Jan Markell Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Net Worth

Jan Markell Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Net Worth, In this post, we are going to talk about Jan Markell, who is an American author, speaker, and radio host. She is the director and founder of Olive Tree Ministries, Inc. There are many interesting things you should know about Jan Markell. Let’s get to know about Jan Markell via this post. Start reading:

She is a popular radio host, author, and speaker. Jan Markell is also the founder and director of a Christian fundamentalist, Olive Tree Ministries. She is also a radio host in Minnesota. She is seemingly a good friend of Michelle Bachmann.

She has Michelle Bachmann as a guest on her radio show. Jan Markell constantly warns her audience of not only the risks of creeping socialism and sharia but also the forces of the occult such as Pokémon or Harry Porter.

jan markell biography
jan markell biography

Jan Markell Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Net Worth

NameJan Markell
Jan Markell BirthdayFebruary 20, 1944
Jan Markell BirthplaceMinneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Jan Markell NationalityAmerican
Jan Markell HometownMinneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Sun SignPisces
Jan Markell Height5 feet 6 inches
HobbiesReading, writing, and serving humanity
Jan Markell EducationBethel University
QualificationAssociate degree
Jan Markell Marital StatusSingle
Boy FriendNone
Jan Markell FamilyFather:- None Mother:- None Siblings:- None
Jan Markell Husband/SpouseNone
Jan Markell ProfessionSpeaker, author, and radio host
Jan Markell Net WorthUSD 3.5 million
Social Media ProfilesFacebook ID: @olivetreeviews Twitter ID: @OliveTreeMin, Jan Markell Instagram ID: @olivetreeministries
Jan Markell Age 79 years old as of 2023.

The Early Life of Jan Markell Wikipedia                  

Jan Markell was born on February 20, 1944, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. This is how she celebrates her birthday on the 20th of February every year. She is a native of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Markell was brought up by an elapsed Evangelical mother and a Jewish father, who was an Orthodox.

When she was 11 years old, Jan Markell got an invitation from her neighbor who was a Christian. Her neighbor invited her to a Baptist church to hear the popular messianic evangelist named Hyman Apple man (1902 to 1983).

Since then, Jan Markell was convicted. And the same had happened to her mother after she shared the message with her mother. Hence, she started learning God’s Prophetic Word when she was in her teenage period.

She had to deal with bad days because her mother died in 1987 as she was suffering from cancer. Her father turned out to be a believer in Yeshua in his waning years. In addition to that, she describes herself as a Bible-believing Christian who was brought up in a family of Jewish descent.

Talking about the education of Jan Markell, she began studying at Bethel University. There, she earned an associate degree in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Career details of Jan Markell

Jan Markell is the founder and the President of Olive Tree Ministries. She founded it in 1982. Additionally, the headquarters of Olive Ministries is located in Maple Grove, Minnesota. She began her ministries after her visit to Israel in the mid-70s. She was involved with Messianic Judaism. She read Hal Lindsey’s Late Great Planet Earth.

After the launching of Olive Tree, she started ministering in hundreds of churches, women’s groups, home fellowships, and even some men’s groups. In addition to that, her audiences were excited as she shared some messages aimed at Israel in prophecy, Jewish evangelism, Bible prophecy, current events, and Christ in the Passover.

But in the year 1985, she was compelled to curtail her ministry because of being afflicted with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Jan Markell serves as the host of ‘Understanding the Times,’ which is a nationally syndicated radio show and podcast. As she was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue in 1985 3 years after founding the Olive Tree Ministries, she fought with this health issue for more than 2 decades until 2001 when Jan was miraculously healed.

After that, her health was completely restored. Following her healing, Jan Markell began a new radio program with her new energy in her 50s on the local station.

At present, her radio program ‘Understanding the Times’ has been syndicated on the Salem Radio Network. Furthermore, it is broadcasted weekly on more than 850 radio stations. Aside from working as the host of this radio program, Jan Markell also holds an annual prophecy conference, grabbing an annual audience of between 3000-4000 per day.

Jan Markell Personal Life 

Jan Markell has neither been married nor in any relationship. 

Jan Markell Beliefs and Books 

Jan Markell has strong beliefs which she expresses through the people she used to invite at her conferences and events. She also believes that the world is recently in the end times. A literal reading leads her to believe we have arrived at the end times.

At the same time, Jan Markell is an author too. She has written 8 books. She published her first book in the year 1977 named Peace Amidst the pieces: Conversations with God on the Pain and joy of Contemporary Christian living. Subsequently, then, she wrote seven other books.


Q1. Who is Jan Markell?

She is a popular radio host, author, and speaker. Jan Markell is also the founder and director of a Christian fundamentalist, Olive Tree Ministries. She is also a radio host in Minnesota. She is seemingly a good friend of Michelle Bachmann. She has Michelle Bachmann as a guest on her radio show.

Q2. How Old is Jan Markell?

 79 years old as of 2023.

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