My Parents Essay in English

My Parents Essay in English, Today, in this essay, I am going to talk about my parents, who are the world to me. After reading this essay, a person will understand the importance of parents and taking care of them, as well as respect them a lot. So, start reading: We entered this world because of our parents. Parents are like God to us. It is our parents, who have given us birth and life. My parents are very caring and loving.

I am grateful to my parents for all the things they have done for me. This essay on my parents helps me to convey my message to them. I want to say how valuable and important they are to me through this essay. I want to show how much I respect them.

my parents essay in english
my parents essay in english

My Parents Essay in English

Parents Essay in English

My parents are my strength and confidence. They support me in every phase of my life. They guide me at every stage of life. When I get stuck somewhere in my life and the thing seems challenging to me, it is my parents who support and guide me to get rid of it. They are like a guiding light for me, who help me to select the right path always regardless of the thing. This is why I cannot even imagine living without my parents. I love them a lot.

My father is a retired army man and my mother is a homemaker. Both of my parents are the strongest persons in the world. My father assists and supports me at every stage. My father is a nice and friendly person, who takes everything very lightly and solves any kind of issue without getting stressed. As he worked in the army, he is the most disciplined man I have ever met in my life. He never likes and does bad things, as he has good habits.

As of now, he is retired, and he likes to spend his time doing some social work. He visits some orphanages and old age homes on a regular basis and gives some kind of help and support to needy people. This is how he is engaged in volunteer activities these days. He believes in good deeds. This is why he also teaches me good lessons and guides me to do the right deeds in life.

He is also a great spokesman. He likes to deliver speeches and lectures when there is an event in our surroundings. He is also interested in making good relationships with people. This is why when he goes to a park in the evening every day, he likes to engage with others and do conversations with them. He has done a lot of hard work in his service duration and now, he is spending his life in his own conditions.

My mother is a housewife. But there was a time when she was a teacher in a primary school. She used to teach students subjects like English, Hindi, and Punjabi. But due to some reasons, she left the job and decided to stay at home. But it does not mean that she has a traditional lifestyle. She is a modern woman and tries to compete in this modern world.

She used to learn things from the modern world. At the same time, she has too much creativity. She loves painting and creating artwork. This is why she has a busy schedule. She likes to spend her time doing some artistic activities as she loves doing them. Apart from that, she also loves dancing. I and my mother dance together when I am free. This is how we spend quality time with my mother.

We also go on picnics and like to perform outdoor activities. We also like to go to dinner parties after a certain amount of time. Both of my parents are extroverts and never hesitate to talk with others. I admire my parents for doing so much for me without any complaints. As I am a single child in my family, my parents love me a lot.

Essay on My Parents in English

Importance of parents 

Parents are valuable to us. Since the day of our birth, parents are those who try to give us everything so that we can stay happy. They struggle in their everyday lives and make hard efforts to give us the best they can. The best thing about parents is that they sacrifice their dreams, luxuries, and even their valuable belongings so that they can provide their kids with the right education, food, clothes, and all of their favorite items.

They work hard for their kids throughout their lives. They dedicate their lives to making their kids’ lives better by giving them a good lifestyle. This is the main reason why parents are like the living god to us.

Our Parents Essay

There are many reasons why I admire my parents a lot. I also care for them. I treat my father and mother very well as they are the world to me. As I am living in the Indian culture, it taught me very good things. The Indian culture shows the importance of affection, love, and obligations towards our parents. This is why I have learned a lot from my culture.

My parents never put restrictions on me. They have allowed me to do things of my own will. They never control my life, but they also guide me and help me to select between the right and wrong things.

My parents are the best in the world. They encourage me to do things with dedication, hard work, and patience. They also help me in my studies. They also support me to achieve my goals and targets. So, in the end, I can say that my parents are like gods to me. I share my feelings and ideas with them very often. I never fight with them or oppose them.

My parents have all the qualities to be good parents. They are dedicated, responsible, caring, and loving. My parents are role models for me. I see them as my guides in life. I love them very much.

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