Mountain Essay in English

Mountain Essay in English, Have you ever why mountains appeal more than plains? No doubt plain lands have their own beauty but nothing when compared to mountains. There are so many mountain ranges in India and all around the world. These are the formations of nature that took millions of years to form mountains on earth. Mountains are huge, big, and tall standing, and their beauty is mesmerizing. Even the mountain life is loved by all.

Mountain life is a little bit difficult but the people who live in the mountains are the lucky ones. They are so close to nature and natural beauty. On mountains, different flora and fauna are found.

mountain essay in english
mountain essay in english

Mountain Essay in English

Essay on Mountain

Mountains are very big in size and from space, it is easy to see Everest and other big mountains. These can be described as irregularities on the planet’s surface. They are wrinkles of the mother planet. Mountains are formed of hard rocks which have formed millions of years ago.  Mountains were once covered by ocean, and then volcanic lava used to flow on its surface. After years of shaping and sizing mountains were formed. 

Mountains went through volcanic forces, frost, and water action.  Mountains have gone through a lot and today you can see the big mountain peaks standing from below. Some people are passionate about mountain climbing and we have many Indians who have successfully climbed Mount Everest.

Today mountains are not just big peaks in fact they are also responsible for the life on earth. Mountain saves us from many factors. Mountain keeps the air circulation proper and also makes it pure by renewing it. It prevents us from the winds coming from oceans.  In India, the Mountains protect us from neighboring country enemies. Mountains also give us pure water.

Paragraph on Mountain

All the rivers which are flowing on the land of the earth come from mountains. Mountains are like natural water reservoirs which give water to the people and vegetation on earth.  All the streams and rivers flowing on earth have a connection to the mountains.  

In winters snow falls on the mountains and in summer all the snow melts and rivers and lakes on earth are at their fullest. This way we also get pure natural water from the mountains. Mountains are like god which takes care of the life on earth.

Mountains are also very exciting and adventurous. There are professional mountain climbers and we can ask them about the thrill of a mountain. Not all the humans on this earth will be able to climb a mountain. It is a challenge that only a few can achieve.

Today mountain climbing has become a sport. Many also take it as a hobby and do mountain climbing. It gives an adrenaline rush. If you can climb a mountain you can do anything. The state of success is going to be incomparable.  It is also good for motivation. 

5 Lines on Mountains

Mountains give us solace and pleasure. Everything about mountains is so pleasurable and exciting. No matter it is about having a home in the mountains or just a wish to climb a mountain everything gives us a thrill. Living in mountains can completely rejuvenate our bodies. People always plan a vacation to hills because mountains deliver peace.

People who live in the mountains are the most active ones. They have to travel places on foot as m no vehicle can travel to congested strolls on mountains. Mountain life is totally different. Children have to travel miles to reach schools in Village Mountains. Sometimes they also have to cross rivers to reach their school.

People who live in the mountains are physically fit and mentally strong. They are also innocent and friendly people. We have many places in India like Himachali Pradesh, Jammu Kashmir; Meghalaya which Indians plan to visit just because they are attached to the charm of the mountains. People wish to make a beautiful house in the mountains after their retirement. Mountains are the best and make us close to nature.

In the Hindu religion, we worship mountains as gods. There are many beliefs that say the god lives in mountains. There are many saints and sadhus in India who are living in the solace of the mountains. In the Hindu religion, mount Kailas has a huge significance.

It is believed that Lord Shiva is living on Kailash with his wife Parvati. Mother Ganga comes from the mountains and meets the plains in many places in India. The water of Ganga is believed to be so pure that it can also wash away all our sins.

Beauty of Mountains Essay

There are so many things which we can learn from mountains. We also have many beautiful quotes on mountains. The name mountain is an inspiration in itself because in no manner it is easy to climb a mountain. Climbing a mountain is a huge challenge and those who have achieved it know the feeling. It is a confidence that shows you have overcome all your fears and can face any challenge in your life.

This also proves that you are mentally and physically fit. People can break records and create new ones. They are so many inspirational stories of mountaineers. There are many movies that inspire us from their mountain climbing stories. Without mountains, the earth would have faded charm. Mountains are not just present on earth but on all rocky planets.

Scientists have discovered many mountains on the planet mars as well. There are lots of space studies going on the mountains formed on other planets. We can learn a lot from the mountains about that planet because of the long-year history and process of development.

Mountains are the true callings and one must always take out time to feel nature and find inspiration. There are many tourist destinations in India that are loaded with the beauty of mountains. People find peace with their families, friends, and people they live with when they make memorable moments on the mountains.

Today for modern men vacation to the mountains is no less than a boon. Appreciate mountains and experience the feeling of victory and peace.

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