My India My Pride Essay in English

My India My Pride Essay in English, There are so many beautiful and powerful countries on this planet but I was born in India. I am a proud Indian and I am grateful that I was born in this beautiful, powerful and colorful country. I am grateful because we know there are many other poor countries where people don’t have a good life. In some countries, people are living under the threat.

They don’t have the right to speak and they are not free. Some countries like North Korea are way behind India. People don’t have the internet, they don’t have freedom of speech, and they even have to live their daily life in threat because government rules those lands. When we say India it is a glorious country.

my india my pride essay in english
my india my pride essay in english

My India My Pride Essay in English

My Country My Pride Essay

India has the largest democracy in the world. All Indians have freedom of speech and rights. We are a civilization that is 5000 years old and has almost all the cultural origins. People can protest against wrong, can stand up, and fight against cruelty. There is something that surprises me a lot and that is unity. When it comes to the nation not only our brave soldiers but even common people come together.

From childhood, we learn to love our country and I bet that everyone will stand against the enemy when the time comes. India is a country where tigers are born from the womb of brave mothers. The bravery and strength of these tigers can be seen in Indian armies. Our enemies know our strength and this is why they fret from Indian soldiers.  When we talk about bravery Indian soldiers can make enemies pee in their pants.

India was ruled by the Britishers for about 200 years. During that period many brave men and women came forward to free their nation. I am so proud to be born in India where we had brave souls like Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru, and many others. India is also a land where many noble souls took birth and made India great. 

In India we value emotions, and culture, we respect other life, and we have a rich culture. We are also the oldest civilization and everything about India is fascinating. India is great in many ways. In India, people from all religions live peacefully.  We have Sikh brothers, Christian brothers, Hindus, Muslims, Jain, and all the religious people living peacefully in India.  When we have so many religions this means we also have all the cultures and different communities.

The beauty of India is in its brotherhood.  We all live together; celebrate each other cultures and festivals. In India, we have all 4 seasons which is hard to find anywhere on the planet. People have respect for each other and when it comes to festivals we all participate with great enthusiasm without judging others’ culture

When it comes to nature India is at its best. The flora and fauna are unique here. Everything that we have in India relates to positivity and spirituality.  We have beautiful mountains where we believe Lord Shiva resides with his family and watches over us, we have holy rivers like Ganga and Yamuna.

The water of Ganga is so pure that it can heal pain and we also believe that a holy dip in Ganga can remove all the sin and evil eyes. In India, it is very easy to find magic and miracles everywhere within people, within lands, rivers, mountains, and even animals. 

When there is the birth of a child it is celebrated like a festival and we welcome new life not only of humans but plants and animals equally. From early childhood days, the first thing we teach them is to respect the elders, other life, and god. Parents teach their kids about their culture and religion. There are so many beautiful things that we learn in our childhood that make us Indian.

In India, it is easy to find variety.  We see variety in cultures, lifestyles, climatic conditions, cuisines, architecture, scenic beauty, etc. wherever we go we see things in a different frame. India is a country of variety and this is why everyone is interested in our cultures, history, and spirituality.

When it comes to technology India is not behind. All the big companies have CEOs from India. We have the technology and we are advancing every day. We are emerging globally in terms of technology, scientifically, and even when it comes to space technology. 

India My Country My Pride

India is the first country to conduct a mars mission called Mangalyaan in just the first attempt. The budget for this mission also surprised the world.  We Indians have the willingness, strength, and everything that is required to be great. Our scientists, farmers, armies, education system, and medical system everything is up to the mark.

We have many issues in India which are likely because India is a dwelling of billions of people.  However, no problem becomes an obstacle when it comes to making India proud.  An Indian is an Indian first and this is the beauty of our nation India. 

I am proud to be an Indian citizen because I have privileges that other people are desperate for.  I represent a great nation a nation that has fought many wars and always won, I am from a country where Subhash Chandra Bose, Rani Laxmi Bai, Sir Abdul Kalam Azad, and brave kings and queens ruled the land.

The heritage of our country is so great that it teaches us to love, dignity, brotherhood, and many powerful traits which we learn when we were a child. India is vibrant and beautiful; everything about my country makes me fall in love with it. I feel at peace when I think I am born in India. India has got many wounds but never lost its glory and glitter.

India has given me love, a beautiful home, culture, inspiration, and knowledge. I wish to be born in India whenever I am allowed to take birth on this planet.  India is a warm place that offers love like a mother gives to her child.

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