My Aim in Life Army Essay in English

My Aim in Life Army Essay in English, Since our childhood, we are prepared with something to become when we grow older. Everyone asks us when we are little what we are going to become when we grow up. Everyone has gone through this question in their lives and I am no different. Whenever my parent’s friends meet me they used to ask me. Whenever my relatives vast they had just one question for serious and fun what am I going to become when I will get older.

The question was always the same and so was my answer and that was an army officer. I always wanted to become a soldier and serve my country. This thing came to my mind because I have many army officers and soldiers in my family.

my aim in life army essay in english
my aim in life army essay in english

My Aim in Life Army Essay in English

Essay on My Aim in Life Army Officer

I have grown up seeing them serving their duties with enthusiasm I cannot meet yet. I was born to join the army and I am pretty sure about it. My one and only aim in life are to become an army officer. I wish to sail on the ships one day because I want to become part of the Indian army by joining any one of the Indian forces.

I was always attracted to the army officers and Indian forces. Every bit of Indian force is so interesting, full of bravery, stories I have listened to give me a passion to follow my dream.  Army officers enjoy no fame, there is no big money, but the satisfaction you get for serving your own country is unmatched.

No money can match the pride people feel to be a part of the army. I only have one dream in life and that is to defend my motherland from enemies. I believe life of an officer is full of bravery, adventure, and thrill.

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Soldiers have so many virtues in their life. They are disciplined, they fear nothing, they are always active and alert. The only true qualification we need to join an army is bravery and a feeling to die for our country without giving a second thought. 

I have patriotism and everything that is required to become a brave soldier. There are more than 6 people in my entire family who are recently serving in Indian army. I possess every quality and it is in my blood. 

My Ambition Army

Since my childhood, I have seen army uniforms, jeeps, and stories of bravery are always part of my life. No matter what it takes I am hoping to fulfill my wish one day and become an army officer. This is going to be the happiest day of my life.

I think my passion also sets me apart from my friends. They wish to become a doctor or engineer, but my wish is to join Indian forces and die one day for my motherland. I have set personal goals for myself in my life and fortunately, I also have help from my family. What they have learned is passed on to me and I am sure it will help me become a brave soldier one day.

It is important to have a goal in life or life will seem meaningless. I know the path I have chosen for myself is not easy. There are going to be many challenges ahead waiting for me. A person who is afraid of challenges, hard work, and dedication can never become an army officer.

I wish to serve my nation one day and every citizen. India is having many enemies there are many coastlines, boundaries and all it needs is a colossal defense system. Indian is also having one of the best armies and totally knows how to defend our country. I wish to be part of this system and will pledge to protect my citizens from the enemies.

Living the life of the soldier is the coolest way to spend your life and this is my objective when I grow older. I am going to have many medals on my chest and will make my country and parents proud one day. 

Army Essay in English

I know path for becoming a soldier is definitely not easy. Every day soldiers have to go through unstoppable challenges and survive. Thankfully my brothers and uncles guide me on what is required to become a tough Indian soldier.

They share their straining stories with me, their challenging duties, and all the experiences they had on the battlefield. The good thing is that I am not scared, in fact, the raging stories and their bravery thrill me and give me an adrenaline rush.

I see myself holding a rifle, wearing Indian forces uniform, and serving in challenging environments to defend my country one day.  Everything about a soldier attracts me and motivates me.

Why waste our lives working for others for some cash when you can enjoy a brave life of a soldier defending innocent people and our country. For me, I can never ever think of any other career. 

I never developed any interest in my life apart from watching army movies, playing army games, making friends who are tough, and listening to stories about the brave soldiers in my family and armies of India.

These are the only things that drag me towards soldier life.  My parents are proud always to see my passion of becoming an army officer one day. I want my life to be counted for something great and there is no other thing that will make this wish come true. 

Joining the Indian Army is a fulfilling decision and my goal in life. I am going to meet brave people from all around the world. I will serve in parts that are most challenging, rewards of being a soldier are incomparable.

I wish to enjoy the feeling of triumph on the battlefield. This is not a career that everyone will be able to handle.  It needs feeling of big sacrifice, love for your country, and bravery. I think I have it all and as I am going to grow older I am going to learn more and more about becoming an Indian army soldier.

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