My City Essay in English

My City Essay in English, All the humans living in this world have a birthplace my name is Neha and I belong to a very beautiful hill city called SHIMLA. It is the capital of Himachal Pradesh and I am a citizen of this small, beautiful mountain area. Shimla is known for many things and one thing we all must know is that the Shimla was once the summer capital. Shimla is a popular hill station and it is situated at a very high sea level.

my city essay in english
my city essay in english

My City Essay in English

My City Paragraph

Shimla has situated on five hills and the tallest hill is the Jakhoo Hill where you can also come to visit Lord Hanuman.  On the top of the hill, there is a temple called Jakhoo temple where you will find Lord Hanuman’s biggest statue and it can be seen from all over the Shimla. This city is in the limelight since the time of the British and at that time it was the summer capital.

If you love to walk in Shimla then there are many trails in Shimla. Locals use this trail to reach their homes or workplace. In Shimla town, both modern and ancient glimpse sights can be easily viewed. Locals live a modern life and there are many small villages that are untouched by modern life.

People still keep cattle and totally rely on agriculture. We can easily find cow milk here which is hard to find in the metro cities. There are mountains on each corner of the horizon and the view is as it should be, it is beautiful.  I am glad that I took birth in this beautiful town. Shimla is a small town and Shim nature lovers from all over the world have Shimla in there known as the queen of hills.

Shimla is known for its natural beauty. It is having all the aspects that a nature lover dreams of in his fantasies about nature. There are plenty of natural attractions like summer hills, Annandale, summer hill, and sankat mochan temple. We are called pharai people because we are dwelling on mountains.  

My City Essay 10 Lines

My city is popular for tourism and millions of people come to visit my city every year. The government is trying hard to offer all the amenities in the mountains to the visitors and this is why more and more projects are being initiated by the government now. The recent project is to make Shimla the smart city.

There are many sites that are under construction right now. The roofs of the homes in Shimla city are of two colors. One is green and the color is red.  Locals can choose any color but not any apart from them.  There are many things which tourists can enjoy in my city.

Kalka Shimla toy train is one experience that tourists must-have. This is one of its kind experience. This is one thing that you must include in your travel list to Shimla. I have often taken this ride with my family and friends. 

This is a fun ride that you take on the train.  You will be traveling by train on one of the oldest railway line. You will be traveling along with the beautiful mountains and totally surrounded by the nature. You can take tranquil pictures and impress your friends.

My City Essay for Class 10

It is a heritage of the Shimla toy train. Do not skip tunnel no 103 which is among one of the most haunted places in Shimla. Modernization has taken over the fears once Shimla used to have plenty of haunted places and many have gone under investigation from many ghost hunters around the world. Shimla is beautiful and mysterious as well.

Another popular tourist destination is Lakkar bazaar where you can shop for souvenirs for your family and friends. This is the oldest bazaar in Shimla and one needs to stroll around this bazaar for sure. The evening site of lakkar bazaar is making where you can find the workmanship art of wooden items.

Lakkar is called wood and this is why you can find wood items all around. Here you can take home some of the finest wooden artifacts. There is winter wear also available which is made by the locals. You can find some of the best pieces of woolen clothing from the lakkar bazaar at the cheapest price.

The ice skating rink is fully loaded with ice skating lovers in the winter. Here you can flaunt your ice skating skills among others.  The season is packed in the inters and this I the best time when you must enjoy ice skating in Shimla. This activity is favorite of tourists and locals.

The ice is not natural but a special technique is applied to cover the rink with the ice. This place is in the shadows and in the low temperature it is the best place to go for ice skating as an evening activity.

Tatapani is heaven for those who loved adventures. It is both a spiritual place for locals and a popular destination for tourists. It is situated at the bank of the Satluj River and it is widely known for its hot springs. Here you can go rafting or just add more to the lush green beauty of the place. 

It is a perfect gateway and this place is going to give you new birth. There are many adventure sports that people enjoy in Shimla and tatta paani is one of them. Here thrill seekers are definitely going to find the peace.

Shimla is my birthplace and I am glad that I took birth here. Here there are many convent skills that are present since the British time. I study in Auckland house school and near my school, there is one mare that is Chapslee garden school. Shimla also has many popular colleges like Beads College.

Shimla is slowly advancing which I don’t like personally. I like the old and traditional Shimla.  I wish we could have that but Shimla is advancing and going towards modernization. Still I love my Shimla very much.

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