Junk Food Essay in English

Junk Food Essay in English, Burger, pizza, French fries, samaras and all those colorful sweets we have in India. India is a country having its own huge variety of foods. Our cuisine is healthy and delicious, but the problem is that new generation is getting tempted by the junk food charm. No doubt junk food is too much appealing, but we know how harmful it can be if eaten on daily basis.

Today we have technology to order anything online and get it at our doorstep. We don’t have to put any effort to get mouth watering food anywhere and even anytime. Junk food itself is destructive and extremely harmful for health. Today we have so many joints and food courts where people can go and have as much junk food as they wish with ease.

Junk Food Essay in English
Junk Food Essay in English


Junk Food Essay in English

Effects of Junk Food Essay

Junk food like burger, French fries and all different types of food available today is loaded with calories, sugar and cholesterol. Today no kid will say yes to healthy cow milk but will cry hours to have cold drinks. Just imagine the harm junk food is putting on our health.  It is impossible to control new generation to stop eating junk food.

Everyone is responsible for this junk food addiction.  People take eating junk food very natural and lightly.  They are putting their life in danger because they are feeding their body with harmful food. There is not even a single advantage of eating junk food. There are only ill impacts of eating junk food and there is zero nutritional value in it.

Today there is a huge variety of soft drinks, refreshments and food items available in the market. They are easily accessible and even affordable.  Big companies are making huge turn over by selling junk food to the people.  Our traditional healthy meals are being replaced by attractive looking unhealthy food.

Children now days don’t appreciate healthy meals which their mothers cook at home.  Children have developed bad habits of eating junk food which is going to be dangerous for them in future. There are a huge number of younger generations which is getting affected by disease like diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. 

Not only children but adults are also forgetting about the healthy lifestyle. They are so busy in collecting materialistic things that they even forget to eat on time. Many live alone out of their homes and only eat junk food.  They order food from outside and the majority of the time they eat junk food. To save time people eat junk food. Eating junk food for a long period of time can cause different types of disease.

Fast food industry is growing and there is no stopping them until parents and individuals choose to stop them. They do everything to attract customers and junk food is becoming weakness of people. It is easy to manipulate people and this is why fast food industries are increasing by leaps and bounds. It takes just seconds to prepare fast food and they even lack any healthy or special ingredient. There is just harmful sugar, oil and flavor enhancer used in making junk food.

Junk Food is Bad for Health Essay

People also eat junk food because they are the instant way to get energy. Today you will see a huge section of energy drinks. They have no magic portions but huge amount of sugar to lift up your energy levels. When we eat junk food it just satisfies our taste buds and cravings not fulfill the daily demands of our body nutrition.

Obesity is one of the common issue people face due to eating huge amount of junk food. Today kids up to 2-3 years are also getting obesity. The reason behind this to some extend is junk food.  Obesity is a chronic disease and the more you eat junk food the more worse it is going to become.

Junk food can cause addiction. There are many people who area addicted to junk food. They have even reached the worst conditions. They cannot move and are dependent on their friends and family to fulfill their everyday chores. There are lots of chemicals and sugars in junk food which can also lead to heart disease.

Eating junk food is like triggering your body for disease. When we eat junk food our weight gets increased due to fat accumulation.  Eating junk food elevates blood sugar level and turns to diabetes. Eating fatty foods can lead to clogged heart and leads to heart attack or stroke. People only focus on eating junk food and there is no sign of exercise. 

Eating calories can be managed if we do exercise daily. Maintaining healthy weight is essential for healthy body. Eating fast food leads to overweight conditions resulting in all the bad scenarios one can imagine.

Junk food can destroy our digestion and body loses its capability of normal digestion.  Junk food only has harmful impacts. It is time that we go against fast food. Parents must teach their kids about the benefits of healthy food. They must develop healthy habits in their kids. Children learn what they are taught and this is why parents are first responsible for their bad eating habits.

Schools must also promote healthy meals and healthy habits. Government must ban foods that are harmful for humans.  Junk food might be tempting and appealing but it is poison in the veil of mouth watering food items. There are many delicious fruits and vegetables which we must include in our daily life. Eating junk food is not bad until we know our limits. 

Eating junk food everyday can lead to our deathbed. We must eat healthy so that we can develop a healthy nation. Healthy people are the most successful and happy people. Eating good reflects in our healthy as well as our personality.  Junk food has fake energy which can get out in just few minutes. Eating healthy keeps us energetic and attentive. It is time that we make our children learn about bad impacts of junk food and turn them towards healthy food.

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