Monsoon Season Essay in English

Monsoon Season Essay in English, There are many seasons in India, but the monsoon season is the most favorite among people in the country.  When this season comes, there is a ray of happiness and excitement on the faces of people because it is a signal that gives relief from the scorching heat of the summer months. This season follows the footprints of summer. It normally begins from mid-June and carries on till September. During this beautiful season, dark and gloomy skies are one of the most common sights people enjoy as they are eagerly waiting for rain.

Of course, this heavy rainy season affects our daily schedules and causes a lot of inconvenience at times, but this season is always welcomed by people with huge arms. People take the pleasure of this season in many interesting ways.

Monsoon Season Essay in English
Monsoon Season Essay in English

Monsoon Season Essay in English

Monsoon Essay in English

At the start of the monsoon season, people buy raincoats, umbrellas, and gumboots. Some people store these things at the earliest. Students hurry to schools and colleges after covering them with their elegant and colorful raincoats and umbrellas. They tend to look very excited at times when there is a shower in the rain.

Every person at that time rushes to visit their respective places on time. Like, business people want to reach shops on time. Similarly, employees have to visit their workplaces on time. This is why they get out of their homes at the earliest. Sometimes, when there is heavy rainfall, the life of people becomes a standstill.

We see flooded lanes, traffic jams, and hotchpotch everywhere in our surroundings. People including adults, children, and youngsters wade through the flooded streets, which are a common thing to see around this time of the year.

Sometimes, it is very interesting and beautiful to watch kids making boats made of paper and floating them in the sodden streets. The best thing is that sometimes, a rainy day is declared as a holiday in schools, which is the most welcoming part of this season.

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Essay on Monsoon Season in English

Our country, India, is known for its rainy season. The reason is that most of our country lies in tropical regions. It states that people in our country enjoy a tropical season, in which the southwest winds carry down clouds from the month of June till September. Make sure we know that a particular season behaves differently in different parts of our country.

Like, somewhere there is heavy rainfall, while others get less rainfall. If we talk about Rajasthan in India, it gets the least rain. While on the other hand, Meghalaya gets the highest rainfall every year. The main thing is that it all depends on the geography of our country.

Our largest ranges of mountains, the Himalayan Ranges, tend to stop the moisture-containing winds and convert them into clouds. This is how these clouds travel down to the northeastern states in our country to burst their blessings. The winds of the Monsoon from the oceans reach many states and give loads of water in the form of rain to the other states.

Essay on Monsoon is the Best Season

This season is enjoyed by people for 3 to 4 months every year. When the southwest monsoon winds enter with plenty of moisture content from the sea, it tends to form heavy clouds. By losing temperature, such heavy clouds start getting heavier. Due to increased weight, when the motion of the clouds slows down, raindrops develop and get burst from the sky. In this season, we almost feel the cool breeze in our surroundings, which makes this season more enjoyable.

Lighting and dark clouds are a sign of heavy rainfall. When this season gives such symbols, it means that rain is going to occur very soon. At the same time, thunderstorms are also quite a common thing to see in our country. As there are different landforms in our country along with huge areas, the behavior of the monsoon season also varies from place to place.

Monsoon season is also a favorite among farmers. It is also a blessing for farmers across the nation and also for agriculture. This season is most eagerly awaited by farmers because the rains play a vital role in the growth of crops. When this season comes in India, the crops, fields, trees, and plants become lively. The whole of nature is looking like a sea of greenery.

This is why it is important for the monsoon season to arrive on time, otherwise, it can cause droughts and the devastating thing is that farming gets heavily influenced by it. Of course, there are modern methods of farming adopted by farmers, but still, they take the monsoon rains as a reservoir for their fields.

A variety of crops, vegetables, and plants grow in the monsoon season at a good rate. We see beautiful flowers everywhere during this time. Along with that, dry riverbeds are also filled with rainwater, as riverbeds are a great source of water for many people across the nation. Monsoon rains are also a source of environmental sustenance. It means that this season must come on time.

Along with benefits, the monsoon season may have some disadvantages. When rains do not come on time, droughts take place. When there are very heavy rainfalls, then it damages crops, and rivers become overflown which develops the chances of floods in different regions.

This is how properties, crops, and fields get damaged due to floods caused by heavy rainfalls. Landslides may happen in mountain regions. People become homeless as they have to leave their shelters due to heavy rains and flooded streets. During this time, many diseases like dysentery, malaria, cholera, and typhoid are likely to occur.

Last but not least, we can say that the entire blessings of the monsoon season surpass its disadvantages and curses. The whole life on the earth’s planet revolves around the monsoon season. This is why the arrival of the monsoon season announces a message of rebirth and creation. It relieves people from the sizzling heat of the summer season. This is the main reason why people eagerly wait for this season to arrive on time without any failure.

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