Jonathan Shuttlesworth Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Wife, Net Worth

Jonathan Shuttlesworth Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Jonathan Shuttlesworth is an American evangelist and founder of Revival Today, an organization dedicated to spreading the message of the Gospel worldwide. Here is a general overview of his biography: Jonathan Shuttlesworth was born on December 4, 1981, in Pennsylvania, United States.

He grew up in a Christian family and had a passion for ministry from a young age. He began preaching at the age of 15 and went on to attend Bible college.

Shuttlesworth is known for his energetic and passionate preaching style, often focusing on faith, healing, and revival. He has a strong belief in the power of God to transform lives and bring about spiritual awakening.

jonathan shuttlesworth biography
jonathan shuttlesworth biography

Jonathan Shuttlesworth Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Wife, Net Worth

NameJonathan Shuttlesworth
Jonathan Shuttlesworth Birthday4th December 1981
Jonathan Shuttlesworth BirthplacePennsylvania, United States
Jonathan Shuttlesworth NationalityAmerican
Jonathan Shuttlesworth NicknameJonathan
Sun Signunknown
Jonathan Shuttlesworth Weight55 to 60 Kilograms 
Jonathan Shuttlesworth HobbiesTravelling
Jonathan Shuttlesworth EducationThe University of Miami, Florida
Jonathan Shuttlesworth Marital StatusMarried
Jonathan Shuttlesworth WifeAdalis Shuttlesworth
Jonathan Shuttlesworth FamilyJonathan Shuttlesworth Father: – Tiff Shuttlesworth, Mother: Unknown
Jonathan Shuttlesworth Height175 to 183 cms
Jonathan Shuttlesworth ProfessionEvangelist
Jonathan Shuttlesworth Net Worth$1.51 million dollars
Jonathan Shuttlesworth Social MediaJonathan Shuttlesworth Instagram: @JDshuttlesworth, Facebook: – @JDshuttlesworth, jonathan shuttlesworth Twitter: @JDshuttlesworth, YouTube: – @JDshuttlesworth
Jonathan Shuttlesworth Age42 years old as of 2023.

About Jonathan Shuttlesworth Wikipedia, Life and More

In 2006, Shuttlesworth founded Revival Today with a mission to see revival and awakening in the world. He has traveled extensively, preaching the Gospel in various countries and hosting crusades, conferences, and revival meetings.

Family and Educational Background of Jonathan Shuttlesworth

Jonathan is close to his father Tiff. He also posted an emotional post about Tiff on his birthday. Jonathan graduated from Bible College in the year 2002. He tweeted about not getting a job after graduation.

However, he implemented his teachings from Bible college and chose the path of revival and bringing people together to experience god and his miracles.

Jonathan Shuttlesworth Relationship and Marriage

Jonathan Shuttlesworth is married to Adalis Shuttlesworth. They are a married couple and may work together in their ministry and evangelistic efforts. However, specific details about Adalis Shuttlesworth’s background or involvement in their ministry may not be widely available. The kids/Children’s name of the Shuttlesworth couple is unknown.

Jonathan Shuttlesworth and Revival Today

Revival Today is an evangelistic ministry founded by Jonathan Shuttlesworth. The organization’s goal is to spread the Gospel of Christ and see revival and spiritual awakening take place around the world.

Revival Today conducts crusades, conferences, and revival meetings in various locations, aiming to bring people to a personal relationship with God and experience the power of the Holy Spirit.

Through Revival Today, Jonathan Shuttlesworth uses various media platforms, including television, radio, and online streaming, to reach a global audience with his messages. The organization also offers resources such as books, CDs, and online teachings to equip believers and give them spiritual growth.

The ministry focuses on preaching the Gospel, teaching faith, healing, and the power of God, and inspiring believers to live a victorious Christian life. The goal is to see individuals encounter God’s love, receive salvation, and experience transformation in their lives through the message of the Gospel.

Jonathan Shuttlesworth Net Worth

Jonathan’s primary income is from her profession. He earns or net worth is about 1.51 million dollars. Apart from it, Shuttlesworth earns from his social media monetized channels, online streaming, and radio by reaching his audience.

Jonathan Shuttlesworth Height

Shuttlesworth’s height is about 175 to 183 cm (Approx). Once we get the exact figures, we will share them here. Till then, stay tuned.

Jonathan Shuttlesworth is an influencer on social media.

Jonathan, being an evangelist, uses social media platforms to spread the teachings and experience the holy spirit. He is active on social media and updates his works and personal life through stories and posts. His works and methods are hugely accepted. He has over followers on 40k Instagram, 30k followers on Twitter, and 76k followers on Facebook.

Books authored by Jonathan Shuttlesworth

Jonathan has authored several books that provide spiritual insight and practical guidance for believers. Some of his published books include:

  • “The Apostolic Handbook”
  • “The Witchcraft Handbook”
  • “Brace Yourself: Discipleship that Empowers”
  • “Giant Slayer: Slaying Your Giants with the Power of God”
  • “Radical Living: Living in God’s Overflow”
  • “Ignite Your Faith: 21 Days of Spiritual Activation”
  • “The Fire and Glory of God”

These books cover various topics such as spiritual warfare, prayer, discipleship, faith, and living a radical Christian life. They all aim to encourage, equip, and inspire believers in their spiritual journey.

To find these books, you can search for Jonathan Shuttlesworth’s publications in online bookstores or visit the official website associated with his ministry, Revival Today.


Q1. How Old is Jonathan Shuttlesworth?

42 years old as of 2023.

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