My Fitness Mantra Essay in English

My Fitness Mantra Essay In English, Today, every person has a huge concern when it comes to health. Everyone wants to stay healthy and active so that they can live a disease-free life. They follow different tips and tricks to stay healthy. Fitness is the major goal of every person these days. Fitness is meant by the condition of being mentally and physically fit with good health. With fitness, one can carry out his or her daily tasks with alertness and vigor without tiredness.

Moreover, one can have an ample amount of energy to enjoy his or her life when he or she is physically and mentally fit.

my fitness mantra essay in english
my fitness mantra essay in english

My Fitness Mantra Essay in English

Essay on My Fitness Mantra

Today, in this essay, I am going to talk about My Fitness Mantra in detail. This fitness mantra has helped me to attain lots of energy, zero tiredness, great positivity, and happiness in my life. I prefer enjoying my workout sessions rather than going to parties. There is a popular saying that health is wealth. In other words, we can say that you cannot enjoy your wealth if you cannot enjoy your health.

Every person on the earth’s planet is concerned about fitness and health. This is why they have their own fitness mantra so that they can have a fit body. The benefit of using fitness mantras is that they can keep you stay motivated. So, start reading more about my fitness mantra, which is none other than a combination of different things:


My first-morning session is meditation. I wake up early in the morning and start meditating for at least 30 minutes. It adds to my fitness mantra to a great extent. As it helps me to have positivity in my life, my mind stays calm and nourished. There are no anger-related issues I deal with in my life. Meditation is the key to achieving positivity and happiness in your life. So, I take it as the first part of my fitness mantra I do daily without skipping even a single day.

A nutritious and balanced diet

Another thing I add to my fitness mantra is a balanced and healthy diet. So, I always recommend other people to eat a balanced and nutritious diet because it contains all the vital nutrients required for the human body. Food prepared outside the home is not recommended as healthy food. As a result, people begin falling ill.

This is why it is important to have a balanced diet on a regular basis, it has become a necessity for every person. Talking about me, I always stick to my fitness goals. One of which is following a routine of a balanced diet. I eat nutritious food every day, which is packed with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, and a lot more.

More intake of water

The next thing I prefer daily is to drink enough water. It is good to understand how water is important for the human body. Drinking enough water is vital for good health. It can help your body to stay hydrated for a long time.

This way, you can keep your weight in control with no extra fat in your body. So, make a proper regimen in which you have to drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water. I also do the same thing. I drink two to three liters of water or sometimes more than it. It is one of the other parts of my fitness mantra.

My Fitness Mantra on Akam

Practicing yoga

After meditating in the morning for half an hour, I start yoga. It is important to understand the benefits of yoga when you are going to adopt this activity into your regimen. Yoga plays a beneficial role in strengthening the muscles and making the body fit and healthy. It also gives your body a way to exercise while making the mind relaxed and stress-free.

Yoga is the best way to get rid of different kinds of diseases. Adding it to my fitness mantra is my favorite thing because I love yoga. Initially, it was hard for me to do yoga in the same manner. But after practicing a lot, now, I can do yoga in the best manner. In the morning, I do yoga without missing any single day. It supports me to stay fit and disease-free.


Another thing I prefer adding to my fitness mantra is exercising. The benefits of exercising during the morning time are amazing. But I do not get time in the morning to do exercises along with yoga. This is why I like to exercise in the evening time after taking my evening tea.

I wait for an hour after drinking tea and then I start exercising. I have some exercise equipment at my home. I also went to the gym for a month. But now, I do all exercises at my home, as it gives me a comfortable environment. With exercising, I feel a lot of energy in the whole body and it helps to relieve my stress if any. It also boosts my sleeping patterns.

Staying positive

Negative thoughts, ideas, or energies are the enemies of a person. Every person should stay from negativity. The best way to do this is to perform yoga, meditate, or exercise. Try to stay positive without negative thoughts coming to your mind. I read books, especially holy books which help me to keep myself positive. No negative thought enters my mind at any cost. It is also my fitness mantra.

Staying happy all the time

Making yourself happy is not an easy task, but I can do it easily. As I follow this fitness mantra regularly, people can see a smile on my face every single day. If you can stay in a happy mood, then it would be easy for you to stay in a healthy condition. With this mantra, you can stay healthy and free from depression, anxiety, and stress. These are some mental disorders, which you should not get engaged in at any cost.

With these mantras of fitness, I am living a healthy, active, and disease-free lifestyle.

This is my fitness mantra essay in english, from this entire article, we cover information regarding my fitness mantra on akam poem. If found anything missing let us know by commenting below. For more info kindly visit us at

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