Independent India 75 Self Reliance With Integrity Essay in English

Independent India 75 Self Reliance With Integrity Essay in English, India is a nation, where we have seen thousands of struggles to get freedom from British rule. There were many prominent leaders of India who had heroically fought for the freedom of the country in the past times. They had taught us many lessons so that our country can stay independent and democratic.

And today, we have recently celebrated our 75 years of independence the last year. The main goal of our independence day is to let our youngsters be educated about the courage and pride of our great freedom fighters and also colonial rule.

independent india 75 self reliance with integrity essay in english

Independent India 75 Self Reliance With Integrity Essay in English

Self Reliance With Integrity Essay

Previously, India was known as a golden bird. These days, India is also moving on the path of development. Many dreams have been seen by Indian citizens and they have achieved some of them. To become an independent nation, every citizen must pay his/her individual role to the development and success of the nation.

One of the major qualities a citizen must have is self-reliance. This self-reliance with integrity was seen by the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi. This dream has not been entirely met. This is why it is important to work on this dream and inculcate this quality in every Indian citizen.

Self-reliance plays an important role in the life of a human being. If a person can become self-reliant, then only if he/she can contribute towards the growth of the nation. This is how we can give value to our country in the world. So, start reading what self-reliance and how is it important for a person.

Self Reliance and Integrity Essay

Self-reliance states having the right capabilities and skills to do one’s work or activities without relying on others’ support. If you want to become self-reliant, then there is no need to wait for the opportunity to knock at your door.

You just need to step out from your place and find opportunities for yourself by working hard and having the right skills that will take you towards success. Self-reliance with integrity is something that can add more opportunities and ways in your life. Self-reliant people are known as the makers and masters of their fortune.

They know how to create a path for themselves and even how to walk and move ahead with different difficulties. They have the right strength, honesty, and motivation-like tools with them, which do not let them stop moving.

They never blame situations, fate, or discover a fault in systems or society. They develop their own tools and try to use them with great concentration and skills. They have their motives and goals in their minds every time.

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It is their achievement, success, and creation that bears the stamp of their personality. They are unique in their ideas, innovative in their strategies, and turn out to be the torch-bearers for others. They are always capable of achieving their goals because they have attributes like resolution, being single or open-minded, and being self-disciplined.

Self-Reliance With Integrity Essay in English

Self-reliant people are familiar with their weaknesses and strengths. They know how to use their energies in such a way that they turn their weaknesses into strengths in front of others. This is how they do not let themselves get exposed in front of others. Since they implement their plans by themselves, they have some boundaries to manipulate things in their own way.

If someone has a self-reliance capability with integrity, then it is the best support and tool for them. It appears to be the shortest way to success. It is a well-known saying by Lord Buddha, “You are both enemy and friend of yourself.

The hell and heaven lie within you. It depends on you what you go with. You are your own guide, lamp, and staff. Do not ever depend on others. Be the makers of your destiny. If you help yourself, the world will help you.” these are the best lines, which remind us of the time-tested motto, “God help those who help themselves.”

We have given two hands to work and a mind by the Almighty. We must use our minds to differentiate between bad and good. Avoid trying to walk on somebody else buttresses.

There is a direct relationship between Self-reliance with integrity and success. If we study the path of highly successful people in our country, then we will come to know about their self-reliance and honesty, which are the attributes that have led them to success.

They all absorbed the habit of being self-reliant and honest at an early age. Many successful and well-known businessmen and entrepreneurs in the country had started with just a small thing and now, they have reached the top of the world.

These personalities are Dhirubai Ambani, Lal Bahadur Shastri, and many others. They have never taken the support of others. They created their own paths and opportunities.

Self-reliance with integrity was the best quality our President, A.P.J Abdul Kalam had. This quality took him to the position of President of India. He was also a great scientist of the country and after that, he became the president of India.

Mahatma Gandhi, the father of a nation, belonged to a rich family and had sufficient ways all through his life but he opted for curtailing his needs and living with a small piece of cloth and on the milk of a goat. This great man wished to embrace Self-reliance with integrity to focus on the major target of assembling people for the freedom struggle.

Some people misunderstood self-reliance with integrity by arrogance, cynicism, or isolation. But there is nothing like that. It does not mean that one should stay standoffish and should not get help whenever necessary.

Mutual help is the basis of society. Self-reliance does not demand that people should not take help from others, but it states that a person should stay independent, firstly tries to complete his work on his own and with honesty and then get some help from others or give a helping hand to others if needed. So, the quality of self-reliance with integrity is a must-have if you want to achieve something.

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