Kwabena Jumah Biography, Wikipedia, Wife, Age, Net Worth

Kwabena Jumah Biography, Wikipedia, Wife, Age, Net Worth, In this post, you are going to get information about Kwabena Jumah. He is a famous personality in Africa. Here, we will cover information about his life, education, wife, career, and much more. So, begin reading:

kwabena jumah biography
kwabena jumah biography

Kwabena Jumah Biography, Wikipedia, Wife, Age, Net Worth

NameKwabena Jumah
Birth DateAugust 1975
Birth PlaceGhana
Home TownGhana
Sun SignDetails are not available
HeightDetails are not available
WeightDetails are not available
HobbiesDetails are not available
EducationGraduated in 1999
QualificationStarted studying BA in Economics in 1995 at Rutgers University New Brunswick, New Jersey
Marital StatusMarried in 2021
Boy Friend/ Girl FriendNot applicable
FamilyFather and wife
SpouseEdwina Dokua
ChildrenNot Applicable
ProfessionTerritory Manager
Net Worth$3 million
Social Media ProfilesFacebook ID: Details are not available Twitter ID: Details are not available Instagram ID: Details are not available

Who is Kwabena Jumah?

He comes from a rich family. He is the son or male child of Maxwell Kofi Jumah, who is the CEO or Chief Executive Officer of GIHOC Distilleries in Ghana. He was born in August 1975. This is why he is recently 46 years. He was born to a politician in Ghana named Kofi Jumah.

Education details of Kwabena Jumah

Not complete information about the education of Kwabena Jumah is not available. But as far as our research is concerned, we managed to collect some information. Based on the information provided, Kwabena Jumah attended university in the USA. In 1999, he got graduated by completing a BA degree in Economics at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, which is situated in New Jersey.

The work details of Kwabena Jumah

He is a very dedicated and hard-working person. This is why he is a successful person. He was employed as a Territory Manager at Harvest Terumo BCT in New Jersey. Kwabena Jumah also worked on a won contract or deal for Kasapreko in Ghana. Kwabena Jumah was fingered in a shady contract recently.

Due to his dedication and intelligence, he won a contract for Kasapreko. Kasapreko is a competitor of GIHOC. Based on the reports, GIHOC Distilleries Company Limited was assumed to handle the contract. However, due to some reason, the contract was given to Kwabena Jumah and this is how the contract landed in the hands of Kasapreko.

The life story of Kwabena Jumah

He has an interesting life story. He got what he wanted in his life. Kwabena Jumah, the son of Maxwell Kofi Jumah, met his love for a lifetime in the United States of America where he used to study. Her name is Edwina Dokua. Later, he gave an idea to his father about his emotions toward a lady. After that, the meeting was fixed where both the families came in front of each other and introduced each other.

There was not a long gap between the marriage of Kwabena Jumah and Edwina Dokua, they both married on 9th October 2021 in Ghana. The place where they bowed to each other was Jubilee House. At this place, all the auspicious and glamorous ceremonies took place successfully.

The Net Worth of Kwabena Jumah

The net worth of Kwabena Jumah is not counted at all since everything around him is related to his father in any way. This is how we can say that he has a net worth of approximately 3 million dollars, the amount that is the same as his father.

He is a wealthy person. All the wealth he has is inherited from his father, but he also works a lot. Look online and gather more information about Kwabena Jumah.

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