My Aim in Life Essay in English

My Aim in Life Essay in English, There are so many adventures, professions, people, and experiences in life that we come across. When we are small we want to become a doctor, a teacher, and architecture or a singer. Today there are so many options for the children and they can pick any dream. Today children can aim in life to become an astronaut and get a chance to visit the moon someday. 

Today we can become an actor not by traveling to Mumbai but by just making an impressive video and uploading it on social media. Today we have many options in life.  All this abundance of careers and professions can confuse us but not if you know from the depth of your heart what you need to do in life.

In childhood, children have so many dreams and aim in life.  There are many supporting characters in life like parents, teachers, and friends who shape our aim in the right direction.  Sometimes parents also have pressure on their kids and in this confusion, children can choose the wrong stream.

There is no other better in life than you who can tell you what you want to do with your life.  Some people are born with a special set of skills and they realize it very sooner like Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar. From their early ages, they were very clear about their aim in life.  They had this to do something great for their country and families.

my aim in life essay in english
my aim in life essay in english

My Aim in Life Essay in English

My Aim in Life Essay in English for Class 8

Some people take their entire life to know what they have to do in their life and compromise with their daily jobs.  If you have no aim in life then your life is useless. There is no particular in life that is not ideal for knowing what your aim in life is. Till our life needs, we can decide on an aim and fight to achieve it.

If we are successful in completing our one aim in life we can then decide on an aim in life.  Different people have different perspectives. Some people wish to earn wealth for themselves and their families. On the other hand, some people have aims in life where they wish to help others.

The best example is Florence nightingale who sacrificed her entire life for the poor.  She is an inspiration.  Different people with different objectives. I also have an aim in life.  In my profession, I wish to become a teacher and I also wish to help animals.

If you do not have a pocket in your life you cannot help others.  To help others you must have a solid ground. To earn I wish to become a teacher because I love learning and teaching is the best profession that can help me connect with my interests.

On the other hand, I wish to open a nonprofit organization for animals. Since my childhood, I am compassionate about animals. I have many pets in my homes like a dog and a cat. I cannot see any animal suffering or struggling for food.

When I see dogs and cats in poor condition on the streets my heart cries out loud.  There are no facilities for animals in my home town. I wish to open an animal shelter where people can bring injured and sick animals. Humans share this planet with many other species. It is our soul’s responsibility o takes care of these beautiful animals. 

We are getting inside their home and we have already killed many species of animals. There are more and more concrete buildings being constructed which are shrinking the home of animals. When they enter our territory we hit them or kill them. There is no human on this earth that will not kill a snake the moment they will see it.

There are so many poor dogs who lose their life on the roads. On the streets, animals like cows and dogs live in very bad conditions. Many animals die because they get hit by a vehicle, they are killed by people, and they die of sickness or hunger.

This is something we all must pay attention to. There are both big and small organizations that are working for the welfare of the animals but this is not enough. In India, animals are in very bad condition they have to face human cruelty and they die.

My Aim in Life Essay in English for Class 9

My aim in life is to protect the animals. I am going to make people aware more and more about puppy and animal adoptions. I wish to open a big animal shelter where I am going to treat sick and injured animals.

I am also going to provide them with shelter and food for the animals that are abundant roaming the streets. In many villages in India, people leave their old or injured cows on the roads. This is human cruelty and I wish that government must make strict laws against such people. I am going to provide shelter to the abundant animals on the road.

Whenever I think about what I do have in my life I can only think of giving protection to innocent animals. This is going to be a difficult goal in life but I am prepared to fulfill this I am of my life. I love animals and there are not many people who help them. There are many pets that get hurt by their owner. This fight is going to be tough but I am prepared for this challenge. 

I know organizations that were once small but now have many people associated with them. I am also going to build teams and I know there are many people who come up to help animals.

Animals need to be saved from hunger and human cruelty. They have equal rights to share this planet with us. We should be compassionate and humane with them. I have huge support from my family as well. They all love animals and they have always taught me to be compassionate with animals and help them when they are in need. It is in our religion to protect animals.

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