My Daily Routine Essay in English

My Daily Routine Essay in English, We all have a daily routine and it is a necessity to follow. There are some things in our daily routine which we like the most and some of them we totally hate. We all have some routines that we perform daily and so is this case with me. I am a positive child and this is why I appreciate every day and I love everything in my daily routine. I am a student of class 6 and I am in a learning state. 

I have a beautiful family and my mother helps me with my morning routine so that I can get ready on time for school. I get up at 6 AM the morning.

my daily routine essay in english
my daily routine essay in english

My Daily Routine Essay in English

Daily Routine in English Essay

My alarm fails to wake me up and my mother never forgets to wake me up. After a few tussles with the blanket, I get up and go straight to my washroom where I brush my teeth and get fresh for the day. After collecting my senses I get dressed by wearing my tracksuit.  Someday I go with my friends to play cricket on the nearby ground.

Some days I go to the nearest park with my father for exercise. After some physical exercise and a few rounds of the park, I and my father go to a nearby fruit juice bar where we drink coconut water. This is also the time when I share stories with my father. After getting home I take a bath and get ready for school.  I have to travel to school by school bus so it is important for me to get ready on time. 

After bathing and dressing up for school I sit with my grandmother while she is performing puja in our mandir. This is one important part of our daily routine. Our entire family has to come to sit in our home temple for a few minutes before leaving home. After spending time in our temple I am ready for my breakfast. We all sit together and have morning breakfast. 

Daily Life Routine Essay

We all get up on time and are particular about our daily routine and this is why we never get late. We also have our breakfast with great satisfaction. At 8 AM I have to reach my bus stop so my father drops me in his car at the bus stop.

It takes 20 minutes to reach school by school bus. My school starts at 8:30 and gets over at 3 PM.  After reaching school I go straight to my classroom to drop off my school bag and meet my friends.  In the morning we have to go through prayer and PT class. My school finishes at 3 PM and I travel back to my home on my school bus. I reach my home by 3:30 PM.

When I reach home I usually take a bath and have some food. After eating a meal I go to sleep for an hour.  This is the time to rejuvenate me from the stress of schooldays. I get up in the evening and drink milk.  I love drinking chocolate milk and this energy drink helps me keep my energy up to perform the next action.

After finishing my milk I get ready to play with my friends. We have a playground in our society and a park as well. We have many swings and games in our park. I love to play in the park with my friends. We play all different types of games. The time I go back to my home I also take my pet for a stroll. The sis the time when I and my grandfather take a stroll to the nearby vegetable shops. I go to these shops every day with my pet and my grandfather.

We buy vegetables and fruits for our home. My grandfather also buys mean ice cream or any other sweet when we get out for our evening’s troll. When we reach home it is time for my tuition.  My private tutor gives me tuition for one hour. I clear all my doubts in this tutoring session and also study and prepare for my next day’s tests. 

My tutor leaves after one hour after which I get back to my room and complete my homework.  I study for two hours more. This is the time when I complete all my homework. My mother also helps me with my homework and she also checks my notebooks and school dairy.

After completing my homework I watch TV and wait for the dinner to be served. I watch TV for half an hour and go for dinner after that. After having dinner I sit with my family and spend some family time with them. I also play chess with my father; sometimes we play carom board and other board games. After having the family time I go to my room and prepare my school bag according to the next day time table. 

My Daily Routine Essay in English for Class 8

I also get ready my shoes and school dress for the next day. Before going to the bed I play with my pet dog till my mother brings me a glass of milk. After drinking milk I play with my dog for another 10-15 minutes. At 10:30 I go to bed and sleep. This is my daily routine and I follow it with discipline every day.  My family teaches me every day the importance of discipline in our daily life.  My vacation and holidays are totally different.

I don’t have to get up early on holidays, especially when there is raining outside. Sundays I have a special routine to follow for which I make plans beforehand. Having wonderful Sundays are the reward for following my daily routine with discipline. My parents reward me and encourage me toward the best. I have no problem with my daily routine.

I feel active all day and I also share my problems with my parents who teach me and guide me toward great things.  Everyone should have a disciplined daily routine so that they can enjoy a great life.

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