmother how to take care of a pet.

my pet animal essay in english
my pet animal essay in english

My Pet Animal Essay in English

My Pet Dog Essay in English

Pets are not for playing or the item in your house. Pets are family members and also our protectors not only in this life but afterlife as well.  When we say pet dogs and cats are the two animals that come into our minds. I love cats but I love dogs more. 

Dogs are so full of life, compassion, and loyal. I watch pet videos on YouTube and I have seen many where pets helped their owners. In many cases, pets have saved the life of their owners, and their kids and even saved their homes from disasters. 

There are dogs in the airport and there is a whole dog squad with armies of the nation who are helping humans in many ways.  Pets have many abilities and humans know this. There are watchdogs and they are excellent when it comes to guarding the territory. Shepherd dogs are so talented that they guard huge heard of sheep.

My Pet Essay in English

My pet is the most adorable friend I have. He waits for me until I come home and he is the happiest one in our family. He is big and furry like a teddy bear. My pet’s name is Ragner and he is five years old now.  I cannot dream of my life without my dog. He sleeps near my bed and never leaves my side.

I am so in love with my pet that I never leave without him.  I take him for walks every morning and evening.  My parents have bought him toys, blankets, dog beds, towels, and all that we can provide him to be comfortable with us. In return he makes us laugh with his funny doggo things and love us so much.  Whenever he needs anything he is ready with his puppy eyes.

I have never seen St. Bernard so active because the pet plays with me every time I wish him to.  He is always active and loves to run all around in the home. He loves his belongings so much that he gets very sad even if I put his clothes for washing.

If we have given him something then it is his no matter whether we like it or not.  His adorable little things make my day. Whenever I am sad he comes to me and put his head on my lap. This is the time when all my sadness vanishes away and I am full of energy.

My Favourite Pet Essay in English

My pet is very popular in our neighborhood. Every child knows his name and whenever they see Ragner they all shout his name in love.  My dog has a great personality and everyone asks me about him. He loves to have treats and whenever the delivery boy comes with his treats he gets so excited. 

My pet makes male friends more than female ones. I don’t know why he hates girls so much.  He makes friends easily only in the case they should be males. This is something we share with our friends and family to keep our distance from his female fans of his.

My dog can literally eat anything.  No matter what is on my plate he needs a bite or I have to face the consequences of not sharing my food with him. I take care of my dog very well. I play with him, I take him for walks, I bathe him, I trim his nails, I clean his ears and the best part is he never minds anything.

My pet is not at all fuzzy and he understands. He is so joyful that he can make my bad day turn good with his adorable teddy bear looks. He is so fluffy and big that I like hugging and kissing him all the time. My pet also argues with my mother which is the funniest thing.  Their relationship is very strange. He loves my mom but he also loves to argue with her for unnecessary reasons.

I have my photo library loaded with his cute pictures and videos. I send them to my friends who love watching his cute little things.  He is our favorite. He never let anyone sit beside me, if anyone does then they have to tolerate his constant barking which is again a fun thing to watch.

Whenever I am doing my homework he sits next to me and wants a pat on his head. He loves ear scratches and he can enjoy this the whole day. Sundays are my favorite days because I get a full day to be with him. He gets love from all my family members and we all take care of him.

He is not just a pet but my little brother and I appreciate how my parents take care of him. We regularly take him to the vet to make sure his health is fine and he is getting his vaccinations on time.  With my pocket money always buy treats and toys for him. I love watching him play with his toys and enjoy his treats. 

He also comes with us and enjoys car drives. Everyone looks at him and Wow him because he is like a living teddy bear.  According to me, every child should have a pet because we can learn a lot from them. They teach us to be compassionate, they teach us loyalty, and make us learn more about love.

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