Mass Media Essay in English

Mass Media Essay In English, We are living in the world of information. This era of information is present everywhere. Hence, mass media is a term, which is used to spread and share information. Once digital technology has come into existence, mass media has turned out to be more powerful. It is one of the most powerful sources of different news, ideas, and opinions. With the help of mass media, we can also get information about the latest happenings in the entire world. From the term, mass media is meant by tools, which are used in distributing and calculating information and entertainment to the common people.

Mass media includes the internet, television, theatre, newspaper, and radio. There are different modes of communication, which offer a platform to exchange ideas, opinions, and public participation. Let’s know more about the mass media via this essay:

mass media essay in english
mass media essay in english

Mass Media Essay in English

Essay About Mass Media: Importance of Mass Media Essay

Our society is full of many ideas, opinions, and suggestions. Mass media plays a vital role. It is a medium, which brings entertainment, news, educational and cultural programs to millions of people. We can categorize mass media into two different categories such as Print Media and Electronic Media.

Print Media: It includes newspapers, journals, pamphlets, magazines, etc.

Electronic Media: It comprises movies, television, the internet, etc.

There are lots of primary resources, from where we get information such as reading magazines and newspapers, watching television, and listening to the radio. Other expensive forms of media that are run by private or government-based institutions are cinema, television, radio, and the press.

These institutions focus on the idea of mass production and mass distribution. As compared to other mass media tools, television is the most popular. When we use television to watch, we have many options to choose from. It means that there is a huge variety of channels we can watch on television belonging to different categories such as films, shows, sports, educational programs, cultural shows, dance shows, music shows, plays, etc.

The information we see in the newspapers is somehow different from other mass media tools. Newspapers tend to publish information about the latest things happening in the native country and worldwide. We get sorts of national and international news in newspapers, which are published in different languages. We can read news covering topics like political, cultural, education, health, fashion, sports, events, entertainment, and much more.

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When we watch television or listen to the radio, we can get a chance to upgrade our history, cultural and literature knowledge. We can learn how to speak and understand foreign languages.

In today’s world, there is a huge variety of mass media we are using such as cell phones, pagers, computers, satellites, emails, and the internet. By choosing any form of media, the information can be sent from one source to different receivers. There are other mass media tools like pamphlets, books, billboards, magazines, etc., which have equal importance.

Essay on Mass Media

Learn the function of mass media

Mass media plays a great role in the life of human beings. Before getting involved in the mass media, it is important to realize its functions. The functions of mass media are mentioned below:


The first and foremost function of mass media is the distribution of information. Through mass media, it circulates information, ideas, and opinions that are linked to various situations and events to mass audiences. We obtain the information through different mediums of mass media, which are objective, subjective, primary, and secondary.

As an audience, we receive informative news about the happenings in the world via mass media. Through mass media, information is broadcasted on radio, magazines, television, or newspapers. In addition, advertisements are also used for the sake of information.


From the term socialization, it is defined as the transmission of culture. The mass media works as reflectors of society. It is a procedure by which individuals behave in standard ways in their society or culture. When we enter the world of socialization, it gives us a chance to learn how to become members of our human society or community in a greater way.

We come to know about the way to react to things after reading newspapers or watching television. Apart from that, we also understand the values and norms we perceive on specific issues, events, or situations.


Entertainment is a part of our lives. Without entertaining ourselves, we do not stay happy and thrilling. There are different forms of entertainment. The most obvious function of mass media is entertainment. Getting entertained is a type of performance that satisfies people by making their free time more enjoyable.

While watching television, listening to the radio, reading magazines, or using other mediums of entertainment, we entertain ourselves via movies, stories, serials, and comics. Columns, sports, news, fashion, and art are other instances of entertainment. Infotainment is also a form of entertainment through mass media, which is a combination of information and entertainment. Edutainment is a mixture of education and fun programs.

Today, every business, government, and people make use of mass media for different purposes. Using mass media, businesses can advertise their products, services, and policies. Apart from that, the government uses the power of mass media to explain, let people aware, and support the policies and programs made by the government.

Mass media offer many benefits. People can become aware of state politics while sitting at home. We can judge the circulations, policies, and propaganda based on their intellectual maturity.

At the same time, we can express our support or objection via any form of mass media. When we don’t agree with some terms and conditions or policies offered by the government, we can raise our voices and protest against them. These are the benefits of mass media for both the government and the people.

Conclusion of Mass Media

Along with the benefits, mass media can also have some disadvantages. Mass media may develop some problems and mess-like situations in the life of common people. It is important to make use of mass media in the right way so that we cannot overcome the misuse of mass media for the betterment of our life, society, and the entire country.

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