Mother Teresa Essay in English

Mother Teresa Essay in English, We all know the name, Mother Teresa. When we hear this name we are filled with love. This name is very powerful and can mold the heart of any human being. Mother Teresa was a nun and she is remembered because he devoted her life to helping the poor.  She helped many helpless people all around the world. Mother Teresa took birth on 26th August 1910 in Macedonia. Her real name was Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu.

Supreme souls know their sole purpose and Mother Teresa decided to give her life to god at the age of18. She decided and come to India in the year 1929. She came from India to Calcutta where she joined St. Mary High School as a geography teacher.

At that time nuns used to be the teachers of the convent schools. India was a poor country then and had many poor and ill people. When Mother Teresa saw all the pain her heart melted and she decided to help the people of a slum.

mother teresa essay in english
mother teresa essay in english

Mother Teresa Essay in English

Short Essay on Mother Teresa

She was so dedicated to her life goals and she started with The Missionaries of charity her own order.  She also became the founder of Nirmay Hriday which was an organization that helped the poor and the needy. In India, Mother Teresa is a name that every child knows. Though she was not a native of India she did a lot for the people of India.

Mother Teresa was completely defeated for the poor and was completely indulged in her mission to help the poor.  All the unfortunate sight of seeing the poor suffer used to break her heart. She was a living angel who dedicated her entire life to others. She was deeply indulged with the children and puts all her effort into helping them.

Mother Teresa has much a profound contribution to India; she is still remembered and lives in our hearts.  She is going to be one human with no haters in the modern world. Mother Teresa is a huge inspiration to this cruel and self fish world. She is a guide to people even after her demise. Children learn about Mother Teresa in schools.

About Mother Teresa Essay

Mother Teresa was passionate about teaching and this is why she came to India but after seeing people suffering she totally forgot about her dream and dedicated her full life to helping others. She did this and even after decades of her age she is still remembered for her efforts, dedication, love, and charity she did for people not only in India but all around the world.

When we think about humanitarian Mother Teresa is going to be the name on the top. Mother Teresa belongs to a good family but she gave up everything just to help others.  She took basic medical training so that she can help the injured and sick people by herself. She never waited for any help and took every initiative herself. 

Her dedication and love for humanity are unmatchable.  We cannot think about leaving our luxurious lives for anyone but she did and her stories are heart-touching. Mother Teresa is one of the most compassionate and kindest people we know. She is remembered for the love and help she lend to humanity.

There were uncountable people who used to seek help from Mother Teresa. She was religious and kind. She was also very intelligent and her skills healed many. She used to hear her inner calling which used to drag her to help others. Every human pain used to affect her and this is why she left her happy and comfortable life. 

Article on Mother Teresa

She used to visit slums, meet poor people, and used to look after them for free. She used to help orphans, old people, naked, hungry everyone who were in desperate need of help. She was equal to all, she used to live with the poor, eat with them, and clean their illness with her own bare hands. She never hesitated in touching sick people.  She even used to serve people suffering from leprosy, HIV, and AIDS like a disease.

She even converted an old temple into a home where she used to bring poor people who were just about to die. She used to take care of the people when they were on their deathbeds. This way dying people used to feel love and had their dignity before they die. 

As she moved further she opened many orphanages and leper houses all over India. Here people used to get food, shelter, medical care, and other help they needed. Mother Teresa is not only recognized in India but she did her humanitarian work all around the world. She received many awards for her good deeds.

She also won the highest civilian honor of all which is Bharat Ratna along with the Jawaharlal Nehru Award and Padma Shri award.  In the year 1979, she also received Nobel Prize for her deeds.  She was given many degrees and honor citizenships as many were promoting her love, humanity, and peace.

Mother Teresa Essay in English 100 Words

Mother Teresa was very popular among poor people and children. She was a gem of heart. She never lived a comfortable life. She was very down to earth. She only used to think about helping more and more people. In her lifetime she might have helped millions of people.  Even after she is not present with us we have many orphanages, schools, old ages, and charity organizations on her name. She was a great human being who just used to live for others.

Every human being was equal to her when people used to abundant the sick and dying she used to lend her hand and help them die with dignity. Mother Teresa was an angel and even taking her name is a relief. 

It is impossible for any normal human being to be as great as Mother Teresa’s washer work, her humanitarian jobs and her love are unmatchable, and can die from this earth. She is a huge inspiration to the modern world who believes war is the solution.

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