My Hobby Singing Essay in English

My Hobby Singing Essay

My Hobby Singing Essay in English Like any other young teenager, I also have hobbies and passions. My hobby is singing and thankfully I am very good at it.  Even my mother is a singer and this is why I have got the skills.  Since my childhood, I am dragged to music automatically and my mum says I love singing since I was in her belly.  She used to sing songs for me and she said I used to respond to her voice.

This s amazing and I know why I have so deep a connection with music because it is in my blood. I can listen to music for hours and even days. I have no particular choice in music, but everything is melodious to my ears. Since my childhood, I had many favorites and I used to listen to songs on repeat.

Even my parents and grandparents used to be mesmerized by looking at my passion for music. In my family everyone likes music and we all have favorites of our own.  My mom has many stories about me about my childhood and music.

I had so many instrumental toys and toys with music. Every toy I had was having some sort of music because these were the only toys that used to attract me. On my 3rd birthday, I also got a karaoke so that I can practice my singing skills and that beautiful gift helped me realize more about my passion for singing.

My Hobby Singing Essay in English
My Hobby Singing Essay in English

My Hobby Singing Essay in English

Essay on My Hobby Singing in English

As I grew older my passion began to rise and I decided to learn to sing professionally so that one day I can become a professional singer. Since my childhood, I was always insisted to sing a song at birthday parties and other events.

In my school, I have participated in many singing competitions and even won some of them. I never feared the stage as it was thrilling for me. I always used to get so excited before my performances. The limelight you get on the stage is beyond anything.  I have a strong bond with music. I feel connected to everything that enters my ears.

I wanted to produce my own music one day and I wish to turn my hobby into a profession one day. I knew my journey of singing had started the day I was born. I have music in my nerves and mind.  I just get mesmerized with the tunes and music whenever I listen to any. 

Music is an emotion, a feeling that I live always to its fullest. I am very grateful to God that he made me so passionate about music. Music is relieving and like mediation to me. It gives me positivity and I feel very peaceful whenever I listen to music and sing.

I can sing many songs both from Hollywood as well as Bollywood. I am also practicing singing in other languages because I don’t want any barrier to stand in front of me when I am learning music. I love to sing songs in multiple languages such s hind, English, Marathi, and South Indian languages.

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My Favourite Hobby Singing Essay in English

From the beginning, I knew what I had to become in the future and that was a popular singer. Musical instruments, my music collection, songs, and melodies are my life. Every day I wake up singing and even sing before I go to bed.

Singing is all that I have and I wish to be superb in this skill. Singing was my hobby till the age of 5, but after that, my hobby changed into my passion and then my career.  Every artist knows how important it is to brush their skills to be professional one day.

The beauty of this hobby of mine was I was god gifted and never had to put an extra effort into learning something new. I wanted to be best in the singing and I was totally dedicated to this hobby since I was a child. In my school days, I was a very popular artist in my school.

Everyone used to know that I am a great singer and no school function ever begin without my Vandana in the opening of the function.  I used to love performing on the stage and the excitement was the most thrilling I had to go through.

I participated in many singing competitions help inside and outside our school. From there I started gaining my singing skills. Till then I was not learning from anywhere, my mother used to teach me a few things about singing and that was all I needed to move ahead and fly.

My neighbors, my parents, friends, and teachers everyone appreciated my talent and always supported me to carry this hobby further. I always feel so lucky about myself and the people around me. Everyone supported me and used to gift me things that were related to singing. 

I can remember when I was14 my neighbor gifted me with audio of our great Indian singers and that was the best gift I ever had. It had 1000 songs from all the popular artists of India like Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhonsle, Rafi, etc I was so inspired by that gift and started paying attention more to singing.

When I grew up I desired more exposure and wanted to participate in musical events and functions. I used to travel a lot and made many friends who were musical like me. The world is full of talent, I have many friends who sing so differently and have so much knowledge about music. I have friends from all around the world who belong to my music cult.

We have different native languages, but we still sing songs of other nationalities. Music has no language and now when I see people singing songs of different languages proved it. Singing gives a peaceful message and can make you filled with joy.

Anyone can lift up their bad moods by just listening to one beautiful song. I am so excited about music that I have sung many songs in many places and events, but even one request from others to sing a song makes me excited like a baby every time. 

This is my hobby singing essay in English, from this entire article, we cover information regarding my hobby singing essay 100 words, my hobby is singing and listening music. If found anything missing let us know by commenting below. For more info kindly visit us at

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