My Favourite Place Essay in English

My Favourite Place Essay in English, I am an Indian and I love my country. I have been too many places and every place has its own unique beauty, culture, and importance. My favorite place is Shimla. Shimla is a hill station and among the most beautiful places, I have visited till now. Shimla is among the number one tourist destinations. I love it because of its natural beauty and people. The people of Shimla are very friendly and they are called Pahari – mountain people. 

There are many small districts in Shimla and some of them are very beautiful villages.  Shimla is the capital of Himachali Pradesh and it is highly developed now.  In recent times the government of Shimla is making Shimla a smart city. Now it is beautiful as well as highly developed in terms of tourism, education, and hospital facilities are great. There are many beautiful villages in Shimla where people live simple life.

my favourite place essay in english
my favourite place essay in english

My Favourite Place Essay in English

My Favourite Tourist Place Essay in English

Shimla is known as the queen of hills. Shimla is situated on seven different hills which are Bantony hills, Jakhu hills, Inveram hill, observatory hill, summer hill, Elysium hill and prospect hill. Shimla is the largest city of the north Indian states.

All those people who have visited Shimla will always recommend their friends and family to visit this beautiful hill station. There is something for every age group tourists. Adventure seekers can go on trekking, devotees can visit many temples, nature lover will find peace everywhere, for foodies there is Himachali meal treat. There is a place kufri which is sixteen kilometer from Shimla. It is a must to visit tourist destination. 

Here tourist can enjoy skiing, ice skating and many other winter sports in winter. In summer there are many activities held for tourists. The place is loaded with natural gardens. There is ice skating rink and even roller skating rink in Shimla which is near the mall.  In the mall there is a church which is the highlight of the place.

Shimla is also one of the favorite places of move makers. Beauty of Shimla can be seen in many movies as well as songs. The Lakkad bazaar is the oldest bazaar of Shimla.  Here people can shop for wooden souvenirs and wooden items like clock, key hangers, combs, sticks and many other items. The wooden items are made from teak wood and other.

My Favorite Place Essay in English

Shimla is also best when it comes to hospitality. People can have budget friendly as well as luxurious stay here. There are 3 and5 star hotels as well as home stay available for people who wish to have lovely vacation here. I visited Shimla with my family but I have relatives in Shimla.

I am very lucky to have relatives in Shimla and this is why I know so much about this beautiful place. There are many good schools and colleges here. When it comes to education it is number one. There are schools like Auckland house school and Tara hall which are there since the British used to rule the city, Shimla was the summer capital once.

There is advance study which is also one of the oldest buildings where I saw a table where Indian partition papers were signed. Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru used to visit advanced study. There are many pictures and documents. Tourists can have a tour of advance study and know about the history of the city as well as India.

Advanced study is one of my favorite buildings. It is located at the solace of the summer hill. There is a huge lush garden in front of the building which makes it more attractive. I love people of Shimla. They are very welcoming and are always ready to help anyone.

Because Shimla is a mountain place one has to visit places on foot. This is why people here are very active and healthy. The upper parts of the Shimla like Rohru, Theog, Faguu, Chud Dhar where people do farming of apples. Apples of Shimla are very popular. There is variety of apples farming done in Shimla. 

I have tasted apples directly from the trees which is an amazing experience. They are full of juice and are big.  Here people raise cattle’s and sell cow milk. Everything about the villages is pure and people are lucky to live in the natural environment. The air here is so pure and fresh. The morning of Shimla is the most beautiful. There is no pollution in the air.

The population is Shimla is also arising and traffic is getting worse as advancement is taking place. Shimla still holds its glory and there are many beautiful things which one can see and learn here. Shimla is surrounded by captivating mountains. In winters Shimla becomes heavenly.

It becomes Narnia in the winter. Everything is covered in snow which makes it both beautiful and hard for the locals.  Still people have to walk to reach their office.  All those who visit Shimla can enjoy walk in the nature.  Everyone can have great experience because of its pleasant atmosphere. There are many short trails where one can have quiet walk and admire nature.

Weather of Shimla is beautiful even in the summer. When the entire nation is struggling with heat people of Shimla can enjoy cool breezes. This is why tourists flock to Shimla in summer to have a great cool experience. Throughout the year weather is moderate and it is best to visit Shimla in winter and in summer. People must avoid visiting Shimla in the rainy season because of the threats of landslides.

I love this place for many reasons. My grandparents live here. It is a place where I can enjoy the experience of living in nature and Shimla has everything to offer who visit here. It is a place where I can feel close to god. Everyone can feel beautiful nature and have a peaceful time here. Shimla is beautiful in every ways and this is why it is number one n the list of people who like mountains and nature.

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