My Favourite Subject Essay in English

My Favourite Subject Essay in English, We have so many subjects in schools such as English, mathematics, history, science and many others.  We have so many subjects but my favorite subject is science. Science is everywhere and it has totally changed our lives today. Science is not just about humans, but amount animals, plants, the universe, machines, technology, and everything. Today nothing is impossible if we do not have science.

my favourite subject essay in english

My Favourite Subject Essay in English

Essay on My Favourite Subject Science in English

In the student, life science seems to be very interesting. Every chapter in my science book is full of interesting facts. I have learned so many things and I wish to pursue my career in the one and only field and that is SCIENCE. I wish to invent something that can help humanity one day. There is a lot of inspiration in our science books. 

There are many scientists who did something that was impossible at that time. There are so many things that they discovered that we use in our daily lives and it offers lots of comfort to us. Just imagine how our life would be if no one thought of inventing in electricity.  I am a huge fan of Tesla.  He is my impression and I wish to be as great as he is.

Science has so many interesting things to tell us. Because of science humans landed on the moon. We have Hubble and James Webb like telescopes which are our eyes in space. Science is just amazing and I can’t even imagine what humans will have when science will be more advanced in the future. Science has given birth to technology and today we have bullet trains traveling which take just a couple of hours to reach huge distances.

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Humans have lots of issues and this is going to increase as we will progress in the future. It is the only science that will help us overcome the challenges humanity will face in the future. We will be facing the scarcity of natural resources, our mother planet is dying due to pollution, there are children who are dying of lack of food and the list is very long. I wish that I can help humanity by discovering cures for the issues we are facing right now.

Paragraph on My Favourite Subject Science

Science is not easy and it takes lots of patience, mind, natural resources, and time to move one step ahead. I wonder is it possible to run cars on water or can we settle on asteroids and other planets. Today it might seem like a joke but I know one day in future everything bizarre that I can imagine will come to life. Science has no limits and when there is science everything is possible.

Today we have highly equipped science labs in our schools and learning is more fun. I desperately wait for my science class and practical classes. My science teacher is also friendly and she makes concepts of science more interesting and fun to learn. I love science and my passion for science is growing day by day. There are so many things that I am curious about and science is the only subject that satisfies my curiosity.

When I was a toddler I used to ask many questions from my parents and they knew I am going to become a scientist one day. I was so eager when I was 3 years old that my father bought me a little telescope. 

Science has an explanation for everything even the most simple things we take for granted like where does the moon goes in the daylight, do flowers sleep? How do airplanes fly in the sky, why don’t ships drown in the water, how do birds fly, how is it possible to create huge dams and all the things I can think about science have the answer for me.

Today learning has become easier due to learning apps. Learning apps are amazing and I love them because they have concepts and knowledge which I can easily understand. Even studying the theories in science is interesting.

Have you ever paid attention to modern inventions? In India, we might be lagging a bit behind the developed country in terms of science, but we have huge talent. I have seen the movie URI where one student invented Garuda (a drone) and helped our Indian army eliminate terrorists in their own territory.

Today we have science fiction movies that can help us live our fantasies, which have taken our imagination to a great extent. It is very interesting to see how science is developing and new inventions taking place every day.  All this is going to ease humanity.  We have science in the field of medicine. 

There are-ray machines, MRI scans, dentistry equipment, and many other inventions that are helping professionals in saving life and increase our life expectancy.  With the aid of science, we can do anything.

We can establish colonies on mars one day, one day we might get signals from aliens, and one day there will be no hunger or dying from natural calamities because I am sure that science has solutions, and as it will expand we will have more reliable solutions. Science is never-ending, interesting, and a blessing to humanity. Science eases our life, help cure diseases, satisfy our curiosities because it has logic.

I am so desperate about science that I have a mini library in my room where I have science books.  My parents are aware of my passion and they are helping me increase my collection. I also love to read science and fiction books in my school library.  Even my friends know how passionate I am about science and they always try to gift me things related to science on my birthday.

Even my teachers call me a future scientist.  Everyone around me has huge expectations from me and I know I will fulfill them. I know to be successful in the field of science it needs lots of hard work and a genius mind.  I hope I will do something great in the arena of science one day and make my parents, teachers, and country proud.

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