Kaziranga National Park Essay in English

Kaziranga National Park Essay in English, Kaziranga national park is a world heritage site and it is among the most significant national park in India where we can observe animals in their natural habitat. This place is well known all over the world for its natural flora and fauna. This place is very beautiful and not only locals but people from all over the world visit this place to admire its natural beauty.

Kaziranga national park is located in the Nagaon district in the state of Assam. The Indian government and people wish to see this place flourish and this is why it is protected with all that can be done. It is a conserved national park. Everything in this park-like trees, animals, and landscapes is worth protecting. This park is having almost all the animals living in their natural habitat. The problem is poachers always have eyes on them and this park is protected.

Humans are responsible for the destruction happening around them. Our earth is warming up making icebergs melt at the North Pole raising the level of oceans. Human pollution is responsible for forest fires taking the lives of hundreds and thousands of animals. Many animals as well as aquatic species are on the verge of extinction.

kaziranga national park essay in english
kaziranga national park essay in english

Kaziranga National Park Essay in English 500 Words

Kaziranga national park is conserved with the objective of protecting the treasures in this park. Human greed and demand are increasing resulting in cutting trees. Animals need trees and natural habitats to live, but concrete jungles are taking their place. We are also losing the natural beauty of the earth. No matter how many beautiful buildings we construct we can never match the natural beauty God has bestowed us with.

People who love their mother planet are doing all that they can to protect jungles and animal species. Kaziranga national park is the result of the love of people towards nature. Earth is going to die if the natural equilibrium gets imbalanced. Kaziranga national park is the way to balance this equilibrium. Here no one can harm animals or plantations and the penalty to destroy nature here is very high.

Every year many schools and colleges conduct trips to Kaziranga national park so that the next generation can be made aware of the importance of nature. Students also enjoy this experience as they get to see animals in their natural habitat.  It is a very beautiful park and I have also visited Kaziranga national park during my school trip last year. 

It is the largest national park in India and is situated on 1090 sq kilometers. Kaziranga national park is famous for the rhinoceroses which are heavy and amazing animals. In the year 1904 Viceroy’s wife visited Kaziranga national park but got disappointed to see no rhinoceroses in the park. It was the reason that the species was being killed for its horn and skin. 

She wanted to preserve this beautiful species and asked her husband to do something about it. Since then the park also has had rhinoceros. There are three seasons in the Kaziranga national park which are summer, monsoons, and winter.

There are many great things that attract people to Kaziranga national park. In this park when can see animal species easily which are not found elsewhere in the country. It is a special park for this reason and to get a glimpse of the special animal species people travel from all over India and foreign countries to observe these animals.

There are many animal species living in the Kaziranga national park. Not only animals but many bird species like pulse fish eagle, white-faced swan, Nordman’s greenshank. Laser Castrol-like birds are also living in this park.

In Kaziranga national park the largest species of snake rock python and reticulated python are also preserved. There is also the king cobra which is the world’s most dangerous snake. This park also attracts people due to its landscapes and greenery. Here are 4 types of vegetation available tropical semi-evergreen forests, alluvial savanna woodlands, tropical moist mixed deciduous forests, and alluvial intestinal grasslands.

The most important thing is the animals that are present in the Kaziranga national park. Kaziranga national park is a home of horned rhinos and there are about 1855 one-horned thin rhinos in the park which is the largest number in the entire world. Then there are 1666 wild Asian water buffaloes which is the largest wild Asian water buffalo living in the park.

There are 468 eastern swam deer living in the park and one will not find it anywhere in the world in such a huge number. The ark is also having the largest number of tigers. There are more than 118 tigers living in the park along with different species of leopards and Bengal tigers which are the pride of India. 

Kaziranga National Park Essay in English 150 Words

Kaziranga national park was also declared Tiger Reserve in the year 2006 because of such high number of tigers living here. Talking about small animals Kaziranga national park shelter Indian pangolin, flying squirrel, Indian gray mongoose, ferret badger, harped green, and Bengal fox. There are also tree animals ruling the trees like Assamese macaques, golden langurs, hulok gibbons, and many others.

All those who wish to visit Kaziranga national park need guides who are authorized to take them on the adventurous trip. The best way to explore the parts of Kaziranga national park is to go by jeep. Elephant rides are also available but I recommend jeeps because animals don’t deserve to be treated this way.

Kaziranga national park is the largest conservation in the world housing important species of birds and animals. Some species are so special that to see them one will have to visit Kaziranga national park. The government is trying to save these animals and Kaziranga national park is totally under the protection of the government. All the species living in the park are safe and it is a must to visit place for every Indian. This park is our pride because there are many animals and birds making it special because they live here.

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