Kerala Flood Essay in English

Kerala Flood: Why A Natural Calamity Happened?

Kerala Flood Essay in English Kerala is a place where floods often come. This state has the worst history when it comes to floods. In the history of Kerala, 8th August 2018 was the black day. On this day, the state encountered heavy rainfall. As per the records, 12 inches of rainfall were hit the state within 24 hours. This flood was one of the worst ones than ever encountered in 1924. In the year 1924, 3368 mm rainfall and 2086 mm rainfall was reported in the year 2018 in the state of Kerala.   

At that time, at least 20 million people were affected by this natural disaster, which took place after the heavy rainfall on 16th August 2018. This state is an area, where not only rainfalls, even landslides are common. In many parts of the state, landslides, cloudbursts, and rainfalls are common to take place.

One-sixth of the total population of this state was affected by the flood. In this incident, around 445 people were reported dead, while 140 people were missing. There are 14 districts in Kerala and all of them were on high red alert when this natural calamity was about to happen.

The flood which took place after the heavy rainfall in the state was declared as a level three natural disaster by the Government of India. From this thing, it is concluded that the natural disaster was devastating and its nature was severe.

There are many causes of floods in Kerala. Firstly, we will talk about the condition of dams in Kerala, which can be a major cause behind such devastating calamities.

kerala flood essay in english
kerala flood essay in english

Kerala Flood Essay in English

Essay on Flood in Kerala in English

Conditions of dams

In Kerala, there are 54 dams and out of which thirty-five dams were opened due to the heavy rainfall in 2018. This happened for the first time in Indian history when such a huge number of dams were in the opening condition.

Even all the gates of Idukki dams were unlocked for the first time in twenty-six years and all the 5 gates of the Malampuzha dam were also unlocked, this dam is located at Palakkad.

What are the major reasons to notice?

kerala flood essay in english

Based on the study by the Metro Man of India, Mr. E Sreedharan, the Government of Kerala is the culprit behind this devastating situation of Kerala at that time. He is a noted engineer and confirms that the Kerala government should be blamed.

He also stated that this flood in Kerala was a man-made calamity. There are many possible reasons, which are responsible for this lethal disaster in the state of Kerala. These reasons are mentioned below:

Heavy rainfall
Mismanagement of dams
Changing the flow of the rivers
Inaccurate construction of banks
Mining and quarrying
The Indian Meteorological Department
Pollutants were thrown in Rivers

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Heavy rainfall

In 2018, Kerala received 116% more monsoon rainfall than it actually receives. Of course, rains are unpredictable. This is why it is not easy to predict what is going in the next moment. However, this factor cannot be a single reason for this disaster.


After the days of independence, the green cover around Kerala has been eradicated. The decrease in green cover in Kerala was due to rapid development. As a result, it decreased the water absorption capacity of land and developed the stage of water stagnation. It could be one of the causes of destruction in 2018.

Altering the river’s flow

Kerala is known as a state of rivers. It has a maximum number of rivers with a 3rd position in the country. Nature has set up everything in the best form for humans. But humans are playing with nature.

Nature defined the purpose in keeping the river flow in the Arabian Sea, but people have changed this setting for their benefit. This is why changing the flow of rivers could also be a big reason behind this massive disaster in Kerala.


Kerala is one of the highly populated states in India. The more population, the more chances of destruction. This is why this disaster could be due to the higher population in Kerala.

Mismanagement of dams

As mentioned above, many dams were opened at that time when the rainfall was predicted. The dam authorities were at fault, as the water was released in huge amounts and they were waiting till the water reached the danger mark. It clearly stated that the water was not released with safety.

The Indian Meteorological Department

Once this calamity happened, people targeted the Indian Meteorological Department, as they are responsible to make predictions for heavy rains. While on the other side, this department targeted the human activities of deforestation and other human acts.

Mining and quarrying

Day by day, these human acts have also been increasing. With such acts, the soil loses its grip and becomes incapable of neither holding water nor the soil particles. This can be a reason why there are higher landslides in this area.

According to the report by the Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel, the regions impacted by the floods were already mentioned in the ecologically sensitive zones.

Construction on Hilly areas

With the increase in population, the area is becoming restricted. People began construction at hilly places. At that time, the construction took place in a bad way without even examining the flow of water, even the rainfall was supposed to happen, this thing should not be mistaken.

This unplanned construction and the irresponsibility of appropriate authority to control the flood could be also a reason.

Final verdict

We cannot blame nature for such calamities to happen. Human acts are also responsible for these disasters as they are going against the will of Mother Nature. In Kerala, the government should take appropriate steps to control these incidents.

There should be rescue operation teams and the management to check the plans and actions of the National Disaster Management Policy. This is why we can say that there is not just a single reason behind the happening of floods in the state of Kerala.

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