Lokmanya Tilak Essay in English

Lokmanya Tilak Essay in English – Essay on Bal Gangadhar Tilak, India does not have a couple of heroes but many and among them is Lokmanya Tilak. Born in a simple family of Brahmins Lokmanya Tilak was special. Bal Gangadhar Tilak was born on 23rd July 1856 at Chikhalgaon, Ratnagiri district which is in Maharashtra. Bal Gangadhar Tilak was given the title Lokmanya because of the respect he earned from the people. Bal Gangadhar Tilak was born to orthodox Brahmins.

His father was a school teacher. At the age of 16 Tilak passed his matriculation examination. In that period people used to get married at a very early age and so was Tilak who married soon after passing his examination. Tilak lost his father very soon, but nothing halted his quest for education. He pursued his education and got admission to the Deccan Education society which was the result of his own efforts.

lokmanya tilak essay in english
lokmanya tilak essay in english

Lokmanya Tilak Essay in English

Essay on Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Tilak had a huge interest in the Indian heritage and was a huge admirer of Lord Shiva. He put his effort to enhance cooperation and patriotism among his fellow citizens. He used to organize Shivaji and Ganpati festivals in which Indians used to participate with great enthusiasm. Tilak had huge faith in God and left no chance to worship his beloved god.

After getting his higher education tilak worked as a lawyer and afterward as a teacher like his father.  There were many issues in India at that time. Both political and social conditions were not that well in the country which used to distress him a lot. Tilak was prepared to do anything for the sake of his country so he started by launching two newspapers “Maratha” in English and “Kesari” in Marathi in the year 1881.

His motive for launching the newspapers was to express his ideas that will awaken the masses. The first thing he put everyone’s attention was on child marriage. He also advocated education for women and widow remarriage. Ancient India was out of education and women had a weak status in the country. 

He was the first one to speak against the ill-treatment of women but these were not only the issues he stood up against. Tilak had to go to jail many times because of his different vision. Once when he was in jail tilak wrote a book called “Gita Rahasya”. When he came out of jail he forced the Home Rule Movement.

Tilak was in jail in Mandalay in Burma and served 6 years in jail Tilak had many contributions to the welfare of India and Indians and this is why he earned huge respect from the common people of his nation.  He visited England in the year 1918 as he was one of the delegates of the home rule league. Tilak is one of the leaders who moved the masses. He gave a positive vision to the naïve people of India.

Tilak also believed that militant methodology is much necessary to drag Britishers from the nation. Tilak never wanted to go easy on people who were cruel to his fellow citizens. Bal Gangadhar is also the leader who gave us the popular slogan “Freedom is my Birthright and I shall have it”. Tilak was a thoughtful leader of the country who wrote many books on Vedas. Tilak is the leader who started the fire of nationalism in the country and the people.

Essay on Lokmanya Tilak in English

Tilak was not only popular in India but in America and Europe as well.  He wrote books like arctic home and Orayan which became popular among foreigners. A German scholar Max Muller was impressed with the Indian scholar tilak. Tilak was not only intellect, and patriot, but he was also a great human being. He had a huge love for the people. When plaque broke out in Poona, tilak devoted his time to the service of the plaque victims.

Tilak earned many titles because of his efforts and contributions and another title he earned is “father of political unrest” in the country for this he held British rule responsible because of their oppressive policy. Tilak made a historic speech that lasted for five days. Tilak is also the one who assisted congress to become an effective organization to stand against British rule.

Tilak is considered the prime architect of modern India, but unfortunately when he died his philosophies also died with him because of Mahatma Gandhi’s influence on the people. Tilak joined freedom fighters to get independence for India. He never favored Mahatma Gandhi’s ideology and believed that the British should be paid back for all their sins.

Bal Gangadhar faced huge stress in making the masses aware. He wanted to educate people and raise the feeling of nationalism in them. He was in the favor of freedom fighters that used to hate Britishers for their deeds. He was also successful in reaching the masses through the words he wrote and the speeches he conducted.

He was never in the favor of a government that interfere in the social life of people for which he opposed tooth and nail the Age of Consent Bill. There were two words very dear to Bal Gangadhar Tilak Swadeshi and Swaraj. He was a fearless leader and had no guilt when it comes to punishing Britishers for their cruel rule.

Bal Gangadhar Tilak in English Essay

Bal Gangadhar Tilak was a patriot, a great leader, filled with humility, and a great Indian hero.  We can never forget what he did for the people and the virtues he left for the modern world. It will be not wrong to say that tilak was born in the wrong era. He did everything he could for India and the people. 

He was a great leader of his time and his achievements are also as great as he was.  He was the one to raise the patriotism in the Indians and the one to stand for the women. Bal Gangadhar is a name written in golden words in Indian history and we can never forget what he did for the country. Bal Gangadhar took his last breath on 1st August 1920.

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