Magh Bihu Essay in English

Magh Bihu Essay in English, There are different festivals to be celebrated in different parts of the world, especially in India. I live in India, where festivals are known as the heart of our country. Festivals are a source of entertainment and happiness. We celebrate festivals with our loved ones, including family members, relatives, friends, or other special ones. We share our joys, enthusiasms, and happiness with other people through these celebrations. We tend to enjoy them a lot. Festivals come every year and bring us motivation, happiness, and fun.

Every state has its own festivals and fairs to celebrate. Today, in this post, I am going to share an essay on the Bihu festival, which is celebrated in the beautiful state of Assam. So, start reading:

magh bihu essay in english
magh bihu essay in english

Magh Bihu Essay in English

Bihu Festival Essay

It is one of the most popular and important festivals in Assam. It is known as the festival of harvesting. People of this state celebrate this festival three times a year throughout the month of January, October, and April. Through this festival, people mark the change of seasons. To celebrate this festival with joy, folk dances and songs are followed by the enchanting music of Taal, Dhol, Toka, Pepa, and other different types of musical instruments in Assam.

This is how they show the cultural significance and perform the celebration of the festival. At this festival, people prepare delicious cuisines, which are made of coconut and rice, and invite other people to their homes. Then, they serve flavored drinks with different cuisines to their guests. Local tribes such as Namlao, Chuje, etc. follow all these traditions in a very exciting and entertaining way.

As India is a land of countryside culture, Bihu is the most popular and prestigious festival to be celebrated in the region of Assam. This festival marks the coming of spring and harvest. It has a great significance in this state.

The word Bihu is originated from a word used in the Sanskrit language known as Bishu, which means to ask for abundance and prosperity throughout the season of harvesting. As it is celebrated three times a year, it is divided into three parts such as Rongali, Kongali, and Bhogali Bihu. Each type of Bihu plays an individual role and has a different significance. Along with that, people celebrate these 3 types of Bihu in different ways.

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Essay on Bihu in English

Learn the importance of the Bihu Festival

Every festival has some importance in the region, as well as in the life of people. The festival celebrated in this state is linked to the farming calendar. When this festival comes, people pray to God for prosperity when it comes to harvesting. At the same time, it is assumed that the word ‘Bihu’ is taken from 2 words, such as Bi and Hu. From the Bi, it is meant by asking, and from Hu, it is meant by giving. This is how this festival is celebrated.

People in Assam suppose that God gives us his grace and blessings on the harvesting of crops when they ask to him by celebrating this festival. As Assam is an agrarian area with the Brahmaputra River as the major source of water, this is why these three festivals are the prime festivals of Assam. In the life of every farmer, this festival plays an important role and they take this festival closer to their heart.

Bihu comes thrice in a year—once in the season of winter and falls on the Pous Sankranti day or the last day of the month. For another time, it comes on Vishuva Sankranti day, which appears to be the last day of the Bengali year. Lastly, it comes in the month of Kartik.

Rongali Bihu

On the day of Rongali Bihu, people look very happy. Vishuva Sankranti day is celebrated with grandeur and pomp. This day of festival is called Bohang Bihu or Rongali Bihu. The meaning of Rongali is delightful. People give an expression of joy on this day during the arrival of spring. The creepers are trees are adorned with different varieties of colors and flowers.

Nature has a charming appearance. People do prayer, worship, and charity activities on the first day. They bathe in holy rivers and tanks. Sometimes, cattle are made to bathe. People buy new clothes and put them on the second day of this festival.

This festival is celebrated for a week. Songs and dances called Huchari with entertainment and a variety of feasts are being seen. The most exciting part of this festival are cock-fights, bullfights, and the game of eggs.

Bhogali Bihu

It is also known as Magh Bihu. The Pous Sankranti day is the day when Bhogali Bihu is celebrated. At dawn, the worship of God of fire is being done. People build a temple-like structure using a heap of bamboos, paddy stubble, and wood.

In the Assamese language, it is called Meji. Youths and boys of every family take bath before sunrise on the day of Bhogali Bihu and burn the Meji. After that, they prefer spending their time feasting.

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Kongali Bihu

Last but not least, Kongali Bihu is celebrated. It falls on the month of Kartik. When this occasion comes, people like to put lights on the top of poles made of bamboo. Pradips or simply known as diyas and lamps are put at the foot of ‘Tulsi’ plants. It does not involve any kind of merriment or feasting activities. This is why it is known as Kongali Bihu.

Bihu Essay in English 100 Words

Bihu is one of the major festivals in the life of the Assamese people. They have a great time while enjoying this festival three times a year. This festival provides them with the right expression of their civilization and culture. We must celebrate this festival with joy and entertainment and ask God for his blessings for harvesting.

There should be no place for hatred, arrogance, and violence in the life of people. This message should be delivered during any festival like Bihu. In the end, this festival is said to be an essential and prestigious part of the Assamese people.

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