My Favourite Game Kabaddi Essay in English

My Favourite Game Kabaddi Essay in English, Games play an important role in the life of human beings. Playing games can help us stay active and healthy as most games involve some kind of physical activity. There are many benefits of playing different kinds of games. People are fond of different games either outdoor or indoor. Some people take games as their hobby or some want to make a career in any of the games.

I also aim to become a strong player in my favorite game kabaddi. It is a favorite game among millions of players, especially in India. Many players have reached national and international levels with their hard work and dedication.

I would also want to see my career in this game. This is how I am putting in my hard work and self-determination in this game so that I can reach the highest level I dream of. In this essay, I am going to reveal a lot about this game. So, start reading this essay on my favorite game kabaddi:

my favourite game kabaddi essay in english
my favourite game kabaddi essay in english

My Favourite Game Kabaddi Essay in English

Paragraph on Kabaddi

It is one of the most popular and oldest games in India. It has its origin in Tamil Nadu and now, it has reached the international land. It has traveled so far to reach this level. After a considerable journey, this game has made it to the international land. Kabaddi is one of the most interesting and thrilling games in the country. This game needs lots of energy apart from strategy.

Know the history of Kabaddi: 10 Lines on Kabaddi

This game developed in the southern part of India in the state of Tamil Nadu over 4000 years ago. It is to be believed that Kabaddi developed in the Vedic era. At that time, it was a game, which was played by people to display their strength. There are many documents we can see, in which we come to know about this game to a great extent. Such documents state that this game was even played by Gautama Buddha for recreational activities.

Kabaddi got entry into the Indian Olympic Games in 1938. Later in 1950, the association named All India Kabaddi Federation was developed. Kabaddi became a part of the Beijing Asian Games. Afterward, this game is being popularized as a competitive sport and this is why it has been played at international and national levels. It encourages the level of spirit and motivation in players.

My Favorite Game Kabaddi Essay in English

Anyone can make a career in this game if he or she has skills and abilities. It is a team sport, which needs 7 players in 2 teams. It means that there are 2 teams in a game. The motive of the sport is for a single player on fault to run into the court of the opposing team up to an extent. After that, tagging out as many defenders of the opponent team is the next step.

A player needs to return to the respective court anyhow without getting touched by the players of the other team. In order to play this game, a wide field having an area of 10 to 13 meters long is important. The duration of this game is around 20 minutes. It is similar to other games when it comes to tossing. The team which wins the toss plays first in this game.

The points are allocated to the tagged players and also to stop the attacker. Many people like to watch this game as they think that no other game can match the excitement and thrilling feature of this game for sure. Selecting the players is the major thing to consider and the selection of players is all done on the basis of body weight and age.

How to play this game?

It is important to understand the gameplay when you are going to enter the world of kabaddi either for watching or playing. When this game begins, one of the players of a team chants the word ‘Kabaddi’ and labels the player from the opponent team, and gets back to his court. If the opponent team’s players become capable of stopping the player on the court, then the player who attempted to tag automatically acquires qualified.

It sounds easy and simple to you, but in actuality, it is not. It needs a huge amount of energy while playing. India has the most successful team in this game. I have a lot of courage, stamina, and energy to play this game. This is why I chose to be a player of the kabaddi game and would want to represent my country at different levels and in competitions occurring in different parts of the world.

Tournaments and leagues

As far as my ambition is involved, I have researched a lot about this game. As it is my favorite game, I have all the information about it in my hands. There are many top tournaments and leagues of kabaddi that are held in various parts of the world.

These are National Kabaddi Championships, Pro Kabaddi League, Federation Cup, and many others are some of the tournaments. The Pro Kabaddi League was introduced in 2014 only whereas the National Kabaddi Championship is one of the oldest tournaments of this game in our country.

Benefits of playing kabaddi

It takes dedication, energy, and strategy to play this game. There is a huge impact on playing kabaddi. This sport can help us teach discipline and boost the sportsman spirit. It is also effective for our physical health. It boosts blood circulation in our body. With this game, we can also develop a sense of brotherhood. Playing this game also develops motivation and confidence in players. They can boost their inner strength to a great extent.

Final verdict

My favorite game kabaddi is an ancient game in India that began developing with time. This is why these days, kabaddi is now being played in many countries such as Korea and Japan. It is accepted as the national game of Bangladesh and has greater popularity in Sri Lanka and Pakistan. I love watching this game on TV and on the internet.

This is my favourite game kabaddi essay in english, from this entire article, we cover information regarding essay on my favourite game kabaddi in english. If found anything missing let us know by commenting below. For more info kindly visit us at

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