Mikayla Saravia KKVSH Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Date of Birth, Net Worth

Mikayla Saravia Kkvsh Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Date of Birth, Net Worth, If you are pretty active on social media then you must be aware of the name KKVSH because she is a very popular social media influencer and star. She has accumulated more than eight million followers on her Instagram social media profile. KKVSH is popular among her fans because of her sharp and long tongue.  Her talks are spicy and this is what her fans like in her.

She is a very bold, curvy, and beautiful American model and social media star. KKVSH’s real name is Mikayla Saravia she was born on 29th October 1997 in California United States.

On the world of the internet, she is popularly known as KKVSH. KKVSH is not just a popular social media influencer but a businesswoman as well.  She owns her own website. She has collaborated with other social media influencers.

kkvsh biography wikipedia
kkvsh biography wikipedia

Kkvsh Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Date of Birth, Net Worth

NameMikayla Saravia
Kkvsh Date of Birth29th October 1997
Birth PlaceCalifornia, United States
Home TownCalifornia
Sun SignScorpio
Height163 cm, 5’ 4”
Weight58 kilograms, 128 lbs
EducationLocal High Schools in California and Local Private Universities in the United States
Marital StatusUnmarried
Boy Friend/ Girl FriendNot Known
FamilyNot Known
ProfessionSocial Media Personality
Net Worth$0.5 Million
Social Media ProfilesFacebook, Twitter, Youtube, KKVSH Instagram: @kkvsh

Kkvsh Biography Wikipedia

KKVSH is a model and is active on social media.  She joined YouTube in 2017 and she posted her first video titled KKVSH Birthday Bash Denver. Her fans can find her videos of her travel, challenge videos; makeup video on her youtube channel. She is having more than 137K subscribers on her YouTube channel.

KKVSH is different from other social media stars because of her sharp tongue. She is bold and her boldness made her a different image. She is famous for posting random stuff on her social media channels using her long tongue.  She also owns a store where people can buy stuff like mugs, stickers, sweatshirts, tank tops, and different types of stuff.

KKVSH is a very beautiful woman and she eats a healthy diet to keep herself fit and healthy.  She is American and Christian.  She went to school in her hometown and is also a graduate of the Local Private University.  When she was a little girl she developed a passion for modeling. Now she has achieved her dream as she is a well-known fashion diva and started her career at a very early age.

KKVSH Physical Appearance

KKVSH is a beautiful and gorgeous-looking 25-year-old young woman.  She is having a curvy body and looks very attractive. Her face is cute and she is having a charming personality. She is having a very hot and curvy figure. She is about five feet four inches and weighs around 58 kilograms. 

Her hair is black in color and has mesmerizing eyes with dark brown color.  Her fans are crazy about her looks. She is having a perfect face and a perfect body.  She loves to flaunt her curves.

KKVSH family

KKVSH belongs to a Christian family and used to live with her parents. She is also having siblings. She is having an affectionate relationship with her family. She is having many friends as well and she loves to hang out with them. KKVSH’s father is a businessman and her mother is a housemaker. 

The names of her parents have not been revealed anywhere neither is the information about her siblings. Talking about her relationships there is no information available regarding her boyfriend. She is currently not married. 

There is no information about her past or current relationship. KKVSH is a beautiful young woman with millions of fans.  She might be dating someone but there is nothing known about him.

KKVSH Career

KKVSH always wanted to become a model and a star so today she is a well-known social media influence. She has loads of fans who desire to know more and more about her. KKVSH currently working on many projects. She started with a youtube channel. Now she works as a model, makes videos like makeup tutorials, and also has a travel vlog. 

She is also having her own website where she sells stuff.  She is having social media accounts on almost all the major social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc.  These are the platforms from where she makes her fortune.  She regularly updates videos on her channel and is loved by her fans.

KKVSH Net Worth

KKVSH is a popular tic-tok star, on American Instagram who is having millions of fans.  She also earns from modeling and her social media accounts.  She also posts her videos and also has a website of her own where she sells products like tee shirts, mugs, etc.  Her net worth is around $0.5 million. She lives in palm Beach

How Old is KKVSH?

She is 25 years old as of 2022. (kkvsh age)

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