My Neighbour Essay in English

My Neighbour Essay in English, Neighbors are like a family to us, as they live next door to us. When an emergency occurs, they are the first person to help us. Those families are blessed, who have good neighbors in their surroundings. Some families live alone, their relatives live far away from them. This is how neighbors are the next family to help people in any situation. Today, I am going to talk about my neighbor in the form of an essay. So, let’s start reading my neighbor’s essay:

I remember the day when I came to this locality with my parents. At that time, I was just 18 years old. My father was an employee in a government-based company and my mother was a housewife. When we came to this place, everything was new to us and all were strangers to me. Even, it was the same for all people living in our surroundings.

my neighbour essay in english
my neighbour essay in english

My Neighbour Essay in English

My Neighbour Paragraph

Today, it is the era, where no one can trust another person so easily and sooner. But at that time, Mrs. Asha Khosla was such a kind-hearted and caring lady, who actually helped us from the very first day in this locality. She was our neighbor, lived next door to our home. At present, she also lives there with her family. At that time, her family was nuclear, but now, her family has increased from 2 to 6 people living in her home.

I never forget the very first day in this locality and I still remember her smile when we entered our home. She became my mother’s friend from the first day. She helped my mother in managing all the things like home chores in the initial days. As there was too much work, in the beginning, everything needed to settle down.

This is where she played a very vital and interesting role in our lives. After one week, my mother got ill, she was dealing with a back problem. The doctor advised her to take bed rest for some days. I was too young and immature to handle the entire home. My neighbor, Asha Aunty, helped me and my brother in everything.

She guided me while handling all home chores very effectively and easily. When I heard the news of my mother’s illness, I was shocked. Even I was so nervous, she was the one who stood beside me. She helped me at each and every phase. When I went to school in the daytime, she took care of my mother. She was really a humble and loving person I have ever met in my life.

At that time, she was living with her husband and she has two sons, who were being sent to boarding school for studies. Once they completed their studies, they came back and start living with their parents. Now, her sons, both are married, they are living with each other happily. She used to teach children when I was younger as she was an educated person. She is a very responsible and sensible person.

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My Neighbour Essay 500 Words

She has a proper routine in her daily life, which she used to follow every day without missing any single day. She wakes up early in the morning, even at this age, when she is 53 years old. After waking up, she goes for a walk to a nearby park in our locality.

After walking, she comes back to her house and take bath. After that, she performs her puja rituals and takes a cup of tea with her husband. Then, she starts doing her home chores with her daughter-in-law. Everyone in her family respects her a lot because of her caring nature. She has taught good values to her children.

In past times, she used to clean her home on her own. But these days, she has hired a maid for her family. But still, Asha Ji tries to keep her neat and clean. She is a person, who manages everything so well. She never sits idle.

I always see something useful stuff in her hands. As she took tuitions, I also used to visit her for my problems while studying. She has a clear concept about everything. She helped me to solve my study problems while giving me some valuable tips.

She always visits orphanages and other places where old, disabled, and needy people live. She gives them some kind of stuff, eatables, clothes, and other necessary items for their survival. This is how she likes to help poor people in different ways. She visits a temple every day in the evening time. She is a religious and spiritual lady.

She used to meditate for an hour in the evening. She teaches us how to live life happily and peacefully. She has no anger concerns. She never gets angry with anybody. Her nature is calm and peaceful. I am a big fan of my neighbor.

Even still, when I need something in my life, I visit her and talk to her about my problems. She always suggests good things. She is actually a motivating woman for all people. I also get encouraged by her. Asha Ji is an individual, who is always ready with a solution to every problem in life. She thinks positively. It is her positive attitude, which has given her a good life.

My Neighbour Essay for Class 9

My neighbor, Asha Ji, has a sweet, caring, and respectful personality. Everyone in our locality knows her well and respects her. My and her family have a good and strong relationship with each other. We used to visit each other once a week like on weekends when all are at home. We both are a part of our happiness and sorrows.

They are like a family to us. She and her family also treat us as a family. I feel very happy to have such neighbors in my surroundings. We always celebrate special events with each other. I always wish good health and happiness to Mrs. Asha Khosla. She is just an ideal neighbor for me. I admire her a lot.

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