King Ashoka Biography, Early life, Date of Birth and Death

King Ashoka Biography, Early life, Date of Birth and Death, Asoka the great was one of the most noted emperors of India. He was born in 304-232 BCE and he was emperor of was Maurya Dynasty in India from 268-232 BCE. King Ashoka was known for his non-violence and his merciful reign. In 265 BCE he attacked the Kalinga region and witnessing his own devastation he changed. Ashoka was a brutal and very powerful king with no mercy in his nature. 

When he took the throne he wanted to expand his kingdom and power which he could go to any extent. To show his power he launched destructive and bloody campaigns against the Kalinga region.  Kalinga was located on the east coast and Ashoka wished to extend his sub-continent by conquering Kalinga. 

When this bloody campaign was launched thousands of people died. This was a bloody and destructive war that took many lives. After witnessing all the destruction, great suffering, and consequences of war Ashoka was changed completely. All the destruction and sufferings put a huge impact on his heart and mind.

He regretted what he has done and he was completely changed. From a brutal king to a compassionate follower of Buddhism Ashoka was changed completely. Ashoka changed to Buddhism and opted for non-violence.

He was even a ruler but a different one. He opened many hospitals and schools for poor people; he also built many beautiful temples of Buddha all over the subcontinent of his kingdom.

king ashoka biography
king ashoka biography

King Ashoka Biography, Early life, Date of Birth and Death

When Ashoka was alive he was highly regarded by his people and others as well.  He was an enlightened ruler of India and there was no other than King Ashoka. He was very devoted to his people and did a lot for them.

The transformation of Ashoka was remarkable and there was no other ruler who changed so much. He was a brutal one but he achieved enlightenment and he was also known as Priyadarsin: – the one who regards everyone with love. The Ashoka Chakra is today known as the symbol of India’s independence.

The early life of Ashoka

Chandragupta Maurya was the grandfather of King Ashoka and also the founder of the Mauryan Dynasty. Ashoka’s father was Bindusara who was a very good ruler of his time. Ashoka’s mother was Subhadrangi. His father was a king and at that time king used to have as many queens as he likes.

Ashoka’s father has also married to different queens and this is why Ashoka has many half sisters and half brothers. When Ashoka was young he was a fearless, fierce fighter and also a great hunter. He also had the great military ability and many other skills.

Ashoka was perfect to be a leader but the only thing in his way was the brutality which he soon realized and left. When Ashoka was young and his father used to rule the kingdom he had military training so that he can easily fulfill his responsibility of maintaining order in his region.  

When his father died there was a serious struggle for the power of the throne. Many stories took place from time to time that Ashoka murdered his sibling to become the legit heir to the throne. Ashoka was hungry for power and a throne and was crowned king in 269 BCE.

When he became the ruler he had only one wish and that was to expand his kingdom and took Iran in the west and Assam in the East.  His kingdom was extended to the Indian sub-continent except for the Tamil area which was in the south and Sri Lanka.

Kalinga conquest

Kalinga today is known as Odisha & Andhra located on the east coast of India. Kalinga was having Buddhist following and was ruled by a kingdom and parliamentary democracy which was not usual at that time. Ashoka without any struggle defeated Kalinga and was successful in conquering Kalinga.

It s believed that at the Kalinga quest more than a hundred thousand soldiers were killed and more than this figure was deported. When Ashoka put his foot in the city he was shaken by the destruction and suffering caused by him.

Ashoka transformation

 According to the legend when Ashoka was walking on the path of Kalinga witnessing his own destruction he heard a Buddhist monk softly chanting the Buddhist mantra. This is where Ashoka was moved and gained interest in Buddhism.

He wanted to forget his bloodthirsty past and learn more about Buddhism. He became a devotee of Buddhism and was also dramatically changed. He traveled all around India to help his people.  He also used to work for the welfare of animals.

Ashoka created the “Ashoka Chakra” Wheel of Dharma.

Ashoka had many wives but his first wife was Vidisha Mahadevi with whom he has twins. Ashoka Mauryan Empire lasted for fifty years but Ashoka is remembered to date.

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