My Favourite Game Hockey Essay in English

My Favourite Game Hockey Essay in English, Hockey is our national game and it is also my favorite game. Since my childhood, I love to play hockey. I can watch this game on TV for many hours. I also watch videos of the best players on youtube so that I can learn more and more about this game. I am also a hockey player in my school team and Dhyan Chand is my favorite hockey player.

I wish to become a hockey player one day and play for our Indian team. Everything about hockey appeals to me a lot. It takes a lot of energy to fight in the field and this is what I love. I love to test my patience and strength in the field. There are ten players in the game and one goalkeeper.

my favourite game hockey essay in english
my favourite game hockey essay in english

My Favourite Game Hockey Essay in English

Essay on Hockey in English

We all know that hockey stick which is like the letter J. Players move all around the hockey field passing the ball to their team members so that they can make goals. This is a time-bound game that hikes the thrill of the game. I have excellent players in my school team and they are very good at hitting their targets. I know I have to learn a lot about this game. I love to practice after school. I know there is a lot of practice required to be successful in this game.

This game is played on a rectangular field and this is an outdoor sport. The goalkeeper is another important player of the team who has to protect every goal from happening. I also have an interest in goalkeeping. Two teams play this game and once the toss is won by one team the game starts.

The single session of the game is of 75 minutes. There are 2 rounds and each of them is of 35 minutes. There is also one break in the middle so that players can have drinks and rest a little.  In the break time, we also make strategies to beat the other team. All those who know about this game also know the importance of this little break.

Hockey was always my favorite game and this passion came from my father who was a successful hockey player of his time. I have learned a lot about hockey from him.  His interest ignites my interest in the hockey game. It is the most interesting outdoor game. This game is played based on strategies, power, and skills.

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Players have to keep their opponents busy while they plan to make goals.  It is a popular game and now it is gaining popularity on the international level as well. There are different types of hockey games such as ice, sledge hockey, roller, street, and field hockey. In my school, I play field hockey but I wish to try others as well.

Paragraph on Hockey

I wish to play ice hockey as well. Indian players are amazing and have won many medals for India in Olympics. These players are a huge inspiration to the children like us who are learning hockey. I wish to make my career in this game because hockey is my dream. Every night I dream of playing hockey for my country and winning a medal for it.

Hockey is definitely not a new game and it has history and today it is the national game of India. Hockey is not only just played in India but in many countries.  India is the world champion in hockey since its establishment in the year 1928. India has beaten many other nations in this game and I am proud of my players. Hockey is not only interesting but also has many rules which every team has to follow. India has won 6 gold medals in many matches and in Olympics.

There are rules of this game hockey is played in fixed dimensions and the rectangular field is divided into two sections. The rule of winning are simple the team makes more goals in 60minutes time which is changed wins the match. No, the match is divided into 20 minutes games with intervals in between. Every team has their own strategy to win the game but always the best ones win. I and my hockey teammates keep on making strategies all the time.  We all wish to become big in this game someday. 

Few Lines About Hockey

This game has always kept me busy with something important and meaningful in my life.  I have a huge passion for this game. Even my best friend is on my team. Everything about hockey is beautiful and this is why I can never think of parting away from this game.  I never miss any hockey match played in my school and in my community.

I have participated in many matches till now and also won a few of them for my team.  My father says that the more I practice the better I am going to become. I follow his teachings because he is a master hockey player. He often gives me tips about a hockey game.  Hockey is an important game in our country.

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We have a deep-rooted history with this game. Cricket might have overpowered this game but slowly hockey is gaining back its charm and importance. The golden period of hockey is here and soon it will be declared as the national game of our country officially. Unfortunately, hockey is not declared as a national game of the country till now.  The hope is that the younger hockey players are going to make their country proud by winning more and more medals for our country.

I have met many players who are very young but have an amazing passion for this game. I love playing hockey with kids in my neighbors as well.  I inspire others to play hockey because this game can change their fate. It can make their health. Powerful and gains successful future from this game. We can make our country proud. One day I am going to bring a gold medal for my country and my father being the best Indian hockey player.

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