Importance Of Money Essay in English

Importance Of Money Essay in English, In 2022 a modern man cannot survive without money. For every little buy, we need money. It is our basic need without which our life is going to be worse. This is why we stress on education s that people can earn. Money is one thing which we cannot compare with anything. When in our life we need money we actually need it.  For all the basic resources of life like food, water, the electricity we need money. 

Even a newspaper that we get every day at our home has a price to pay though it is just a paper. If we wish to live a healthy, happy, and beautiful life we will need money. Even for our smallest household requirement, there is a price to pay. Sometimes we get stuck in a financial crisis when we need more money.

importance of money essay
importance of money essay

Importance Of Money Essay in English

Essay on Money is Everything

Humans have a solution for this they have savings for the bad times.  Middle-class families rely on their saving money. They earn to fulfill the lives of their dreams.  For wealthy life are good and they had to concentrate on other areas of life such s relationship? Relationships and money are equally important but money can help replace relationships but relationships cannot help when there is a need for money. 

We live in a world where we pay for things we live our life with the help of. Money is required to take any medical treatment, to enjoy a family vacation you will need a budget, to buy a new car, and even to order a pizza online we need money. The modern world can be helpless without money. There are poor people who live on the streets.

They lack money and only depend upon the help they get from passers-by. Wealth gives a more mature and civilized world. A country that is wealthy has advanced technology, science, even their armies, and weaponry is strong.  The economy runs on money and without money, the modern world cannot move ahead.

Money divides people into classes. There I supper class, middle class, and lower class.  The upper class is the class of wealthy like industrialists, celebrities, etc. then comes the middle class the ones who earn for their family. They earn to provide better education for their children and fulfill their small dreams such as buying a car. 

Lower-class families are below the poverty line. They are the ones who earn money on daily basis.  When we see the life of a poor man we realize the importance of money. When can starve to death if they do not have money? Money gets us food and food is on what we live. We even have to use the money to pay our water bills.  There is a huge competition going on. Today people are just living to earn more and more.

There are so many good things in the world we all humans wish to explore. This exploration requires money. To earn money people work day and night in their offices. They hardly get to meet their children. They do not have time to meet their best friends. They wish to earn more and more so that they can enjoy a comfortable life. 

Money Essay in english for students

In the modern world, people are getting more and more opportunities to earn money. When people can earn better they can have better wellbeing and life.  The next generation can be educated and can help the nations and planet.

Money plays a very important role in everything. With money, people can get best education. If they will have money they can generate business opportunities for themselves as well as others.  Earning more money will also make us humble so that we can help others. There are many people who earn less but they indulge in regular charity practices.

There are many things that money can buy and help humans in being more developed, satisfying life, and civilized. When we have external needs we look into our bank accounts? Having money can help us in getting better treatment in case of illness and sickness.  Money can save lives immediately in case of accidents, money help run orphanages, old home ages, space stations, and telescopes in the sky.

Money is everything for the modern world.  Without money, people have to face many hardships in life. Death is certain if one lacks money. Many children in India die because they are malnutrition. Their parents are unable to earn enough for their family. The part they earn is not sufficient for a family of four or more. 

Then there are many women in India who die due to childbirth. This is due to the fact that they do not have enough money to avail facilities of high-class maternity homes.  India is also one country which is having millions of people who are below poverty lines. There are many people who are living in slums with no proper sanitization and medical facilities. This shows how important money is. Wealthy get everything but poor has to pay the price by giving their life.

Paragraph About Money

To gain security and to live in a society one needs money. Animals, birds can live out in nature but humans cannot survive without shelter. In the modern world, shelter has its own price tag. Then you need money to maintain it and to make it running.

All this is possible when we have one in our pockets.  Poor people live in miserable conditions. They have entire family settled in one room. They hardly get anything to eat on regular basis. Most of their families members involve in poor company die an untimely death.

The government in India is taking initiatives to make every child educated. Education is one thing that makes us able to earn for ourselves and our family. When society will be educated they will have plenty of opportunities to earn money.

When people will have sufficient money they will also indulge in fewer criminal activities. Money can help individuals stronger, can create stronger nations, and can also save the planet from rising threats.

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