Lawyer Essay in English

Lawyer Essay in English Lawyers and advocates have a major role to play to bring justice to the victim. Lawyers distinguish between right and wrong. There is not just one type of lawyer, but many according to their specialties. For instance, some handle criminal cases, some DUI, some federal cases, and others are public lawyers. The role and duties of the lawyers are very serious and only they can bring justice to those who come to them for help.

They help settle disputes even without going to court. Lawyers are simply peacemakers and in today’s world, it will be difficult to survive if there are no lawyers at our rescue.

I also wish to become a lawyer so that I can bring justice to people especially the poor ones who cannot afford expensive lawyers. There are many lawyers in India who ask for a very low amount of fees and even handle cases without any fee.

lawyer essay in english
lawyer essay in english

Lawyer Essay in English

Essay On Lawyer in English

The society we live in is having untruthfulness and dishonesty and these people exploit not only individuals but the entire society. Lawyers take the oath of trustfulness and bring justice to the victims and survivors. They play a major role in benefiting humanity. 

I have my own reasons to become a lawyer so do the others. Some are attracted by the amazing authority lawyers hold. They have an amazing reputation in society, especially the ones who have gained lots of experiences and have established their names.

Every victim wishes to hire the best lawyers for their cases so that they can get justice. On the other hand, some just wish to help the society and public and this is why they become public lawyers.

Advocates citizens everything crime, people who commit crimes, people who help criminals, and even people who ignore justice. It is their prime duty to make sure that criminal is behind the bars for their sin. In India, lawyers have to go through a lot.

There are many inhuman crimes that people commit and face. It is the prime duty of the lawyer to solve the case with evidence and bring justice to the victim. Sometimes they make sure that people solve their disputes outside the court and this is what I like the most.

They have convincing skills and can sort many issues without taking them to heights.  Average people are afraid of court and pleadings in the court, they wish to settle everything quietly such as in divorce cases.

Their lawyers convenience both the parties and sometimes cases are solved instantly giving relief to both the parties. No matter how much fee advocates charge, this profession is noble as many people get justice through the help of lawyers which I something valuable to people living in 2022.

No one would have ever seen justice if there was no profession like this. Advocates are like a bridge between the victim and the justice. This is why many people consider them as a god because people are struggling to get justice for many years, but getting nothing out of their patience.

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10 Sentences About Lawyer

Every lawyer is different, but their basic skills and knowledge are the same. Every lawyer has to go the law school to get a law degree so that he/she can practice in the real environment. You will find many lawyers, but not all will be skilled and experienced.

When people have something to face that includes legal matters the first thing that comes to their mind is to hire lawyers. This is why it is important for every person who wishes to become a lawyer to have the right degree and experience so that he or she can solve the cases in the future for the public.

There are different fields that law students can pick and study further. The Law field is not easy and people with no skills are not welcomed anywhere. There are legal counsels to handle for which they need to possess all the essential qualities.

Today people are smart and they know how to choose a lawyer for their case. Many will go through various recommendations until they are satisfied and then hire a lawyer. It is a difficult profession and people become choosy. 

It is the matter of their money, time, and sometimes situations that can put them in jail. No one wishes to hire inexperienced lawyers for that. This is why I wish to become a lawyer with all the skills, knowledge, and experience that will make me a great lawyer one day.

I would have a long track record of successful cases. Is h to serve everyone who is desperate for justice.  A good lawyer makes sure that he does everything in his/her power to serve justice. It is a very hardworking experience for them when they get any case.

They cannot just enter the courtroom and stand in front of the judge just like that. They have to prepare for the hearing after hearing; they have to go through the stress from the client’s side as well.  Sometimes if they fail to guarantee settlements they also go empty-handed as they get nothing in terms of fee.

Lawyers need to have many skills like organizational skills because many people tend to choose their lawyers on the basis of that. There is huge paperwork involved in legal cases and even one document missing can put you behind the bars.

They might forget to submit paperwork in the court and there is so much pain that you will have to suffer. Then experience is one major thing everyone looks for. Today we can look at the information of lawyers on the internet.

There we can check about the experience, their education, and many other things and save time.  New lawyers must gain experience to handle major cases. I would have preferred working with people having low incomes but need to fight their cases in court. This way experience can be gained and people can be helped. Courtrooms need experience so that ore and people can get justice.

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