My Favourite Game Kho Kho Essay in English

My Favourite Game Kho Kho Essay in English, There are many games played in India. Games play a vital role in maintaining our health and fitness. Not only physical fitness, but games are also very important for our mental health. It is important for kids to play games in their daily lives. We can choose any game according to our interests and preferences. Today, we are going to talk about a traditional game, which is still being played in many places in India. It is none other than Kho Kho. So, start reading and know more about this traditional game:

my favourite game kho kho essay in english
my favourite game kho kho essay in english

My Favourite Game Kho Kho Essay in English

Essay on Kho Kho Game in English

Kho Kho is a popular and most nationwide accepted traditional game, which is being played in our country at many different places. It is a form of tag game such as Kabaddi. It is most popular in the subcontinent of India.

This game originated in the Indian state of Maharashtra. This game is being played by many teams, which consist of 12 players. Among these 12 players, 9 players enter the field and the remaining three become the defending members. It is a traditional sport in our country. In schools, this game is mostly played by students of different ages.

Children used to play this game at an early age in the form of a recreational tag game. If we talk about the old people, they also have a similar attraction to it. It is somehow similar to Kabaddi. It is an outdoor sport and is deliberated as a game of strategy and tactics. This game is one of the most extremely competitive in the gaming world.

Kho Kho is featured for its simplicity. To play this game, there are no formal rules and regulations needed on the ground. Every player must have their own strategy.

The history of Kho Kho: Kho Kho Essay in English

This game is originated in India. It is played in the whole nation. It is formulated by Sh. Hanumant Vijayam Prasad Mandal, who was from Baroda. However, this game has become popularized by a tournament, which is arranged by Akhil Maharashtra Sharirik Shikshan Mandal in 1928. Slowly and slowly, Kho Kho has begun gaining popularity in the entire country.

From 1956 to 1960, the first national championship of Kho Kho is hosted by Vijaywada district located in Andhra Pradesh. Earlier this game was played on a surface made of clay, but now this game is played on a Tetron surface to boost its pace.

Kho Kho game is played by 12 members. There is a simple and easy rule to follow while playing this game. In a team, there are 12 members who have to make attempts to avoid being touched by opponents. Only 9 players of a team enter the field at one time.

Learn its rules

Each team that takes part in Kho Kho has 12 players, in which 2 teams of 9 players play against each other. Both Kho Kho teams play in 4 turns and make sure you know that each turn has a duration of 9 minutes. Once the 2 turns are over, it is known as innings. The toss needs to be done before starting this game.

According to the toss, the captains select to run or to chase. The team that selects to chase takes a sitting position. A player who chases is known as the chaser, who should not cross the center lane. Another team is known as the runner teams, who have to send players in a group of 3 players. Other players of the running team will have to wait for their turn to come into the entry zone area.

Once the runner team has declared out, Kho Kho players should sit in the lobby as per their group. The situation needs to be understood and examined. Only after that, the substitution can be done as per the situation.

The points are granted by the legal touch of a chasing player to the running players. Players who are from the chaser team try to hold the running players while passing the turn by saying Kho from one player to another player of Kho Kho.

A chasing player can change his or her direction at the free zone area or by touching the pole. Runners try to defend themselves from a chasing player. The runners can make their movements in a dodging, zig-zag direction and run behind the chasing player.

When the first group of 3 players gets out from the game, the new group of 3 runners enters the field of play before Kho and after that, they are chased. When both teams of the Kho Kho have the same points at the end, then an extra inning shall be played.

This is the time when comparison needs to be done to make one player out. A particular team with less timing will be declared the winner of the Kho Kho tournament.

Types of fouls

In this Kho Kho game, there may be a few types of fouls, which players may have to deal with. These fouls are mentioned below:

  • ‘Kho’ word is not spoken
  • Giving early Kho without touching the player
  • Line cutting and early getting up
  • Changing of direction
  • Late Kho
  • Turning off the shoulder
  • A player in the Kho Kho game has to give minus Kho who carries on further

Skills required

Players who are interested to play this game must have the required skills. Players must possess skills, such as:

  • Chasing skills
  • Running skills
  • Diving
  • Turning at pole
  • Quick decision-making ability


Kho Kho seems to be a modified version of a run and chase game. Many people including adults and children love to play Kho Kho. Many schools in different parts of India organize events and sports activities and Kho Kho is one of the preferred games.

If you make Kho Kho a part of your daily routine, then you can make yourself stay fit and healthy. Games are a part of an active and healthy lifestyle. This is why we should encourage people in our surroundings to play games of any type. Kho Kho is a favorite game among lots of people in India.

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