Mirza Ikhtiar Baig Biography, Wikipedia, Wife, Family, Net Worth

Mirza Ikhtiar Baig Biography, Wikipedia, Wife, Family, Net Worth, In this post, we are going to talk about Mirza Ikhtiar Baig, who is the renowned industrialist and chairman of the Baig Group. Let’s gather more information about him:

Who is Mirza Ikhtiar Baig?

One of the most popular and well-known names in Pakistan is Mirza Ikhtiar Baig. He is the proud recipient of Tamgah-e-Imtiaz, which is awarded by the President of Pakistan. He is also awarded by Wizam Alawi advised by his majesty king, Mohammad VI, King of Morocco.

His majesty king is a leading industrialist and vice chairman of the Baig Group of Companies. Baig Group of Companies is a multinational corporation engaged in a wide range of commercial and industrial activities operating in UAE, Pakistan, and Morocco.

Mirza Ikhtiar Baig is the one, who has his business and close relationship with the Kingdom of Morocco. He was appointed Honorary Consul General of the Kingdom of Morocco. He got this honor from the President of Pakistan on the commission of the Moroccan Government for the consular authority over the province of Sindh.

mirza ikhtiar baig biography
mirza ikhtiar baig biography

Mirza Ikhtiar Baig Biography, Wikipedia, Wife, Family, Net Worth

There are many interesting things that you should know about Mirza Ikhtiar Baig. You can also look at such information online in detail:

Mirza Ikhtiar Baig has been the recipient of the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry in the Best Export Trophy Awards. He became an honored person to get an award from the Prime Minister and President of Pakistan for 9 consecutive years.

He has been dealing with textile export for many years, for which he received many awards. At the same time, he is also the chairman of the Pakistan Morocco Business Council along with the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Mirza Ikhtiar Baig Social work 

The best thing about Mirza Ikhtiar Baig is that he is very active in social activities in Pakistan. He likes to help needy people. This is how we can see his active participation in social welfare work in Pakistan. Mirza Ikhtiar Baig is the Founding President of the Make-A-Wish Foundation in Pakistan.

He is also an affiliate member of Make-A-Wish Foundation International located in the United States of America, which is the biggest wish-granting organization in the world and they serve more than 47 nations in 5 continents. He used to make untiring efforts every time. This is how Make-A-Wish Foundation was introduced in Pakistan, which is designed to engage the cherished wishes of kids who are dealing with life-threatening diseases.

Not only this, but even Mirza Ikhtiar Baig is also popular on different TV channels. He also appears on many television channels for his point of view on international and national issues. He is the older brother of a media celebrity named Afreen Baig.

Afreen Baig is the younger brother to a famous business tycoon and also a political celebrity of Pakistan, Dr. Mirza Ikhtiar Baig. He was married to popular singer Nazia Hassan who is no more in the world. A couple had divorced before the death of Nazia Hassan. A couple had a kid, named Arez.

Mirza Ikhtiar Baig has done his DBA from overseas. He is also the Chairman of America Pakistan Business Development, Pakistan (AmPak BDF). The President of Pakistan has consulted Dr. Mirza Ikhtiar Baig, the prestigious award named ‘Tamgha-e-Imtiaz’ in gratitude for his contribution to the National economy.

Side by side, the President of Yemen has presented him prestigious Civil Award named Order of Merit in acknowledgment of his contribution and efforts to improve trade and investment opportunities between Pakistan and Yemen.

Mirza Ikhtiar Baig has obtained the high-status Gusi Peace Prize International 2018 of Asia suggested by the President of the Philippines. He is also the recipient of many awards, which also include a gold medal from the President of Pakistan in gratitude for his commendable services in the banking and finance sector.

He also owns the company named Pak Denim, which is the recipient of the FPCCI Special Export Merit Award from the Prime Minister and President of Pakistan consecutively for the last fifteen years. He deals in the export of denim fabric.

He is the former Advisor to the Prime Minister of Pakistan on Textiles.

Mirza Ikhtiar Baig is the Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Yemen in Pakistan. He is the president, Hon. Consular Corps, Sindh Karachi, where he represents the Board of Directors of the World Federation of Consuls in Brussels.

Apart from that, he is also an author. Mirza Ikhtiar Baig wrote 8 books on the economy on the present national and international issues of the economy. He is also the author of his biography named ‘A Limitless Pakistani.’ Mirza Ikhtiar Baig is also a regular writer of economic columns. This is why he has written over 800 columns for a popular newspaper in Pakistan. He is also considered an economic expert.

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