My House Essay in English

My House Essay in English, A house is a place, where we live with our families. Today, every person has his or her own house. There are different kinds of homes, we can have. A house is a place, which gives us protection from a lot of unpredictable situations and shelter. When we all live under one roof in a house, we get emotionally attached with each other. A house is a basic necessity for every person. If when a person does not have his or her own house, he or she gets it on rent.

My House Essay in English
My House Essay in English

My House Essay in English

Essay on House in English

To fulfill the different needs of people, there are various kinds of houses that can be constructed. The type of house in which a person life is based on a wide range of factors like region, finances, durability, size, preferences, and many others. There are duplex homes, cottages, castles, condos, apartments, flats, huts, farmhouses, and many more.

In the modern world, we have modern homes, but some people still live in traditional homes. So, when you are going to buy a home, make sure you know what type of home can suit your needs and preferences. The most important thing you need to consider is the size of your family before buying or constructing any home. Let’s discuss some differences between traditional homes and modern homes in detail:

The basic difference between traditional homes and modern homes is the floor plans. When it comes to traditional floor plans, they tend to target room separation, while modern ones tend to be more open. In modern homes, there is an open dining area attached to a kitchen and living areas. In traditional homes, there is a separate formal dining room.

Traditional homes are equipped with cabinetry, wood-grain doors, flooring, and favor pale and trim neutrals for painted surfaces. When it comes to modern homes, they have bolder neutrals like white and black along with painted cabinetry, concrete or laminate flooring, and many minimal trim options.

Talking about lighting options, it does not only refer to electrical lighting. At the same time, the shape, size, and placement of windows are also important to consider. Traditional homes may have small windows, which are divided into a huge number of panes. When it comes to modern homes, they have recessed light fixtures also known as can lights, which are fixed to the ceiling.

Another difference between traditional and modern homes is all the materials used in construction. Traditional homes are generally made of traditional materials. But plaster, wood plaster, brick, and stone are one of the most popular things to be used while constructing a home. Modern designed-based stricture of a home takes benefit of all tech-based new materials available in the market.

There are reinforced steel, concrete, or even plastic materials, which are used for building modern homes in the modern world. Large beams along with wooden accents are used to complement the raw concrete walls. We can find a huge variety of traditional textiles like curtains in the modern world, they are converted into modern designs.

Having a traditional or modern home is all dependent on a person’s preferences, needs, and especially the budget. The reason is that having modern homes sometimes may cost you more. This is why traditional homes are much preferred when we talk about budgeted homes. But still, there are modern homes that can be bought within a budget.

Whether you want to live in a joint or nuclear family, it may affect your buying process for a home. If you want to live in a joint family, then having a modern home like flats and apartments may create trouble for you because they are smaller than traditional homes. This is why people who belong to a joint family prefer traditional homes but with some modern touch. Modern homes are for nuclear families.

I prefer having my own home either a traditional or a modern one. There are many reasons behind it. When you have your own home, then you can reap the below-mentioned benefits of homes:

  • There will be no landlord hassles. All things will be under your control.
  • You will get attached to your home once you buy it. It means that you have emotional security with your home.
  • By having a home, you can leave the stress of lease agreements as there will be no such conditions.
  • There will be no compromising situations you may be suffering from.
  • With a home, you can build your own asset.

My House Essay for Class 5

My House Essay in English 10 Lines

There are some highlights of my home:

  • It is situated in a posh family
  • There is a park near my home
  • It has 3 rooms, 1 kitchen, 1 drawing room, a dining area, 3 attached bathrooms, and an open area where we park our vehicles
  • I love my home very much because it has all the basic facilities that we all need for survival
  • My father built this home in 2002 and since then we have been living in this home together
  • I have a separate room where I study and spend quality time with myself. My room is well-decorated, well-lit, and spacious
  • All 3 rooms have windows, extra space, and proper lighting options. All are made according to the modern designs as we are living in the modern world
  • The best area of my home is Mandir, where we all worship daily. When I worship in this area, I always feel peaceful, calm, and positive. In my entire home, there is a proper lighting option and cross-ventilation is also there

In the end, I just want to say that a home is like a temple to us. It is our basic need. We can own a home or get it for rent if we do not have enough money. We all should live together in a home so that we can spend quality time and gather some memories for a lifetime. My house is very beautiful and based on modern trends. Sometimes, my friends visit my home to feel its positive vibes and see its beauty. I feel blessed and safe in my home.

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