My Favorite Book Essay in English

My Favorite Book Essay in English, I love reading books and I totally agree with the quote that books are man’s best friend. Just imagine how boring life is going to be for those who love reading books. When I was 4 years old my father took me to a local library. He also loves to read books and used to spend his free time in the local library. He used to take me with him to the children’s section from where I developed an interest in reading books.

The librarian was a 67-year-old who was very friendly. She used to greet me with love and surprise. I was too small to show interest in books so she was surprised to see how frequently I used to visit the library. My father used to spend 1-2 hours in the library and I used to read books and often used color in my painting books.

my favorite book essay in english
my favorite book essay in english

My Favorite Book Essay in English

Favourite Book Essay

The library was a very peaceful place and I saw a very peaceful feeling in everyone who used to come to the library to satisfy their craving for reading books. I can say that when I was 4 I got to know that I too have a love for books. 

I have read many books still now and I still visit the same library whenever I am free in the deveining.  I and my father love to spend time in the library. There are all types of books in the library which means I have a hands-on huge amount of knowledge. I cannot say that I have one book to is a favorite of mine. 

I have read fictional books, story books, science books, and books about the universe, and animals so it is hard for me to name one book that I can count as my favor. Every book I have read till now is better than the other. There is so much knowledge stored in the books and it is just amazing to sit down in a peaceful environment and read a book.

Books develop a positive attitude in children. If one reads from an early age it is going to pave a path for the future that nobody will be ever challenged. Books were always there for me when needed a friend.  When I was little I was very shy and always struggled to make friends. When my father saw this he introduced me to books and from that day I can say my best friends are the books.

Essay on My Favorite Book in English

Books have the power to relieve stress and whenever you are lonely you must grab a book and start reading. Books never judge you and they always have something to offer. Sometimes it gives you knowledge, passion to be creative, inspiration, an urge to read more, and all the happy things we can think about are delivered from books. 

Books can literally move you to places and this is my personal experience. I have seen people totally drowning in the pages of the books. I too sometimes hear nothing when I am reading my favorite books. Even my mother has to call my name several times when I am reading something.  My agents laugh at this but they know the feeling because my passion for reading books comes from them.

If I name my favorite books then there are many like Harry potter, the monk who sold his Ferrari, the Amish series, and many others.  I liked the Amish series Maluha and the other two to the core of my heart. After reading these books I also got an urge to write a book with my own story one day. This is the power of books as they inspire us to become a better and better version of ourselves.

They also make you realize your skills and talents. To hone our skills we can again take the assistance from the books. Books are teachers in themselves. They might not speak, they might not make a gesture and they might not be able to walk. But they have all the powers to make a bad man a good one without speaking a word. Books have given me thrilling experiences. Whenever I am bored of my daily routine and homework I just ran to the library and read a book.

The monk who sold his Ferrari is all about realizing what is more important for humans; materialistic things or peace of mind. No one is too young or old to understand this fact of life. Amish series is a totally fictional world full of deities like Mahadev, Parvati, Ganesha, and Kartikay. I was totally surprised to experience the creativity of the writer in this book.

The story is so beautifully portrayed that it is hard to get out of the story even if you have stop reading. Harry porter is all about wizards.  If one likes magic and mysteries then harry porter is the series one must-read.  All these books are so out of this world.  I have many other favorites like books that are based on space and science.

I am in love with how the universe works. It is so intense and I feel so little when I just read about space and the universe. There are millions of planets around and each with different things. Whenever I read books about the universe I have so many questions in my mind and even my imagination gets broadened.

Every book has something great to offer to the readers. No matter how much advanced we get the charm of books is never going to fade away. Those who love the smell of old books can never be apart from reading. There are advancements taking place and people are reading books on their smartphones or devices like kindle.

I cannot change this but I wish I always get hands-on books. I am going to have a small library of my own where I will display all my favorite books. I tried reading books online but I did not find any fun in that.

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