If I Were a Peacock Essay in English

If I Were a Peacock Essay in English, There are millions of birds we can see in the whole world. Every person has his or her own preferences when it comes to birds. In this post, I would be going to talk about if I were a peacock, which is the national bird of our country, India. Before I share my views, I just want to explain some interesting facts about the peacock. Let’s get started:

if i were a peacock essay in english
if i were a peacock essay in english

If I Were a Peacock Essay in English

My Favourite Bird Peacock Essay in English

It is the national bird of India. This is why it is loved by many people all over the world. It is a beautiful bird, which attracts everyone. It has colorful feathers. The most interesting thing about a Peacock is that only a male version has a vibrant plumage. Males Peacocks are used to attract females.

They are very well-known for their enchanting beauty. It would be good if a Peacock is kept in its natural habitat, where they used to display their hues in a very interesting and effective manner.

Peacock is generally found on banyan, peepal, and neem trees. They like to sit in a high place. A peacock has many colors. Its mouth and throat are of purple color. When it comes to the wings of peacocks, they are green in color with a shape like that of the moon. Its feathers may be a mixture of sky, purple, green, and yellow colors. Its feathers are very soft like we are having a velvet cloth in our hands.

Our National Bird Peacock Essay

A peacock has a thin and jugular neck. Its feet color is beige white. A peacock is a bird, which likes to stay away from humans. The voice of a peacock is very beautiful and loud. We can hear its voice from 2 km away. As it has large wings, this is why he cannot fly for long distances. This is the main reason why we almost see a peacock walking rather than flying in the sky. Peacocks are also useful, as they can notify us about the occurrence of any natural disaster.

As compared to other birds in India, Peacock has great importance when it comes to religious aspects. It is the bird of choice, as well as the seat of Karthikeya, who was a son of God Shiva and Goddess Parvathi. If we check the Hindu mythology, it is also assumed that a Peacock evolved from the feathers of Garuda, who was a mythical bird.

Garuda carried Lord Vishnu on its back. This is why a peacock has also a great relation with religious things. A Peacock is also considered the mounted vehicle of Lord Brahma, and the holy trinity known as Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh. Side by side, a Peacock was also to be known as a mounted vehicle of Goddess Sarasvati.

In ancient times, it was worshipped as it is capable of killing snakes and inspects, letting them stay away. This is the main reason why Peacocks are taken to be the best guardians in the Hindu religion.

Many people including gurus and priests used to have Peacock feathers in many rituals. It is believed that they can nullify evil eye effects if tapped on a person’s head. The main thing to know is that its feathers have many other uses. The most important use of the feathers of the Peacock is to dust the idols of gods and goddesses.

The reason is that the feathers of the Peacock are known to be sacred objects. In temples and at homes also, people used its feathers to clean idols or Murats of Gods and Goddesses. Lord Krishna is always seen wearing Peacock feathers on his head, which adorn his turban to a great extent. We can see Lord Krishna in many idols and pictures.

Along with religious aspects, the feathers of Peacocks are also an attractive thing. When there is a monsoon season, a Peacock looks very beautiful with its feathers. They dance to attract females in the monsoon season.

Its feathers are not only pleasing to people, but even they are very useful. Its feathers have powerful features to protect people from the evil eye and bring good luck to them. This is why we have seen millions of people using its feathers for many reasons.

Due to all these reasons, I love peacocks very much. I really want to imagine what if I were a peacock, then what I would do.

If I were a peacock Essay

Peacocks are very close to my heart. I am a die-hard fan of its beauty and attractive features. The most important thing I like about peacocks is their dancing. I love the dancing of a peacock, especially in the rainy season. So, if I were a peacock, then I would love to feel its beauty and natural attractive features.

I would be one of the most elegant birds on the earth’s planet if I were a peacock. I would live in a forest along with other birds and animals. If I were a peacock, then I would be enjoying the beauty of nature to a great extent.

If I were a peacock, I would feel proud of myself as I would be a male bird. Like a peacock is the national bird of India, I would feel much honored to get this title. I love dancing in the rainy season. This is the reason why I would love to be a peacock the most. I would happily sing and dance.

When there will be a rainy season, I would open my beautiful feathers and like to dance in rain. I would be blessed to feel its natural beauty. I would fly on top of my favorite trees. I would aware every one of the change in weather. This is how I would love to notify people about the change in weather. I would love to present a beautiful dance in the rainy season.

I would become the center of attraction if I were a peacock. Even in zoos, everyone will glare at me and admire my natural beauty. So, if I were a peacock, it would be a blessing of God to me.

This is the if i were a peacock essay in english, from this entire article, we cover information regarding my favorite bird peacock essay in english. If found anything missing let us know by commenting below. For more info kindly visit us at wikiliv.com

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