Julio Jaramillo Biography, Wikipedia, Height, Wife, Net Worth

Julio Jaramillo Biography, Wikipedia, Height, Wife, Net Worth, Julio Jaramillo was a well known singer who was born in 1935 in Guayaquil, Ecuador, and was of Latin nationality. Julio lost his father at a very young age; he was six when his father left the world.  Julio was also very sick when he was younger and was nursed by his mother. To support his family he started singing in the public to earn for his family.

Singing at that time was against his will. He used to sing in the public with his brother Pepe.  At a very young age, he had responsibilities to fulfill. He went to elementary school and soon started working in a women’s store. 

On the other side, he was also singing and started participating in radio programs. His voice was soothing and sparkling and slowly his voice started getting recognition.  He started singing in a trio with his friends and also started teaching music in the village.

He wanted to leave the Bohemian life but his mother was pleased not to do so. He had to return to his job at the shoe store but he finally was rewarded when his first hit in the year 1956 Fatalidad marked his breakthrough performance. 

His album sold six thousand copies and was a huge success at that time.  in a week huge copies of his album were sold and by the end of the year 1956, he had produced  12 albums or more under the label Onyx label and started teaching music in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, and Colombia.

julio jaramillo biography
julio jaramillo biography

Julio Jaramillo Biography, Wikipedia, Height, Wife, Net Worth

NameJulio Alfredo Jaramillo Laurido
Birth DateOctober 1, 1935
Birth PlaceGuayaquil, Ecuador
Julio Jaramillo NationalityLatin
Home TownGuayaquil, Ecuador
Sun Sign 
Julio Jaramillo HeightNot Known
WeightNot Known
HobbiesNot Available
EducationElementary School
QualificationElementary School
Marital StatusMarried
Boy Friend/ Girl FriendNone
Julio Jaramillo FamilyFather:- Juan Jaramillo Mother: – Apolonia Laurido Sibling:- Maria Antonieta Jimenez Laurido, Pepe Jaramlo
Julio Jaramillo WifeIrene, Odalina Sanchez and Maria Eudocia Rivera
Julio Jaramillo Net Worth$17 Million
Julio Jaramillo Death1975

Early life of Julio Jaramillo

Julio Jaramillo had to face hardships since he was young. He had brothers and sisters. He also lost one of his sisters when he was young. He was having a neighbor who was a musician and he used to let the youngsters use his musical instruments and also taught the kids to play guitar.

Julio Jaramillo in the hope of practicing more also created a bamboo guitar with his own hands.  He enrolled with the Francisco Garcia Aviles School which was a great decision as he would be able to continue music professionally. By the age of 17 Julio Jaramillo’s voice started getting recognition

Julio Jaramillo hardships

Julio Jaramillo faced many ups and down in his life. When he was young he had huge responsibilities on his little shoulders. His life was abrupt when he got arrested when he came back to Ecuador and was forced to join military service.

Julio did what he had to and in the year 1960, he went back to his normal civilian life and sold out gigs, and entered the filmmaking business. He started with “Romance in Ecuador “and “Wicked Woman”.

Later in 1965, he settled in Venezuela from where he made successful tours to Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Central America and then also Canada and the United States. His private life often became news and he got married five times it is said that Julio Jaramillo had twenty-eight kids with all the women he married.

All this never scared his popularity. He was very popular in the Spanish-speaking community where his voice was loved and respected. Julio Jaramillo was always known to be a humble, bohemian, joyful, friendly, and generous man.

Julio Jaramillo Wife

 When Julio Jaramillo was 18 years old he moved out of his parent’s house and rented a flat where he used to live with his first wife Irene. They had a baby but within just eight months of its birth, it died. He used to work in a shoe store at that time.

He used to perform at La Lagartera from where he used to earn some tips. He also connected with other musicians at the venue. He met Odalina Sanchez at the local radio station and he feels in love with her and married her and they both had a son together.

Julio Jaramillo’s death in the year 1975 Julio Jaramillo returned to Ecuador but he was not like before. He was suffering from premature aging, tiredness, and cirrhosis which affected his voice as well and he lost his charm. 

His untimely death shocked everyone from family to fans. He was just 43 at the time of his death. Julio Jaramillo was having net worth of $17 Million. Thousands of people came out to mourn Julio Jaramillo’s death.

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