John Chatterton Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Wife, Diver, Net Worth

John Chatterton Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Wife, Diver, Net Worth, John Chatterton is a well-known American wreck driver who has been so in the news that there are even documentaries made on his expeditions and discoveries. He was born in the year 1951 no exact date of his birth is mentioned anywhere. He hails from the United States and all we know about the wrecked driver who explores the deep sea.

John Chatterton made his career in television after which he was seen by the world. Before that, he used to work as a commercial driver for about twenty years in and all around New York City.

John Chatterton was a co-host with Richie Kohler for the Deep Sea Detectives on the History channel for the 57th episode of the TV series. He has worked with some prestigious TV channels like Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, and CBS.

It was disappointing to hear the news of his co-host Michael Norwood who was also his diving partner died in a diving accident during an expedition to Palau in the year 2003.

john chatterton biography
john chatterton biography

John Chatterton Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Wife, Diver, Net Worth

More about John Chatterton Wikipedia

The Internet only has news about John Chatterton’s work and experiences. He was always passionate about finding shipwrecks that’s all we know about his childhood. He used to research the project, locate and dive to see the shipwrecks. 

In the year 1991, he made a jaw-dropping discovery of the U-869 submarine off the coast of New Jersey. It was such a great discovery that it was made a subject of a TV documentary called “Hitler’s Lost Sub”. It was a two-hour-long NOVA series featured on PBS. 

Not only was this book also published by Rob Kurson “Shadow Drivers from a random house bestselling book.  This book was out for the public in the form of an audiobook. It was written in more than 23 languages. 

John Chatterton Career

Before making a successful career on TV John Chatterton used to work as a commercial driver.  He was a member of an expedition to Ireland a technical diving journey to see the legendary RMS Lusitania in the year 1994. Then he also became the one to reach a depth of 400 feet to use rebreather diving technology on the HMHS Britannic wreck. 

It is present near Kea Island in Greece. Then John Chatterton was the sole American to visit the Struma shipwreck on a British expedition which was sponsored by the United States Holocaust Museum and Yad Vashem. It was a deep sea expedition in the Black Sea located near Istanbul. 

These dives of John Chatterton were recorded in the documentary called Struma on HBO. John Chatterton is also the one to make 160+ dives to the famous Andrea Doria wreck which is present at the Nantucket south in North Atlantic.  John Chatterton has many records in his name.

In the year 2005, John decided to go on a historic expedition to visit the RMS Titanic shipwreck.  They went 12,500 feet in the MIR submarine. This expedition was featured on History Channel specials, Titanic’s Achilles Heel and Titanic Final Moments- Missing Pisces.  Then later in 2006, he returned again with the TV production Titanic’s sister ship.

There was also a book published by Brad Matsen which was again a bestseller Titanic’s Last Secrets. In 2009 John Chatterton traveled to Hawaii for another NOVA TV project where he participated in dives along with other divers abroad in the Pisces submersibles which were operated Undersea Research lab. 

In this documentary, a Japanese Midget submarine named I-16tou was documented which is the infamous 7th December attack on Pearl Harbor. Till now he has made many movies on the famous shipwrecks. He also served in the Vietnam War for 12 months as a combat medic in the Fourth Battalion.

He is having pretty much experience with what he does now. Even at the age of 72, he is still following his passion. There are many books published on his dives and documentaries are most watched on TV channels.

John Chatterton Illness

In the year 2000, John Chatterton came across unfortunate times when he was diagnosed with metastasized squalors cell carcinoma of the tonsil. It was likely due to exposure to Agent Orange when he was serving in Vietnam. He went for chemotherapy and the cancer was in diminution.

John Chatterton is a passionate man and he never feared any challenge. He has made many records in his life and his work is amazing.  He likes to stay both in front and behind the camera.  In 2008 he made the Golden Fleece discovery a ship of Joseph Bannister who was a pirate captain of the 17th century.

John Chatterton Net Worth

John Chatterton’s net worth is $9.5 million and it is still going. John Chatterton is 72 years old and is having a successful career on TV.

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