Major Dhyan Chand Essay in English

Major Dhyan Chand Essay in English, Many players have made India feel proud. They represent India at different levels both national and international. This is why the country always provides better opportunities to players so that they can enhance their skills and gameplay. Today, in this essay, we are going to talk about Major Dhyan Chand, who was a famous hockey player representing India. Let’s read:

major dhyan chand essay in english
major dhyan chand essay in english

Major Dhyan Chand Essay in English

Essay on Major Dhyan Chand

Major Dhyan Chand was one of the most popular and excellent players on the Indian hockey team. He made history by making record-breaking goals. He was a player who had the great goal-scoring ability. There were many competitions, where he showed his capabilities.

One of them was the Olympics, where he won a gold medal for the country in the years 1928, 1932, and 1936. He was a former hockey player and Olympian. His first coach gave him the title of ‘Chand.’ Pankaj Gupta, his first coach, predicted that he would shine like a Chand or moon at some point in time. He was affectionately known as Dadda.

He was born on August 29, 1905. He belonged to a Rajput family, residing in Prayag in UP. His father, Sameshwar Dutt Singh, was an army Subedar and played hockey. He had two brothers named Roop Singh and Mool Singh. Soon, he shifted to Jhansi, which made him resume his studies after 6th grade. He spent his youth in this place.

When he was getting introduced to hockey in his younger days, he was not much willing to sports. But he loved wrestling. Major Dhyan Chand began playing hockey with his friends who made themselves hockey with rip-off clothes and tree branches. Once he visited a hockey match with his father when he was 14 years old, and a team was down by two goals.

His father compelled him to play for the team which was losing and an army officer allowed him to do so. Major Dhyan Chand scored four goals for the team. Once he completed his early education, he joined India in Army in 1922. At that time, he was just 16 years old. He was a Sepoy of the 14 Punjab Regiment. After some time, Major Bhole Tiwari, a Subedar of the Brahmin Regiment observed his extraordinary trickling skills and abilities for scoring goals.

The starting of Legendary Days is a series of events that define the wonderful skills of Dhyan Chand. This is how he turned out to be a brilliant hockey player. In one of the events, Dhyan Chand scored three goals in the last four minutes, in which the team was losing by two goals. He made his team win the match with his amazing skills. He scored well in the final match of the Punjab Infantry Tournament in Jhelum.

This victory by him gave him the title of the ‘Hockey Magician.’ He also did his best in the first inter-provincial or national hockey tournament in 1925. This tournament was challenged by UP or United Provinces, Rajputana, Bengal, Punjab, and Central Provinces. These were the five teams, which took part in this tournament. Dhyan Chand was chosen for the international hockey team representing India according to his performance in this tournament.

Talking about the international career of Dhyan Chand, he got elected as the Indian hockey team player, where he went on tour to New Zealand. Throughout this tour, the Indian team made 20 goals in the match in Dunkerke and he was the only player to score 10 goals. There were 21 matches played in total by the Indian team.

Out of which, the Indian team won 18, drew 2, and lost 1 match. Dhyan Chand scored over 100 goals individually out of 192 goals made by the team as a whole. When he came back to India, he got a promotion and became Lance Naik in the army. Afterward, he made 36 goals from 72 goals by the Indian team in 10 matches played at the London Folkestone Festival in 1927. The series of making goals continued for many years at international levels.

He also went to berlin. After returning from this country, he was restricted to Army hockey only because of the announcement of the world war. This was the time when he understood that his team required new and young talents to take the sports of hockey to another level. The IHF organized a tournament against East Africa where he was chosen as the captain.

Dhyan Chand also contributed to earning 3 Olympic gold medals in 1928, 1932, and 1936. He played internationally from 1926 to 1949 and made 570 goals in 185 matches. He was awarded Padma Bhusan in 1956. On his birthday, National Sports Day is celebrated in India every year. He was honored at National Stadium in India with the initiation of the Dhyan Chand Tournament.

As he worked in the Indian army, he got retired after becoming a lieutenant after 34 years of service. He was also offered a higher position in the German army as compared to his position in the Indian army by the German dictator, Adolf Hitler.

But he politely refused the offer. After retirement, he decided to work as Chief Hockey Coach at the National Institute of Sports Patiala. On the 3rd of December in 1979, he died due to liver cancer. At that time, he was admitted to AIIMS. Even after the death of Dhyan Chand, there were lots of awards given to him. This is the main reason why we can find many legacies in his name.

Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna Award 

This award was formally called Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award. It is one of the highest awards for sports personnel awarded by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. It is being awarded for the most outstanding performance in the sports field for over a period of 4 years in international events.

The main thing to know about this award is that it got its title from Major Dhyan Chand, who was an extraordinary player in India. This is how Dhyan Chand’s name is still remembered in India.

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